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Internet of Things

  • [New] The large-scale investment in broadband will connect every American to reliable high-speed internet, just as the federal government made a historic effort to provide electricity to every American nearly one hundred years ago. MedCity News
  • [New] Access to free uncapped Wi-Fi can help remove barriers and provide equal access to the internet for quality education, employment opportunities and other essential digital services, to help bridge the digital divide. businesslive
  • [New] Semtech, for example, stated in one of its 2021 financial earning calls that, while almost 50% of its current LoRa-related revenue comes from China, their opportunity pipeline suggests that 21% of potential future revenues are coming from China, and 70% are coming from Europe and the Americas. IoT Business News
  • [New] Mobile UK's report explores, both through its own analysis and external research, how 5G-enabled technology, underpinned by mobile networks, could support the combined G7 manufacturing sectors to reduce their total carbon emissions by 1% during the period 2020-2035. News
  • [New] Scenarios for using 5G technologies for the urban economy and the needs of the Moscow authorities will soon be worked up in the pilot zones. GAVS TECHNOLOGIES
  • [New] Funding mobilised by the United States could be deployed to help tie the Americas together, through roads, rails, ports and broadband. The Economist
  • [New] Samsung looks forward to harnessing the full potential of 5G through new breakthroughs that will bring truly transformative benefits to people around the world and across the enterprise landscape. Qualcomm
  • [New] With the launch of 5G in India, consumers are anticipating mobile networks, which will support applications requiring significantly higher bandwidths with much lower latencies. Busienss Standard
  • [New] Combined with the first funding wave, students, school staff and library patrons in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands will receive access to the devices and broadband connectivity they need to support their off-premises educational needs. Inside Towers
  • [New] Operators will will face challenges in meeting the mobile data demands arising from 5G networks, forecasting an increase in cellular data traffic generated by 5G connections to 1.5 billion Petabytes globally by 2026.
  • [New] Predicts Juniper Research, whose latest report puts global 5G service revenues at US$ 73 billion by the end of 2021, an increase on the $20 billion recorded last year when 5G services were very much in their infancy, and representing 8.5% of operator revenue.
  • [New] A build - out of telemedicine will require advanced 5G technologies, opening opportunities for Chinese companies, including its national telecoms champion, Huawei. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • [New] In 2021, over 3,000 tech companies will leverage the GITEX platform; to launch innovative products and services in 5G, AI, Cloud & Edge, Cybersecurity, Future Mobility, Fintech, Health-tech, and more.
  • [New] AT&T has stated a goal of covering 70-75 million people with 5G over C-Band by end of 2022 with plans to reach 200 million by end of 2023. Converge! Network Digest
  • Ericsson will help AT&T to bring its 5G network to more consumers, businesses and first responders across key industries - including 5G use cases in sports and venues, entertainment, travel and transportation, business transformation and public safety. Light Reading
  • By 2026, Analysys Mason expects emerging Asia-Pacific (primarily China) to account for the largest share of private LTE/5G networks in the manufacturing sector. Metrology and Quality News - Online Magazine
  • The multi-orbit network will bring together Inmarsat's existing near global GEO satellites with terrestrial 5G and what is envisaged as being a small constellation of LEO satellites, as part of an integrated, high-performance solution called Orchestra. Runway Girl
  • The roadside fiber-optic network will allow the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission to upgrade its communications capacity, prepare for smart safety and mobility technology and make broadband available to underserved areas. GCN
  • The advanced data capabilities of 5G standards will drive adoption in areas such as mobile gaming and immersive reality, which will proliferate as geographical coverage and device support increase over the next 5 years, to which operators must prepare networks for. Resource Centre
  • Operators will face challenges in meeting the mobile data demands arising from 5G networks and forecasts that cellular data generated by 5G connections will rise to 1.5 million Petabytes globally by 2026. Resource Centre
  • 24 markets across Asia-Pacific would have launched 5G by 2025, including China, where 28% of mobile connections would run on 5G networks and account for a third of the world's 5G connections. ZDNet

Last updated: 24 October 2021