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  • [New] China and global wind power market: Prominent regions China is projected to dominate the wind power market in Asia Pacific during the forecast period. / Trade Arabia
  • [New] Governmental initiatives for achieving subsidy-free grid price parity for wind power are anticipated to boost the China and global wind power market in the near future. / Trade Arabia
  • [New] Many radio telescopes under development will provide both high sensitivity and large FOV, and should offer much improved SETI detection rates. /
  • [New] The current state of the materials shortage in the construction industry may be a messy global happenstance but for the near future the challenges of materials running low while demand increases will be difficult to contend with. / Planning, BIM & Construction Today
  • [New] The United States should take advantage of any opportunities to resolve issues and remove points of Sino-American tension, recognizing that its bargaining position will gradually deteriorate over time. / Rand Corporation
  • [New] The Power of Siberia pipeline runs through northeastern China, and Gazprom plans to increase its capacity by the end of 2022 by adding gas from the Kovykta field to its flow. / Wilson Center
  • [New] Powered onsite by wind turbines, the HyProvide units will be deployed in a 20, and 40 ft container at an electrolyser test field in Bremerhaven, Germany. / FuelCellsWorks
  • [New] Changing the US approach to conventional deterrence in East Asia could provide some nuclear stability benefits and may be easier to implement than arms control in the near term. / Inkstick Media
  • [New] Filling every silo with a nuclear-armed ballistic missile could improve the survivability of China's other nuclear forces by making the United States devote more of its own nuclear weapons to attacking the silo field should Washington decide to attack. / Inkstick Media
  • [New] The Gansu silo field could be part of a shell game wherein a handful of missiles would move among the silos, which would help improve survivability against attack. / Inkstick Media
  • [New] The scenario assumption of the IEA includes no new investments into unabated coal power plants and new oil and gas fields or coal mines from 2021 onwards, as well as the phase-out of unabated coal power globally by 2030. / Energy Post
  • [New] Telecom, Technology and Media Suzuki to enter electric vehicle market by 2025, starting with India Suzuki Motor Corp will enter the electric vehicle (EV) market by 2025 starting in its stronghold market India. / upload
  • [New] Even though SuperCom may well not provide the Blue Origin rocket its goods, it is in an field that could achieve traction many thanks to new programs. / SFB Brands
  • [New] The World Trade Organization is nearing a deal to end harmful fishing subsidies, but exemptions for developing countries could give China a pass. / Climate Home
  • [New] The opportunity for growth in the field of technology is all within the realm of cloud. / WSJ
  • [New] The subsidiary of the French group Legendre has set up the special purpose vehicle Fana Solar Power for the construction and operation of the future solar power plant, which will be located in the Dioila circle, near the Malian capital Bamako. / Energy News | Oil and Gas News
  • [New] The ESR Group expects higher-than-consensus levels of inflation through the end of 2022, in part due to anticipation that some of the more transitory price pressures will give way to housing-driven inflationary pressure. / Yahoo Finance
  • [New] Climatic disruption has recently highlighted how exposed UK fresh produce supply chains are to just-in-time imports, and high levels of waste are becoming an increasing policy and resource concern, as well as being a drag on productivity. / February 2020
  • [New] If people really take to AR shopping with their phones, it will make Snapchat more of a utility in the near term while also making its ads more effective, since someone's purchases are a strong indicator of other items they would be interested in. / The Verge
  • [New] On a level playing field an economy-wide price on carbon could seize an opportunity to harness market forces to unleash American innovation to reduce emissions, create clean energy jobs and usher in a new, prosperous economic era. / News
  • [New] The Cambo oil field project contradicts recommendations made by the International Energy Agency, which has called for no investment in new fossil fuel supply projects if the world is to reach net zero emissions by 2050. / The Independent
  • [New] F or the world to reach net zero emissions, huge fields of solar panels and towering wind turbines will need to cover vast tracts of the Earth. / Time
  • With the majority of the UK population being vaccinated in the near future and a likely return to pre-pandemic contact rates, Covid is expected to soon reach its epidemic equilibrium. / The Guardian

Last updated: 25 July 2021