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  • [New] As the first Modernizing Park project to implement Metaverse concept on the MPC platform, it is expected to be the key to the commercial implementation of the MPC Metaverse concept on a large scale. / 2021
  • [New] With Gartner predicting that more than 15 billion IoT devices will connect to enterprise infrastructure by 2029, platforms as a service may become the next big thing in the emerging metaverse. / Computerworld
  • [New] The global virtual goods market is predicted to be almost $200bn by 2025 and stand-out examples are already flying such as Dapper Labs' NBA Top Shot with more than a million users or RTFKT Studios, which partners with digital artists, selling $3.1m worth of sneaker NFTs in about seven minutes. / The Drum
  • [New] As interoperability improves and the consumers are allowed to move digital assets and avatars between platforms and across the Metaverse, software developers and brands will need to establish bilateral or multilateral data sharing agreements to improve the seamlessness of the consumer experience. / South Africa
  • [New] Engage Oasis is being developed to be the latest platform that will provide a virtual reality business place for businesses and professionals. / VR News
  • CTA will share what global audiences can expect from other facets of the consumer technology industry, including AI, AR/VR, XR / metaverse, gaming and computing, home entertainment, smart home and more. / CES
  • The KAIST-SM metaverse partnership will bring out new culture technology that will lead the virtual entertainment industry by creating more dynamic and vivid digital technologies. / Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
  • Another place where decentralization, blockchain tech, and NFTs will help usher in the Web3 era is in the Metaverse. / Brandingmag
  • The real transformation will come when the challenges with AR headset optics are solved and the notion of an always-on digital overlay of the world becomes a reality. / The Drum
  • All aspects of the global healthcare ecosystem will need to undergo a profound digital transformation and disruption in processes, workflows, practices and delivery methods. / Coruzant Technologies
  • Digital currency, cryptocurrency, could be used in the world of metaverses. / VentureBeat
  • Metaverse commerce will create a hierarchy where people will not be able to afford land in a prized location or a new pair of limited edition sneakers. / VRFocus
  • IsMedia and Hyundai Asset Management will form a special purpose vehicle (SPV) to develop and invest in metaverse and NFT-related projects. / Korea JoongAng Daily
  • With increasing amounts of time spent in the Metaverse, the ratio between the virtual and physical possessions we own will increase dramatically. / The Business of Fashion
  • While companies like Facebook, Google, Disney and Amazon will all build their unique presence and experiential platforms within the Metaverse, all will have to agree on a set of shared protocols for interoperability across domains and accessibility across all device types. / The Business of Fashion
  • If trends in branded virtual worlds now emerging in Japan prove durable, we could soon be replacing the brand-awareness functions of the flagship store with a metaverse of virtual worlds. / Bisnow
  • In Upland, HyperloopTT will provide a primary mode of transportation for Uplanders between Chicago and Cleveland, mirroring the real hyperloop transportation system, eventually adding the ability to purchase rare Hyperloop branded NFTs and participate in related events and competitions. / Forbes
  • Gaming-as-a-Platform & Metaverse Development Will Expand Publishers' Addressable Market: Game worlds can now simulate experiences like fashion shows, music concerts, and movie showings. / Newzoo
  • To get there, advancements to AR and VR over the next decade, along with other growth in processing power, will allow for a genuine Metaverse to come about. / Gamespot
  • Spending on virtual reality alone is expected to expand from its $17 billion value in 2020 to as much as $184 billion by 2026. / usatoday
  • The process of creating games could be more efficient, and the idea of building a true metaverse, like the entire U.S., would not seem so crazy. / VentureBeat
  • The price of Bitcoin could pass $300,000 within the the next few years. / Forbes

Last updated: 25 July 2021