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Internet of Things

  • [New] In addition to mobile broadband, Verizon plans to use C-Band spectrum for its 5G Home Internet fixed wireless access service, which today covers 47 markets using mmWave. / Mobile World Live
  • [New] Lucid Motors is delivering a mainstream sedan in 2022 with a range of 653 km/406 miles. / Streetwise Reports
  • [New] Verizon Customers will use Verizon Smart Display to set up their new service and manage their account, including any troubleshooting, giving them more flexibility to oversee their broadband options. / ZDNet
  • [New] Apple Inc will release from 2022 only 5G-enabled iPhones and will revamp its budget handset after for the first time in two years. / The Mighty 790 KFGO | KFGO
  • [New] Demand for memory and storage is solid across market segments, and industry trends like artificial intelligence, edge computing and 5G continue to create new opportunities for Micron. / Bisinfotech
  • [New] Consumers in China are more eager to upgrade to 5G than anywhere else in the world, continues the report, whereby 5G will grow from 202 million connections to 822 million connections in 2025, accounting for 47% of total connections in China. / Reuters
  • [New] Autonomous vehicle developer Halo will be using T-Mobile's 5G network to deploy commercial driverless car services in Las Vegas. / AI Business
  • [New] 5G adoption will grow in the back half of the year, leading to a 2-3 year iPhone upgrade cycle. / Benzinga
  • [New] Testing will begin in a lab environment using Samsung's mmWave and mid-band 5G radios before moving to field testing at Army training bases and eventually supporting the Army brigade. / Inside Towers
  • [New] Connecticut's governor has put out a plan to expand broadband coverage to all residents by 2027. / CNBC
  • [New] China is preparing for the second phase of its 5G build-out and Mellander said that tenders expected during the second quarter did not take place. / Reuters
  • [New] Sweden's Ericsson, caught in the middle of a geopolitical battle between Beijing and the West, said on Friday it was no longer banking on previously anticipated contract wins for 5G tenders in China, sending its shares down more than 8%. / The Globe and Mail
  • [New] Under the five-year agreement, Verizon will utilize Ericsson's different technology solutions to expand its ultra-wideband 5G coverage. / Dallas News
  • [New] The iPhone manufacturer expects the demand for updates to increase significantly with the rapid spread of 5G services in the US and other regions. / Bitcoin and Alt Coins News Site
  • [New] We estimate the overall PCB demand from 5G BTS in China to grow from RMB1.97bn in 2019 to RMB8.1bn in 2020 and RMB10.85bn in 2021 F, in which Antenna/AAU PCB will likely account for around 80% of the value share. / Yahoo Finance
  • [New] KT plans to work with manufacturers to expand the number of devices capable of accessing the SA 5G service. / Mobile World Live
  • [New] An auction for highly coveted 5G airwaves that has raised a record-breaking $8 billion will leave Canada's Big Three telecoms more indebted as they look for ways to monetize the newest generation of wireless technology. / The Globe and Mail
  • [New] Mobile communication technology evolves in decade-long periods, and standardization of the next generation of communication technology is expected to begin in 2025, with commercial implementation following in around 2035. / IEEE Computer Society
  • [New] Carefully consider national 5G spectrum demands in the 2025-2030 timeframe, when 5G usage will be much higher, and plan to make 2 GHz of mid-band spectrum available. / Identity
  • 5G services are expected to establish worldwide with more than 50 operators offering services in about 30 countries by the end of 2021. / Analytics Insight

Last updated: 25 July 2021