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  • [New] Facebook, which owns Oculus VR, recently launched new smart glasses with RayBan, and announced that it plans on becoming a metaverse company - launching a VR workspace for remote workers as a first step. PwC
  • While the virtual space will remain accessible in VRChat through at least the end of 2021, for it to be truly metaversal, it must be persistent, a digital space that exists indefinitely as part of a fully accessible virtual world. Digiday
  • The broader roll out of digital infrastructure for the built environment, digital twins and metaverse applications will benefit from a focused UK strategy and investment into cyber physical infrastructure to stimulate further private investment. Electric Power Research Institute
  • Facebook Workrooms is the social media giant's attempt to dominate the emerging metaverse market, in what could be seen as a bid to take on Zoom with the magic of virtual reality. Medicaloid
  • The world will change politically, economically and digitally as a new world is created through a metaverse, shaping power relations, economic ties, and digital advancement. Hacker Noon
  • Small businesses in the real world could become big businesses in the Metaverse, where business owners are not burdened by the perils of the retail brick and mortar. CoinTelegraph
  • From an investment perspective, Metaverse brings an array of new opportunities in the digital real estate market, increasing the value of existing tech companies who navigate well in the environment (Facebook, Tencent, Microsoft, etc.). Influencer Marketing Hub
  • Obstacles in tracking - namely Apple's IDFA changes - could impede Facebook's ad business, which may help to explain why it's seeking to evolve into a metaverse company in order to meet consumers' increasing interest in digital channels, including e-commerce. Retail Dive
  • As companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon race to create a metaverse for the workplace or retail space, even what we think of Zoom meetings or E-commerce interfaces of today will be replaced by new augmented consumer interfaces. Data Science Central
  • Metaverse is like the internet on steroids, where instead of just reading text and watching videos, technologies such as 3D and artificial intelligence will allow participants to interact in virtual universes. Fiercewireless
  • Digital twins are part of what make up the Metaverse, but more importantly will be a useful tool for agriculture. Upstream Ag Insights
  • Synapse tracks the history of digital twins and finds insights to predict future states, and with Azure you can build autonomous systems that continually learn and improve. Stratechery by Ben Thompson
  • Facebook's announcement last week of plans to create a new metaverse product group is only expected to further fuel a trend that had already been gaining momentum. Brand NewMag.
  • A metaverse could allow other tech companies to take advantage of their augmented - and virtual-reality assets before Apple launches whatever comes from its longtime ambitions in augmented reality. MarketWatch
  • The tech giant will shift from being a social media company to becoming a metaverse company, functioning in an embodied internet that blends real and virtual worlds more than ever before. The Conversation
  • As trust in the virtual field continues to increase-online friends, virtual items and encrypted assets, smart contracts, and online experiences - it will increase the scalability of Metaverse and the industries that support it. CoinYuppie: Bitcoin, Ethereum,NFT, DeFi, Dogecoin, Crypto News
  • There would be new ways for content to go viral in a metaverse, and Facebook might continue to struggle as misinformation and disinformation proliferates. Fast Company
  • Dvision plans to deploy Enjin's platform and API to mint unique nonfungible tokens that users will be able to integrate into the existing Dvision World metaverse. BeInCrypto
  • Facebook will effectively transition from people seeing us as primarily being a social media company to being a metaverse company. AR Insider
  • By joining forces, Epic and Sketchfab will be able to make 3D, AR and VR content more accessible and grow the creator ecosystem, which are critical to an open and interconnected Metaverse. Forbes
  • CoinMarketCap Alexandria, whose mission is to become the crypto-equivalent of the famed Library of Alexandria, could spearhead the use case of education on the Metaverse. Medium
  • As the first Modernizing Park project to implement Metaverse concept on the MPC platform, it is expected to be the key to the commercial implementation of the MPC Metaverse concept on a large scale. 2021

Last updated: 24 October 2021