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New Normal

  • [New] The crackdown in Hong Kong has alienated Taiwan and ended any hope of peaceful unification. MoneyWeek
  • [New] As a safety measure, automakers install battery management systems (BMS) in EVs-diagnostic software that predicts battery abnormalities and monitors battery module performance. Automotive World
  • AT&T Alien Labs researchers in combination with the Open Threat Exchange (OTX) platform now automate the discovery of infrastructure used by threat actors including for major ransomware operations. AT&T
  • Based on the electrocardiogram data of patients examined at the University of Tokyo Hospital, Fujitsu and the University of Tokyo Hospital will verify the effectiveness of detection of abnormal heart movement by AI. ELECTRONICS MEDIA
  • Going forward, Fujitsu will work to verify the effectiveness of AI in actual medical practice to estimate the presence or absence of abnormalities in cardiac function from electrocardiogram data, and will start clinical research at the University of Tokyo Hospital. ELECTRONICS MEDIA
  • In the US, the scale of the threat posed by attacks on CNI means President Joe Biden has got involved, introducing new regulations for some sectors and emphasizing to business leaders that especially in the hyperconnected new normal, cybersecurity is key to operational resilience. Cybersecurity Conferences 2020 - 2021
  • Is that the United States will turn more towards traditional partners or more unconventional actors to carry a higher burden of counterterrorism responsibilities overseas, even if groups continue to remain active or even harbor anti-US intentions. thecipherbrief
  • Two more patients who received the gene therapy have abnormalities in their bone marrow cells that could develop into MDS. Science | AAAS
  • Asia Pacific is another region expected to witness a surge in demand in global laparoscopic power morcellators market in coming years owing to increasing number of patients suffering from various conditions such as endometritis, uterine fibroids, and abnormal bleeding. Transparency Market Research
  • Europe has one country at risk of falling resilience due to the catastrophic ETR score - Turkey which faces major threats from temperature anomalies, water risk and food risk. Vision of Humanity
  • The risk of alienating allies by pushing sanctions too far has been a persistent problem for American administrations. H-Diplo | ISSF
  • Darktrace's AI-powered cybersecurity suite enables enterprises to automatically detect network anomalies and advanced threats - malicious signals that may be difficult to recognize using standard network monitoring tools and IDPS solutions. Datamation
  • While reaching out to Russia has at times alienated its E.U. allies in Central and Eastern Europe, France has a history of holding out hope that engagement with Russia might moderate Moscow's belligerent approach to Europe. War on the Rocks
  • After a first shot of the AstraZeneca vaccine, people were at slightly increased risk of certain blood clots, as well as a condition characterized by a low level of platelets that can leave them prone to abnormal bleeding. The New York Times
  • Countries where prices of one or more basic food commodity are at abnormal high levels which could negatively impact access to food Brazil | Cereals Prices of cereals remained higher year on year Prices of yellow maize increased in July and August after a short-lived weakening in the previous month. Food and Agriculture Organisation
  • Droughts - periods of abnormally low rainfall that can last weeks, months or even years - are the most serious hazard to livestock and crops in almost every part of the world, the World Health Organization says, and can increase the risk of disease and death. The Independent
  • The Importance of ESG and Management Analysis - While 2021's heat and weather conditions have broken several records and appear to be an anomaly, scientists are predicting that extreme weather events such as megadroughts and 100-year storms will become increasingly common.
  • Some of the non-indigenous invasive species in the Mediterranean, such as the comb jelly, Mnemiopsis leidyi, are among the top 100 of the World's Worst Invasive Alien Species, as listed by the Global Invasive Species Database, and recognized globally as a major threat to biodiversity. Food and Agriculture Organisation
  • U.S. retailers are experiencing a pandemic-fueled crime wave that is depleting inventories, sapping revenue, alienating customers and even threatening the safety of employees and shoppers in some stores. news-and-views
  • Israel's nuclear deterrent must always remain oriented toward dominating escalation at multiple and intersecting levels of conventional and unconventional enemy threats. Jewish Business News
  • Funding candidates who might not prosecute people for abortion would alienate GOP allies needed for other parts of conservative donors' political agenda. Filter
  • Saudi Arabia, which sells all of its oil on long-term contracts to refiners, risks alienating customers if its sets monthly prices too high. BloombergQuint

Last updated: 24 October 2021