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Augmented Reality

  • [New] The worldwide user base for AR and VR will reach 443 million by 2025, meaning that it is becoming increasingly important for UX designers to know how to create amazing VR and AR experiences. / The Interaction Design Foundation
  • [New] The rise of tablet use in schools alongside the growing trend for interactivity to help build 21st Century skills means that technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will gain more of a presence. / EdTechReview
  • [New] Mobile augmented reality Major mall operator Brookfield Properties will leverage augmented reality (AR) technology from The Aria Network to offer mobile phone-based immersive experiences in all of its shopping centers. / Chain Store Age
  • [New] As computers continue to reduce in size and increase in power we will see AR devices like the Microsoft Hololens reduce in size from bulky headsets to glasses to contact lenses and eventually brain implants. / Transform Magazine
  • [New] Total revenues for the VR and AR hardware shipments will cross more than a billion dollars, a 34% increase. / FierceHealthcare
  • [New] One of the few upcoming Apple announcements in 2022 will be a new real-time 3D map of the world, a new Siri with a search engine, a new virtual reality/augmented reality headset, and a new 3D experiences for inside cars. / Verdict
  • [New] The rapid use of AI, machine learning, intelligent automation, virtual reality, augmented reality, and other sophisticated technology-based solutions have advanced and will continue through 2021. / Verzeo Blogs
  • [New] Ikea lets customers view products in their own homes - to check how a new sofa or table might fit with their existing decor - by offering augmented reality (AR) tools that superimpose computer-generated graphics onto real-world images. / Forbes
  • Potential risks associated with investing in Asia-Pacific augmented reality and virtual reality market are assayed quantitatively and qualitatively through GMD's Risk Assessment System. / Kentucky Journal 24
  • Asia-Pacific augmented reality and virtual reality market is expected to grow at a 38.4% CAGR over 2019-2026 and have an addressable market value of $172.8 billion for the coming 7 years. / Kentucky Journal 24
  • Through the collaboration of AT&T and Google Cloud, enterprises will have access to Google Maps, Android, Pixel, augmented reality and virtual reality, and other solutions. / Inside Towers
  • By the year 2025, more than 14 million US workers will wear augmented reality headsets. / Reddensoft Technologies
  • As today's announcements scale globally, AI and AR will further evolve how customers discover products they love. / Ad News
  • Strategy Analytics' and Huawei's new white paper, AR Insight and Application Practice shows that key features of 5G networks including Guaranteed Bit Rates, Latency, Accurate Positioning and Mobility will impact AR, Edge computing and storage is essential to deliver the full benefits of AR. / SURPERFORMANCE
  • The market size of AR will reach US$ 300 billion by 2025. / China Money Network
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality are developing faster than expected. / archyde
  • By 2022, over 120,000 commerce stores will be using Augmented Reality technologies to offer shoppers a perfect customer experience. / Star Star Show
  • AR/VR services-related spending will stay with the lowest share in the following years at under 10%, but will see the fastest growth, registering a CAGR of 126.2%, driven mainly by consulting services and system integration. / IDC: The premier global market intelligence company
  • Virtual / augmented reality technologies together with BCI could offer immersive experiences and have many potential applications including arts and neurofeedback. / Frontiers
  • The base of any AR company is 3D models and while the AR market is growing at a tremendous speed of 26.7% across the globe and will reach $828 bn market capitalization by 2025, peAR has created process and technology to make a 3D model in under 40 minutes. / Blogger
  • The global AR market is expected to reach a valuation of more than $340bn by 2028, growing at a compound annual growth rate of a whopping 43.8% between in 2021 and 2028. / The Drum
  • Key features of 5G networks including Guaranteed Bit Rates, Latency, Accurate Positioning and Mobility will impact AR. / IAB
  • From being valued at around $3.5bn in the year 2017, the AR market is expected to reach a market value of $120bn by 2025. / Blogger

Last updated: 25 July 2021