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  • [New] We believe every dollar invested in health care infrastructure, if done wisely, could boost productivity and add multiple dollars to Canada's economy. S&P Global Platts
  • [New] A Kaiser Family Foundation survey found 69% of healthcare workers aged 18-29 reported experiencing burnout compared to 59% of healthcare workers aged 30-49 and 43% of healthcare workers aged 50-64 identifying that the youngest individuals are at a higher risk of burnout. allnurses
  • [New] U.S. officials issued new warnings Friday about China's ambitions in artificial intelligence and a range of advanced technologies that could eventually give Beijing a decisive military edge and possible dominance over health care and other essential sectors in America. AP News
  • [New] A senior figure in the National Health Service has urged the UK government to immediately enforce Plan B coronavirus restrictions or risk stumbling into a winter crisis. New Scientist
  • [New] City officials contend moving retirees' health care to Medicare Advantage plans managed by private insurers will save over $600 million annually, while preserving equally good care. The City
  • [New] Most at risk are marginalized communities of Black, Latino, Indigenous and Asian Americans, who are disproportionately located near sources of pollution, or lack the means to protect themselves and access health care.
  • [New] Heatwaves and their ability to exhaust and kill are only one of many public health threats on the rise, they found, as climate change warms the globe and sends weather patterns haywire.
  • [New] The continued absence of a national health and climate change adaptation plan is a glaring gap in Australia's preparedness, and continues to put the health and lives of Australians at risk. Medical Journal of Australia
  • [New] NSW Health and other health care providers all share a duty of care to staff and to our most vulnerable health consumers, who are at a heightened risk of serious illness or death from COVID-19. NSW Health
  • [New] The market in Asia Pacific is expected to expand at a high growth rate during the forecast period due to large population base, rise in disposable income, increase in government initiatives to provide better health care facilities, significant patient pool, and high awareness among people. Verified Market Research
  • [New] In the UK, women and children from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds, or who live in more deprived comm unities, experience a disproportionate burden of health impacts from air pollution and the increasing risks of extreme heat. UK Health Alliance
  • [New] If we do not get to zero carbon by 2030 we will not have fewer people with permanently stunted lungs, fewer people dying prematurely and fewer people with health issues from asthma, to cancer, to heart disease. Evening Standard
  • [New] There is an opportunity to capture over a quarter - trillion dollars in savings in the next few years without compromising care delivery in the current US healthcare system. McKinsey & Company
  • [New] Covid restrictions including working from home must immediately be reintroduced if England is to avoid stumbling into a winter crisis, health leaders have warned. Trades Union Congress
  • [New] The global market for preventive healthcare (technologies and services) predicted to reach $287 billion by 2027, expanding at a CAGR of 9.7% over the forecast period, driven by government initiatives and support, coupled with growing public awareness. iHealthcareAnalyst, Inc. - Healthcare Market Research
  • [New] Transforming food systems to deliver healthy people, a healthy planet, and a healthy economy will require an extra US$300 - US$ 350 billion per year for the next decade. Latest
  • [New] Seized of the grave health risks associated with poor air quality, efforts have been made to wean farmers off the practice of burning crop residue in the Delhi-NCR region and Punjab so as to clear their fields for the next round of sowing. News18
  • [New] By shifting the delivery of healthcare towards the application of technology, companies can address new challenges and opportunities in the healthcare market worldwide. Euler Hermes
  • [New] Vaccine mandates have traditionally been upheld in courts, and if the yet-to-be released rule by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration withstands legal challenges, the federal policy will supersede conflicting state laws. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
  • [New] In many countries including the U.S., people will get their third doses long before healthcare workers and at-risk populations in Africa and elsewhere are able to receive their first. Elemental
  • [New] The corresponding health and economic crises have threatened to reverse some of the recent global gains made in gender equality and have exacerbated the negative impacts on vulnerable people around the world. ImpactAlpha

Last updated: 24 October 2021