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Touch Interfaces

  • [New] In certified aircraft, Smart Glide will become available with a GTN Xi series navigator paired with a compatible Garmin flight display including the G500 TXi / G600 TXi, GI 275 electronic flight instrument, the G3X Touch, or G5 electronic flight instrument, with others to be added later. /
  • [New] Folks who follow ANC headphone development expect improvements in sound quality, touch controls and Bluetooth functionality. / Cult of Mac
  • [New] While the forced pivot to digital may have presented new challenges for businesses, it allows many opportunities to build stronger and more intimate customer relationships with a personalised touch and at a global scale. / iTnews Asia
  • Tel Aviv University's new and groundbreaking technology inspires hope among people who have lost their sense of touch in the nerves of a limb following amputation or injury. / Nano Magazine - Latest Nanotechnology News
  • Apple has filed for a patent extending previously granted IP on Touch ID implemented to device buttons to cover the power button, fueling speculation that fingerprint sensors will be built into the power buttons of future iPhones. / Biometric Update |
  • The acquisition by G + D, a global provider of eSIMs is expected to help Pod Group accelerate market adoption of eSIM for the IoT by reducing barriers to entry, cost of adoption and maximising enterprise ownership and control. / IoT Now News - How to run an IoT enabled business
  • The experimental network, launching in Lannion, France, in July will act as a blue-print for the next generation of more efficient and agile networks as Orange moves towards a 'zero touch network' and continues to differentiate and lead through the quality of experience offered to its customers. / Orange Com
  • In the next generation Volvo models such as the all-new XC90 that is due as early as 2022, Volvo Cars and Google are building simple, easy to use interfaces with large, centralised touch screen with responsive interaction. /
  • Future Volvo cars will be equipped with a large central touch screen which will deliver more elaborate content, easy-to-read information, and responsive interaction. / Ruetir
  • Some 20% of the UK's emissions reductions will come from nature-based solutions, but the right trees have to be planted in the right places; and government plans to restore upland peat areas touch just a fraction of what needs to be restored. / Reuters Event
  • Moving and resizing windows via touch will be easier, icons will be spaced further apart, and touch gestures that you would have seen on things like laptop trackpads will be compatible with Windows 11. / helios.web
  • Microsoft plans to make Windows 10 password-free and Apple recently previewed Passkeys in iCloud Keychain, a method of passwordless authentication powered by WebAuthn and Face ID and Touch ID. / FinTech Global
  • The Indian co-working market for Stylework currently stands at $10 billion and is expected to grow to $80 billion by FY 2022-23 end, whereas the global co-working market currently stands at $1.6 trillion and is expected to touch $3 trillion by FY 2022-23 end. / The Economic Times
  • Latin America stands to gain over 10 million jobs by 2030 from the green economy - the most of any major region.61 Since 2010, energy demand has grown by 14% and emissions by 18% across Latin America, which puts it on an unsustainable path in meeting sustainable development goals. / rs
  • The biggest upgrade will come in the form of an in-display fingerprint sensor, which would be the first Apple product to deliver Touch ID in a virtual reader. / Macworld
  • Chinese consumers are hyper-connected; they expect retail access and product information anytime and anywhere - and at every touch point. / Retail Touchpoints
  • IPhones are taking another step towards going passwordless, with Apple testing a new WebAuthn-based feature as part of iCloud Keychains that allows users to associate their Face ID or Touch ID biometrics with the login for a particular account across different devices. / Biometric Update |
  • The U.S. is expected to yield credible gains to the global smart exoskeleton market, especially across the military sector. / The Cloud Tribune
  • The original equipment manufacturers (OEM) segment is expected to account for the largest share in the global market. / Yahoo Finance
  • The infotainment segment is expected to hold the largest share in the global market due to its video and audio interfaces control elements such as Bluetooth system, button panel, touch screen displays, voice commands, and others. / Yahoo Finance

Last updated: 25 July 2021