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Wireless Power

  • [New] Wireless power transmission could be used to beam energy between locations on earth - to vehicles, or to disaster areas or remote locations not connected to electricity grids. Green Party Watch
  • Black Americans and other Americans of color for decades were locked out of the real estate market and the opportunity to build equity and generational wealth. Politico
  • If the bubble bursts, hundreds of millions of people will lose a considerable portion of their investments - 75% of household wealth in China is tied up in real estate. NationofChange
  • Property is the single most important source of financial risk and wealth inequality in China. Michael Roberts Blog
  • Redirecting a mere 3.7% of the USD100 Tn of global assets held by pension funds, insurers and sovereign wealth funds could fill the USD3.7 Tn SDG financing gap in developing countries. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
  • Sensors for driver assistance systems will offer a wealth of opportunities for its Durethan polyamides and Pocan polyesters.
  • While automation can grow productivity-PwC predicts it will add $3.7 trillion to North American economies by 2030-some economists and ethicists fear AI will also accelerate inequality and give more wealth and power to people who are already wealthy and powerful. Wired
  • India is pursuing long-term capital from pension and sovereign wealth funds into infrastructure by providing tax incentives, provided that banks will not be ready to supply long-term financing to initiatives with a protracted gestation interval. The Technical Points
  • The Chinese sovereign wealth fund still plans to forge ahead with a greater allocation to US equities as well as hire more external managers, build international partnerships and boost the Greater Bay Area. AsianInvestor
  • Luxury goods stocks came under pressure amid suggestions that China could seek greater wealth redistribution, which could hit demand for luxury products. Monthly markets review - August 2021
  • The more resources and wealth the Pacific island countries receive from the U.S. and China, the greater the risk that they will become more transactional in their relationships with the U.S. Strategy Bridge
  • With China's economy predicted to overtake the US economy by 2028 and the wealth of countries such as India and South Africa continuing to rise exponentially, there will be a shift in the global balance of power. Shout Out UK
  • Growth in wealth has been recorded despite the mass disruption, placing the UAE in a favorable position for the years ahead. Dubai Chronicle
  • Singaporean lender UOB has announced plans to establish a private wealth arm that will develop products and services to meet the needs of its high net worth clients. The Asset
  • There seems to be new momentum for the most common form of wealth tax, a tax on the value of residential property: after years of delays, Chinese scholars now expect local trials of the property tax to be rolled out later in 2021. Andrew Batson's Blog
  • The upcoming southbound trading of Bond Connect and the wealth management connect in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area will bring even more impetus to Hong Kong's financial system. CCTV
  • Closely aligned with China internationally, Pakistan will seek to partner with the Chinese in exploiting the mineral wealth and blocking India from a role with the Taliban regime. The Times Of India
  • Sequoia will continue to acquire mid-tier licensee service businesses within InterPrac Financial planning and Sequoia Wealth Management between 10 to 100 advisers to achieve target to provide services to 1,000 advisers by 2025. Money Management
  • Chinese President Xi Jinping is calling for wealth redistribution that includes a framework for common prosperity, curbing excessive incomes and working to avert financial risks.

Last updated: 24 October 2021