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  • [New] Some of the latest devices including the Sony PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, the Foxtel iQ5 and the latest 4K and 8K TVs will perform at a higher level with HDMI 2.1 cables. Tech Guide
  • [New] Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings will provide the most comprehensive view of streaming activity across connected TV, computer, mobile and tablet. MartechVibeWhere Technology Powers Marketing
  • [New] Nielsen's Streaming Suite will include Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings, which measures audiences for streaming ads on connected-TV devices, comparing their performance with other digital buys. Deadline
  • [New] Advertisers and agencies are concerned that privatising Channel 4 will weaken competition in the TV advertising marketplace, and could lead to a reduction in the number of TV sales houses. campaignlive
  • The new streaming TV integrates hardware, software and content meaning Sky viewers will no longer need a satellite dish or box to watch Sky TV and can access content from across Sky and other catch-up and streaming services in one place. mediatel
  • For the first time in the UK, consumers will be able to get Sky TV without a satellite dish or box. National Technology
  • AVOD platforms such as Rakuten TV provide an immense opportunity for brands to reach new and existing audiences. Rakuten Advertising Blog
  • Microsoft is currently working on a dedicated Xbox app for TVs that will allow Xbox players to stream games without a console. The Verge
  • Billed as a carbon-neutral TV, which uses 50% less energy than connecting to a conventional TV with set-top box and speaker system, Sky Glass will be available with a monthly subscription from £13 a month. ShinyShiny
  • The monthly price for YouTube TV will drop from $64.99 to $54.99 while the NBC channels are off their platform. USA Today
  • Netflix can decide and take movies or tv shows of the highest watched genres which will benefit Netflix in a long run. Analytics Vidhya
  • YouTube TV and NBCUniversal recently went public with their dispute over a new agreement that will allow the streaming television service to continue offering NBC channels. SlashGear
  • Amazon Prime Video is available to stream on all the Kindle Fire tablets and more than 600 other devices, including pretty much every computer, smartphone, console, and smart TV you can imagine. helios.web
  • Sling TV will be coming to all Echo Show devices soon, adding to the already lengthy list of streaming services accessible from Amazon's displays. Engadget
  • The pricing row could result in YouTube TV subscribers losing access to their favorite channels on many connected TVs, including the best Android TVs. Android Central
  • When Pluto TV rolls out in Italy next month, it will be available on mobile via iOS and Android, desktop and connected TV (CTV) devices, including Samsung Tizen, LG smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Chromecast, as well as select channels on Samsung TV Plus. TVEUROPE
  • Pluto TV will be Italy's first FAST service and will complement Paramount + when the premium streaming service launches in Italy in 2022. TVEUROPE
  • Like Apple, Amazon is a triple threat in movies, television, and music (plus gaming if you count Twitch), with Amazon Prime Video accounting for movies and TV. Hacker Noon
  • Later in 2021, Fire TV will be the first smart TV to support Zoom, and we believe the new video calling features will help customers stay connected to friends and family in an all-new way. US About Amazon
  • Later in 2021, Alexa Conversations will launch in beta on Fire TV, as an interactive experience for customers to get tailored recommendations on what to watch. US About Amazon
  • Global OOH ad revenues are expected to grow 9.0% in 2021 and consumer time spent with OOH media is projected to rise 1.6% in 2021, fuelled by a 6.3% surge in average weekly consumer exposure to DOOH media. VJ Media Works Pvt Ltd

Last updated: 24 October 2021