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  • [New] There is potential for massive growth with British accounting network Moore Global estimating that the tokenized real estate market could achieve a $ 1.4-trillion valuation by 2026 on the back of tokenizing only 0.5% of the current global property market. CoinTelegraph
  • ZENIQ Technologies Ltd, a provider of blockchain-based decentralised applications, will launch a tokenization project in Dubai on Tuesday to revolutionise the trading of digital assets. Zawya
  • Million Token has already been listed by 4 exchanges and is positioning itself as the crypto success story of 2021 with some social media commentators predicting that it will become the Crypto asset of choice for luxury brands around the world.
  • Crypto currency-related transactions such as trading, crypto exchange, token issuance and derivatives on crypto currencies will be considered illegal financial activities. Morningstar HK
  • Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Gary Gensler has had multiple dust-ups with crypto firms but even he says the U.S. will not follow China's lead in banning digital tokens. ThinkAdvisor
  • PYR will be used as a medium of transaction settlement, staking token, and a gaming utility token within the Vulcan Forged ecosystem. Technology Manias
  • Google, which is owned by parent company Alphabet, could help banks provide more secure ways for consumers to make online purchases like via virtual cards or single-use tokens. CNBC
  • China's and other countries' attempts to regulate the mining and use of crypto coins illustrate that many of the risks the crypto industry currently face are binary in nature - i.e., they affect the entire industry, not just individual coins, tokens, and networks. Investing insights
  • Dvision plans to deploy Enjin's platform and API to mint unique nonfungible tokens that users will be able to integrate into the existing Dvision World metaverse. BeInCrypto
  • Back in June, Thailand's Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced plans to consider a licensing regime for the decentralized finance protocols, especially projects that issue tokens. CurrencyWar
  • While the SEC has warned celebrities that they must disclose paid promotions for ICOs on social media, many celebrities are now spruiking their own nonfungible tokens amid the NFT boom. CoinTelegraph
  • Patent approval for a service that will soon allow consumers to create crypto tokens will change the ways in which people use Microsoft's services.
  • Blockchain networks that offer more than just a coin will thrive in 2022 as the appetite for NFT's as well as tokens and coins with a true utility will come into play as regulations are brought to light. 2021
  • At the global level, blockchain technology could track carbon credit transactions, tokenize carbon credits and link transactions to smart contracts. CoinTelegraph
  • The FCA registration is likely to increase the DeFi protocol's user base, which could push RAMP token to reach US$2 per token by the end of 2021 and to US$5 apiece by 2025. Kalkine Media CA
  • Green points to a global shift toward DeFi (decentralized finance) and the trend toward using NFT tokens as reasons to expect the Ethereum blockchain to experience a big boost in the coming weeks and months. Connected World
  • Shortly following the conclusion of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Stormrite has announced it is joining the Enjin ecosystem and will leverage the carbon-negative, gas-free JumpNet blockchain to mint eco-friendly non-fungible tokens. BTCMANAGER
  • The value of the Filecoin FIL token could rise to $350 by the very end of 2021, rising to $420 in 2022, and achieving a mean price of $1,000 by 2025. Trading Education
  • In a nutshell, if Saudi Arabia and MBS want to send a signal to Washington without really endangering the American-Saudi security relationship, they will limit their arms deals with Russia to smaller - or even token - orders of relatively benign equipment. Breaking Defense
  • FOMO Pay will be able to carry out local money transfer services in Singapore for its clients and facilitate transactions with digital payment tokens, including but not limited to cryptocurrency and the Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). Fintech Singapore
  • The smart contract rollout led Cardano's ADA token to rally more than 190% in the past three weeks, and investors are excited that DeFi applications will launch once the smart contracts are enabled. CoinTelegraph
  • Microsoft has been awarded a US patent for software which will help users to develop blockchain applications and create crypto tokens. CityAM

Last updated: 24 October 2021