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  • [New] Delft-based Hardt Hyperloop will receive 15 million euros from the European Commission to realize its plans for a superfast transportation system. NL Times
  • [New] The European Commission's Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy has included hyperloop in its long-term strategy to reduce carbon emissions from transport by 90% by 2050. Sifted
  • Recently Virgin Hyperloop announced plans to develop a hyperloop certification center in West Virginia that will include a 6 mile long test track. Windermere Sun
  • Virgin Hyperloop and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies are working to bring hyperloop into a reality by 2030. Business Insider Australia
  • There are ambitions that Korail and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies could deploy a full-scale hyper-tube network by 2024, cutting the journey time between Seoul and Busan from 3.5 hours to around 30 minutes. E&T
  • The Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) warns for another cannibalisation of land-based modes of transport, referring to the dominant role of road transport versus rail transport in a recently published position paper.
  • DP World has launched Cargospeed, a partnership with Virgin Hyperloop One that will develop a hyperloop enabled cargo system. 311 Institute
  • Virgin Hyperloop will make its first routes in India and Saudi Arabia, where the transport systems are overloaded or underdeveloped. TNW | Shift
  • The well-studied economic benefits of hyperloop systems offer an opportunity for the US to once again become a leader in cutting-edge transportation. HyperloopTT
  • In the next few years, Hyperloop Technology market size will be further expanded, we expect that by 2022, The market size of the Hyperloop Technology will reach 1350 million $. Buzzing Asia
  • By 2030, Virgin Hyperloop could be whisking people between cities in a matter of minutes - rather than hours - in its futuristic pods. Globetrender
  • Riyadh could easily become the epicenter for global hyperloop technology, creating thousands of local jobs, and once it is successful in the Kingdom that skillset can be exported worldwide. The Economy Club
  • A hyperloop train system that could transport people at 700 mph has moved a step closer to reality thanks to the construction of the world's first safety valves. ShinyShiny
  • On the Mumbai-Pune route, the Virgin Hyperloop system could reduce local greenhouse gas emissions by up to 150,000 tons (300 million pounds) annually. - Indian Business of Tech, Mobile & Startups
  • Virgin Hyperloop is working toward regulating and certifying its hyperloop system - aiming to achieve safety certification by 2025. Triple Pundit
  • Elon Musk's Hyperloop technology, where pods carrying passengers or freight travel faster than aircraft through a system of vacuum tubes, could make it possible. CapX
  • Branson's company envisions a hyperloop system where a trip between New York and Washington could theoretically take just 30 minutes. Pocket-Lint
  • Hyperloop technology will enable people to travel between Riyadh and Jeddah in 46 minutes. The Economy Club
  • Hyperloop train is the next generation travel system which is going to be the fastest mode of transport in the world. رسانه بک‌پرس
  • Virgin Hyperloop has released a new concept video, explaining how would-be passengers will travel in its proposed system of vacuum tubes. Engadget
  • A cargo hyperloop system requires a smaller-scale infrastructure than the passenger system and will soon be tested at the European Hyperloop Centre in the Dutch province of Groningen. Smart Cities World

Last updated: 24 October 2021