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New Normal

  • [New] Because Cloud IDS is an end-to-end cloud-native solution, customers can leverage an extensive, continually updated, built-in catalog of attack signatures from Palo Alto Networks' threat analysis engine to detect the latest threats, as well as anomaly detection for unknown threats. / Google Cloud Blog
  • [New] If the United States (and Canada) continues to rack up its national debt, policymakers will need to grow its economy at an alarming rate, consistently, year after year, to avoid a rise in its debt to GDP ratio which has already passed 100% (in Q1 2021 it was 127%). / GoldSeek
  • [New] Even before humanity tackles the much larger challenge of sending people to another planet - and bringing them safely back, along with any alien germs they might have picked up - quarantine has become an essential part of the spaceflight pre-launch timeline. / The Guardian
  • [New] Understanding abiotic chemistry on non-Earth-like worlds will be an essential part of identifying when a signature, such as phosophine, must have a biological origin on another planet. / Many Worlds
  • The rate of deforestation had fallen globally by about a third compared with the previous decade, while there were successful cases of the eradication of invasive alien species from islands and the targeting of priority species to avoid future invasive species threatening water and ecosystems. / The Mail & Guardian
  • Beijing's petty bullying will lose friends and alienate people around the world and help the U.S. build a compelling case to confront and contain China. / Nikkei Asia
  • The global economy's centre of gravity will have shifted to midway between China and India by 2025, reverting to 1 CE when China and India were the world's largest economies. / iPolitics
  • Dealing with social media platforms directly is difficult for foreign brands because the Chinese data system is different and will be unfamiliar to Western digital marketing experts. / Daxue Consulting - Market Research China
  • The pro-Biden media will not be able to keep wraps on tens of thousands of aliens entering the United States illegally from Europe, Africa, and Asia forever. / Center for Immigration Studies
  • With the increased movement of people and goods around the world, the number of established alien species is expected to increase by 36% between 2005 and 2050. / United Nations Economic and Social Council
  • More than a quarter of species assessed by the IUCN Red list are threatened with extinction Invasive alien species negatively affect native biodiversity and cost the global economy billions of dollars annually. / United Nations Economic and Social Council
  • Executives expect the impact of disruption on corporate value to increase by 15-25% over the next five years. / World Economic Forum
  • The Europe and Central Asia region was expected to have the largest positive temperature anomalies, whereas the smallest anomalies were expected in Latin America and the Caribbean. / The Lancet
  • Astrophysics experts describe the possibilities of finding planets with atmospheres that support life outside of earth, be dazzled by the origins of stars and explore the use of future state of the art telescopes that could one day discover extraterrestrial life. / University of Leeds
  • Sixty-five percent of adults said their best guess was that intelligent life does exist on other planets, but 51% said that UFOs are not a threat to national security. / FiveThirtyEight
  • The risks posed by animal diseases and plant pests are increasing as a result of climate change, with the likelihood of new invasive alien species being introduced to Canada having significant consequences for Canada's agriculture sector and economy. / Canada in a Changing Climate
  • Last year, with inflation expectations anchored, and with global financial conditions easing, EME central banks could cut interest rates and use unconventional policies. / BIS
  • Sub-Saharan Africa is fast emerging as an important market for crop protection companies as the growing problem of invasive alien species become the latest threat to food security and sustainable agriculture. / AgriBusiness Global
  • As the wave of innovation sweeps across Africa, we start to see a new generation of entrepreneurs creating new and unconventional business opportunities. / Magazine
  • A DGA that uses a limited number of TLDs and domain names will generate significantly less network noise but is more fragile and susceptible to remediation. / MASS
  • With emissions monitoring, Chinese regulators could develop an anomaly detection system to prompt site audits based on the probability of data falsification. / Pakistan & Gulf Economist
  • Astronomers on Earth can look for alien worlds by watching the transit of planets orbiting distant stars, but scientists have now identified 2,034 nearby star systems that could peer right back at us. / BBC Science Focus Magazine

Last updated: 25 July 2021