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  • [New] The unwelcome return of restrictions has planted a new fear in the minds of investors: that the rapid spread of the coronavirus Delta variant could bring the global recovery to a juddering halt. / The Straits Times
  • [New] At a time of scarcity and slow distribution of vaccines to the Global South, diplomatic relations between vaccine recipients and China will mostly remain appreciative. / Voice of America
  • [New] Citing political differences as reasons for ignoring opportunities to cooperate with certain states in combating climate change will definitely harm the EU's reputation as a globally responsible leader. / Russian Council
  • [New] China and global wind power market: Prominent regions China is projected to dominate the wind power market in Asia Pacific during the forecast period. / Trade Arabia
  • [New] Governmental initiatives for achieving subsidy-free grid price parity for wind power are anticipated to boost the China and global wind power market in the near future. / Trade Arabia
  • [New] Demand for lithium-ion batteries from transport and energy storage will surge to as much as 5.9 terawatt-hours a year in 2030, putting a strain on supply chains. /
  • [New] As major disruptions continue to strain global supply networks, cloud-based technologies will continue to play a central role in building resilient supply chains that keep goods moving without interruption. / Oracle
  • [New] Volvo wants full-electric cars to account for half of its global sales by mid-decade and to be an all-electric brand by 2030. / Automotive News
  • [New] In the longer term, AMPI is expected to grow the UK's advanced machinery capability to a £2bn export capacity within 10 years establishing over 30,000 high value manufacturing sector jobs. / Metrology and Quality News - Online Magazine
  • [New] The oil giant has the capacity to pump more than one in every 10 barrels of crude in the global market and any threats to its security or facilities are closely watched by oil traders and policymakers. / National Cyber Security News Today
  • [New] The worldwide Programmatic Commercials Marketplace record extremely makes a speciality of key trade gamers to spot the possible enlargement alternatives, together with the higher advertising and marketing actions is projected to boost up marketplace enlargement all over the forecast length. / Science In Me
  • [New] The worldwide Regression Research Device Marketplace record extremely specializes in key trade gamers to spot the possible expansion alternatives, in conjunction with the larger advertising actions is projected to boost up marketplace expansion during the forecast length. / Science In Me
  • [New] Under the target scenario of global temperatures being held well below 2 C of pre-industrial levels, of the total jobs in the energy sector in 2050, 84% would be in the renewables sector, 11% in fossil fuels, and 5% in nuclear, the analysis found. / The Guardian
  • [New] The current state of the materials shortage in the construction industry may be a messy global happenstance but for the near future the challenges of materials running low while demand increases will be difficult to contend with. / Planning, BIM & Construction Today
  • [New] Humid tropical forests, vital in global efforts to limit rising temperatures, are under threat as a result of changes in land use and climate. /
  • [New] Asia Pacific is projected to create an absolute $ opportunity of more than US$ 12 billion and is expected to hold maximum share in terms of value in the global wheel axle market by the end of the forecast period. / The Cloud Tribune
  • [New] Global wheel axle market is expected to grow at a value CAGR of 3.2% to be valued at more than US$ 87 billion by the end of forecast period (2019-2029). / The Cloud Tribune
  • [New] The implementation of the ILR will likely impact differently on the range of Irish businesses, including, foreign direct investment, domestic businesses and Irish indigenous businesses with a global presence. /
  • [New] North America is expected to dominate the global Security and vulnerability management Market in the forecast period 2020-2025 owing the rising use of cloud based networking and growth in IT and Telecom industries. / IndustryARC
  • [New] Vaccine doses should be shared quickly, there should be no manufacturing barriers, and financing support should be secured to ensure equitable distribution of vaccines, which will bring global economic recovery. / Mint

Last updated: 25 July 2021