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  • [New] Gloucestershire Royal Hospital has become the first NHS hospital to start an upper GI programme with a new surgical robot, and will soon start a multi-specialty programme including colorectal surgery. / National Health Executive
  • [New] In certified aircraft, Smart Glide will become available with a GTN Xi series navigator paired with a compatible Garmin flight display including the G500 TXi / G600 TXi, GI 275 electronic flight instrument, the G3X Touch, or G5 electronic flight instrument, with others to be added later. /
  • [New] Washington has rejected China's unlawful maritime claims in the sea, accusing China of continuing to coerce and intimidate Southeast Asian coastal states and threatening freedom of navigation in the critical global waterway. / AsianPolyGlotView
  • [New] One huge problem will be navigating the UK Home Office's unjust immigration system to obtain a visit visa - a system that often makes deeply discriminatory decisions, refuses the right to appeal, and is made up of a complex documentation process that penalises poorer applicants. / Crowdfunder UK
  • [New] Under the non-exclusive agreement, Veoneer will develop, market and integrate a scalable Spectrum - Scan platform from Baraja to serve the automotive market. / Vehicle Telematics, ADAS, Connected and Autonomous Vehicle
  • [New] Organizations get tunnel vision in attempting to understand what types of opportunities AI can unlock and then map them into organizational goals, versus starting with the organizational goal first and mapping to how AI can help. / Design Thinking
  • [New] The Home app now has a way to manage HomePod timers, while users in Canada, France, Italy, Netherlands, South Korea and Spain will now see air quality info in Weather and Maps. /
  • [New] Governments and organizations around the world rely on Fraym data to make strategic and operational decisions while tackling challenges like inequity and insecurity, climate vulnerability, public health, and more. / Newlab
  • [New] The Woven Alpha team plans to develop AMP to become the most globally comprehensive road and lane network HD map platform, enabling high-precision localization support to automated vehicles. / Auto Connected Car News
  • [New] Patients still suffering breathlessness will be drawn from long Covid clinics in Sheffield, Manchester and Cardiff to undergo special scans using xenon gas to reveal damage that does not show up on conventional CT scans, leading to a mystery about why people are not getting better. / The Guardian
  • [New] China continues to coerce and intimidate Southeast Asian coastal states, threatening freedom of navigation in the South China Sea. / CGTN
  • [New] Invisible Headlights is a programme that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is running with the aim of finds ways in which autonomous vehicles will be able to navigate in complete darkness using only passive sensors. / Armada International
  • [New] A U.S.-based geospatial imaging-analysis firm on Thursday defended its report alleging that anchored Chinese ships were dumping raw sewage in Philippine territorial reefs in the South China Sea, causing environmental destruction that could take decades to recover. / Radio Free Asia
  • [New] One of the few upcoming Apple announcements in 2022 will be a new real-time 3D map of the world, a new Siri with a search engine, a new virtual reality/augmented reality headset, and a new 3D experiences for inside cars. / Verdict
  • [New] Bloomberg is increasingly making geospatial datasets available through its terminal to help its customers understand real-time weather events, longer-term climate risks and their impacts on global supply chains 12. / Smith School
  • [New] Researchers at the University of Michigan are working to develop an app using artificial intelligence that will scan speech and vocabulary patterns to catch possible early signs of Alzheimer's disease. / HealthITAnalytics
  • The real-time carbon mapping technology will be in line with the standards set by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and will provide a reliable baseline of carbon emission data. / Smart Cities Connect,
  • Namibia has never produced a barrel of oil in its history, so ReconAfrica's work there could put it on the global oil map for the first time. / Resilience
  • Infostellar plans to leverage AWS for customer integration, testing and other onboarding activities to reduce the time it takes to scale successful operations across a global ground network. / Battle Space
  • An AI program developed at RMIT University in Melbourne could help identify early signs of prostate cancer by analysing CT scans. / The Engineer

Last updated: 25 July 2021