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  • [New] Sound AI standards can support international trade and investment in AI, expanding AI opportunity globally and increasing returns to investment in AI R&D. Brookings
  • [New] The risks associated with the unconstrained use of AI solutions by techno-authoritarian regimes - such as China' s - expose citizens to potential violations of human rights and threaten to split cyberspace into incompatible technology stacks and fragment the global AI R&D process. Brookings
  • [New] The Baltic country highlighted the need to scale up investments in artificial intelligence, noting that most of the new applications of this disruptive technology were concentrated in the United States and China.
  • [New] U.S. officials issued new warnings Friday about China's ambitions in artificial intelligence and a range of advanced technologies that could eventually give Beijing a decisive military edge and possible dominance over health care and other essential sectors in America. AP News
  • [New] Terrafuse AI, a climate and weather risk forecasting tool developer, has launched a new platform for assessing and mitigating the growing property risk from wildfires in California, called Wildfire AI.
  • [New] The UK government will encourage the design and development of the next generation of AI systems in the UK and will support UK businesses across sectors to adopt them on a larger scale. Law360
  • [New] In today's world of Artificial Intelligence and its algorithms, it will not sound exaggerated that Artificial Intelligence is the new face of sales and marketing.
  • [New] The EU's AI Act promises to mitigate the harmful use of machine intelligence but will require deeper education and evangelization to ensure more transparent and ethical use of AI. Forbes
  • [New] AI creates incredible new opportunities to improve the lives of people around the world. Datamation
  • [New] With the advance in geo-spatial and earth observation data combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning, new opportunities are rapidly developing to manage risk, opportunity and impact. Chris Skinner's blog
  • [New] UCB has announced a strategic out-licensing of Artificial Intelligence based fracture identification technology, BoneBot, to ImageBiopsy Lab to bring the new identification tool to clinical practice by 2023. Med-Tech Innovation
  • [New] Within 5 to 10 years, new and emerging technologies such as robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and VR/AR will continue to expand to represent over 25% of the total ICT spending. Navigate the Future
  • [New] With use of deep learning and machine learning algorithms by various firms, the market for predictive analytics is projected to gain traction over coming years. Yahoo Finance
  • [New] The use of AI for GHG emission monitoring could result in $ 208-424 billion savings for global companies in the coming years (BCG). Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine
  • [New] Microsoft AI Innovate will create an engaging platform to empower startups with opportunities to build, scale and transform with agility. Busienss Standard
  • [New] Regardless of how far AI equity advances in the coming years, companies will continue to need artificial intelligence specialists who understand the logic behind AI - and how to push past boundaries toward new AI use cases. Datamation
  • [New] CAMERA is helping businesses in the South-West and across the UK to apply leading-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to opportunities and challenges facing the creative sector. Frazer Consultants
  • [New] Loughborough University will run an initiative to use AI to improve the investigation of factors contributing to adverse maternity incidents amongst mothers from different ethnic groups. UKAuthority
  • [New] Artificial intelligence and distributed cloud are the two main technologies that a majority of high-composability enterprises have already deployed or plan on deploying in 2022. Network World
  • [New] Disruptive technologies such as AI, Robotics, Remote Sensing and IoT are expected to contribute substantially to the global economy over the next 10-15 years. UAS Magazine
  • [New] In the next two years, a third of large organisations will be using decision intelligence for structured decision-making, to improve competitive advantage. Hopify
  • [New] Nissan Motor Corporation recently unveiled its 'Intelligent Factory' initiative that will utilize artificial intelligence, IoT and robotics to manufacture next-generation vehicles and will be a zero-emission production system. Just Auto

Last updated: 27 October 2021