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Food & Agriculture

  • [New] Two facilities have already received planning consent at the Plastic Park, including the UK's first waste plastic to hydrogen facility using Powerhouse Energy technology and a PET recycling plant that will turn used food and beverage packaging into new packaging products. Environment Journal
  • [New] Only in America, $165 billion dollars worth of food is wasted every year and if Americans could only waste 15% less in food, we could feed 25 million people in the world. Seattle organic restaurants
  • [New] Wheat stem rust is known as the polio of agriculture due to the severe threat it poses to wheat production around the globe.
  • [New] The average price of onshore wind farms is expected to decline by 45% from 2019 levels by 2030, while offshore wind farms is expected to decline by 50%. MarketResearch
  • [New] The US intelligence community identifies 11 countries and two regions where energy, food, water and health security are at particular risk. BBC News
  • [New] In Germany, the total flying insect biomass has declined by 75% in just 27 years, putting the functioning of ecosystems and agricultural food production at risk. Eco-business
  • [New] Around the world, millions of farmers come into daily contact with a fast-changing environment, putting their livelihoods and lives at risk. Fairtrade International
  • [New] Farm to Fork could help the EU achieve more coherence within the food chain and improve the social and environmental aspects of farming. DW.COM
  • [New] Intensive agriculture is one of the major drivers of biodiversity loss in Europe and is a threat to 86% of species at risk of extinction globally. IUCN
  • [New] New research confirms that most UK households expect the cost of essentials such as food, non-alcoholic drinks, electricity, gas, and motor fuel to rise considerably by the end of the year. KamCity
  • [New] The wind energy market is projected to cross $180 billion by 2027, and just last week, the Biden administration announced its plans to line the entire U.S. coast with wind farms. Fast Company
  • [New] There is no internationally recognised standard for managing the legal wildlife trade based on disease risk, and no global pathogen screening measures are currently in place for wildlife or products consumed as food or transported around the world. Eco-business
  • [New] North America and Europe are expected to see steady growth during the forecast period due to strong demand from the processed meat and poultry industry. Market Data Forecast
  • [New] One in 9 people around the world are hungry, and COVID-19 is increasing the threat of food insecurity. Catholic Relief Services
  • [New] Protected culture is enabling Mexican farmers to export more months each year, which reduces the high prices that US growers expect to receive for early- and late-season production. Rural Migration News
  • [New] McDonald's will serve Beyond Meat McPlant Burgers After announcing a deal with Beyond Meat back in February, McDonald's announced that it is set to start selling plant-based Beyond Meat burgers in select locations next month. Loyalty360
  • [New] American farms increasingly rely on technology to manage the unpredictable aspects of crop and herd operations.
  • [New] As prices continue to march higher for food, gas, and just about everything else, everyday people are beginning to realize that maybe inflation will not be as transitory as the Federal Reserve continues to assert. YouTube
  • [New] Huge shifts in food production see land use becoming a net carbon sink within 30 years as the world reaches 'peak meat' consumption in 2030, and Nature Based Solutions (NBS) accelerate. PRI
  • [New] China will take more steps in the future to further ensure food security in China, and, meanwhile, promote a healthy, stable and sustainable development of the international food supply. China Daily
  • [New] By completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects, as well as going on to implement the rural vitalization strategy, China has made and will continue to make contributions to food and nutrition security globally. China Daily
  • [New] By accelerating the uptake of certified sustainable palm oil, China has an opportunity to transform not only food systems but people's livelihoods too. China Dialogue
  • [New] Brexit and new trade agreements with large meat-exporting countries such as the US and Australia are expected to lead to increased meat consumption and poorer diets. The Guardian

Last updated: 24 October 2021