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Intelligent Apps

  • [New] Autonomous checkout solutions could cost one million dollars in technology expenditure per location and still require a mobile app and high-cost technology such as artificial intelligence computer vision, cameras, sensors, store renovations, and in some cases, facial recognition and biometric data. ClickZ
  • Researchers at the University of Michigan are working to develop an app using artificial intelligence that will scan speech and vocabulary patterns to catch possible early signs of Alzheimer's disease. HealthITAnalytics
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will continue to be a trend in 2021 and apps developed with AI and ML devices will be popular again. Vn Parco
  • ScottishPower Energy Networks have announced the development of a new app which will recognise network assets and customer devices using new artificial intelligence technology. Lexology
  • Behavior modification at scale is worse than cybersecurity threats or grinding innovation to a halt in apps, it's how China can dominate the 21st century with artificial intelligence. The Last Futurist
  • According to experts at GBG, a company that specialises in identity data intelligence, APP is highly effective, trending upwards and may be the biggest threat to consumers in 2021. Forbes Advisor UK
  • There's a lot of hype around chatbots but the reality is there are few interactions where a chat with artificial intelligence is going to be more efficient than using an app. Phys Org
  • Intelligent cloud-based API matchmaking technology uses cognitive technologies like intelligent mapping and graph technology to anticipate what a developer will require to build new apps. IBM
  • Biometrics will enable $2.5 tn worth of mobile payments by 2024, while Goode Intelligence has estimated that in 2020 over 1.1 billion people will use biometrics for mobile financial services, such as payments, accessing banking apps or customer identify verification. FinTech Futures
  • Ada's app - which combines a medical database with artificial intelligence based reasoning technology to help users understand what might be causing their symptoms - has become the world's most popular symptom checker. Pharmaphorum
  • Over the next few years, virtually every app, application and service will incorporate some level of AI. the star online
  • By leveraging machine intelligence, Lookout secures customers against phishing, app, device and network threats in a manner that respects user privacy. info
  • By leveraging machine intelligence, Lookout secures customers against phishing, app, device, app and network threats in a privacy-respecting manner. info
  • Ericsson will leverage subscriber crowdsource data analytics, where Artificial Intelligence provides unique subscriber insights that power App Experience Optimization for an end-user experience above expectations. Teletimes International
  • The future is a collision between big data (and data science) and application development that will yield a world of intelligent apps. Data Science Central
  • Artificial intelligence technology developed by Gauss could soon enable Kroger Health to offer COVID-19 antigen tests with rapid results that can be read by a smartphone app. Spotsndots
  • The market for app install ads is growing quickly with revenue in the US expected to reach over $7 billion by the end of 2020. Business Insider
  • By 2018, the world's largest companies will make use of intelligent apps, big data and analytics to improve customer's interaction with their organisation. itbrief
  • 75 percent of developers will build AI functionality into their apps this year. The Network
  • By 2021, 90% of organizations will be incorporating cognitive / AI and machine learning into new enterprise apps. FinExtra
  • By 2021, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning will become the fastest growing segments of software development by the end of 2018. FinExtra

Last updated: 24 October 2021