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  • [New] Investors are wary of the Bitcoin effect, as that cryptocurrency's recent fall might negatively affect Tesla's bottom line and contribute to more stock volatility. / Koliasa construction
  • [New] Cryptocurrency exchanges could be forced to collect the details of people sending and receiving crypto under new rules proposed by the European Commission. /
  • [New] The NCoE in the UK will create a supportive working environment focusing on emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, data analytics, automation, blockchain and cyber. / Going Concern
  • [New] The engagement with Mastercard will enhance its crypto card program for cryptocurrency exchanges, making it simpler for partners to convert cryptocurrency to traditional fiat currency. / en
  • [New] Mastercard has named the first stablecoin and a handful of partner companies that will help cryptocurrency holders spend their digital assets at merchants that accept the payment giant's cards. / CoinDesk
  • [New] A carte-blanche U.S. ban on cryptocurrency will wipe value from predominantly American cryptocurrency holders - Tesla and businesses like MicroStrategy. / Nerd For Tech
  • [New] Fiat to crypto products will become more topical and will continue to enjoy more mainstream discussions. / FinTech Futures
  • [New] The recent ban on cryptocurrency mining within China's borders could further spur adoption of the digital yuan, as domestic consumers are left with fewer substitutable alternatives. / The Diplomat
  • [New] Although government funding could help significantly, farmers across the globe are beginning to adopt smarter agriculture technologies - such as blockchain and data analytics - to ensure that the growing agricultural demands are met. / CoinTelegraph
  • [New] Companies will prefer IOTA over blockchain to avoid latency issues, enhance their computing power, and evade data thefts. / Verdict
  • [New] Considering crackdowns on cryptocurrency mining and trading around the world, if the cryptojacking environment becomes more difficult or less lucrative, it is entirely possible that threat actors will turn their attention to the next big thing. / ZDNet
  • [New] When the US launches a sovereign digital currency, it could make cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or stablecoins such as Tether unnecessary. / Forbes
  • [New] One of the stronger arguments for the U.S. central bank to set up a digital currency is that it could undercut the need for private alternatives such as cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. / Reuters
  • [New] After at first observing the emergence of blockchain technology with concern, China's central government has increasingly seen it as an opportunity, as has been the case with most emerging technologies. / EUISS
  • [New] China's crackdown on cryptocurrency mining could have been an opportunity for electronic currency enthusiasts in India. / Quartz
  • [New] Blockchain ecosystems, like bloXmove, open a world of opportunities for mobility providers to cooperate on urban mobility developments with the goal of satisfying customer demands at lower financial risk while achieving sustainability goals. / Orange Business Services
  • [New] Care is now part of the largest blockchain association in the world and will work together with a global network of experts, which include government agencies, researchers, and academia, to help promote the adoption of blockchain technology especially for the healthcare sector. / Spicy Crypto News
  • The regulator overseeing the UK's financial markets will launch an £11 million ($15 million) campaign to warn young investors about the risks they face in the cryptocurrency market, including the ultimate one of total losses. /
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation has warned bitcoin and cryptocurrency buyers, exchanges and payment platforms over the growing threat of criminals looking to steal bitcoin and crypto-assets. / Forbes
  • Research from Avast Threat Labs has revealed a growth in crypto-based scams in regions where cryptocurrency is growing in popularity, in the first half of 2021. / Information Age
  • Development of BSN in China - Based on the national BSN blockchain, China plans to build an international payment system using digital currencies from central banks and public cryptocurrencies around the world. / 2021

Last updated: 25 July 2021