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  • [New] The Ineos hydrogen business will have its headquarters in the UK and aims to build capacity to produce hydrogen across its network of sites in Europe, in addition to partner sites where hydrogen can accelerate decarbonisation of energy. MSN
  • [New] If Australia adopted Paris-aligned 2030 goals and committed to net zero, it could unlock $131 billion in additional investment and job opportunities over the course of this decade. Hesta
  • [New] HP's future growth plans will depend on hybrid work, a world where every person has a PC, printing subscriptions and using 3D printing systems to make packaging more sustainable. ZDNet
  • [New] Hydrogen Europe supports the principle of additionality but sees major risks for the development of the EU hydrogen market should it be implemented in a way that puts additional burden of complexity albeit not needed. LinkedIn
  • [New] Any additional LNG could potentially be directed to the market offering the best netback, whether it is Asia, Europe or even Latin America. Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University SIPA
  • [New] Investors will be watching another key AT&T metric: the number of additional postpaid phone subscribers, which represents the number of new postpaid phone subscriptions less the number of canceled subscriptions. Investopedia
  • [New] The EU will need €480 billion in additional investment per year over this decade to meet its 2030 emissions reduction target. European Central Bank
  • [New] The spot Capesize market currently exceeds $60,000 per day, rendering the latest addition a high revenue-generating investment, while the forward curve indicates that the positive market trend will be sustained for the next years. Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide
  • [New] Mobile offload is set to increase from 60% (10.7 exabytes / month) to 63% (83.6 exabytes / month) by 2021, with 64% of traffic from smartphones and 72% from tablets forecasted to be offloaded onto Wi-Fi by 2021, placing additional burdens on the 5 GHz band. ITChronicles
  • [New] With production sites and innovation centers already in Asia, Europe, India, Mexico and North America, the latest addition in Poland is expected to open in 2022. Medical Design and Outsourcing
  • [New] Some seven million b/d of additional Middle East, African and Asian downstream capacity could come in the next five years, while the US and Europe either close or convert refineries amid environmental and economic pressures. S&P Global Platts
  • [New] In addition to providing MRO support for scheduled and unscheduled component removals, Fokker Services will utilize its large on-site stock of propeller parts to ensure fast turnaround times. News
  • [New] In addition to RPI inflation being at 4.8%, the latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) shows prices are up at 3.2%, with the Bank of England predicting it will go above 4% in the fourth-quarter of 2021. CapX
  • [New] Failure to ensure women have equal access to the internet has exacerbated gender inequality & cost low-income countries $1 tn over past decade and could mean an additional loss of $500bn by 2025 if governments do not take action. Oxfam
  • [New] Between 2030 and 2050, climate change will cause 250,000 additional deaths per year and will increase costs to health by 2-4 billion per year by 2030. CH2M
  • [New] Chile is forecasting that cherry exports to the U.S. will see substantial growth in 2021-22 to around 13,000 metric tons, in addition to a longer season.
  • [New] The US will donate an additional 500 million doses of the COVID vaccine to developing countries, bringing the total US donation to over 1.1 billion vaccines. Atlantic Council
  • [New] In addition to creating more strain on the Texas power grid, some industry experts say they worry that a surge in Bitcoin mining could lead to wider environmental problems in Texas. Austin American-Statesman
  • [New] In addition to developing new plant-based food options, Taco Bell is focusing on other sustainability initiatives, including working with TerraCycle to make all of its consumer-facing packaging recyclable, compostable, or reusable by 2025.
  • [New] In the IEA's scenarios, oil and natural gas will sustain emerging markets and developing countries as they work to find the investment necessary for grid flexibility and integrating their growing share of renewable power capacity additions. EIA
  • [New] The trial retrieval of fuel debris might provide additional possibilities for international collaboration in the areas of characterization and storage of fuel debris. foreignaffairs
  • [New] In 2026, SmarTech expects purchases of large-format additive machines by the aerospace industry to reach almost $130 million. Asia Pacific Metalworking Equipment News | Manufacturing | Automation | Quality Control

Last updated: 24 October 2021