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  • [New] Recent innovations in technology in the banking system may afford opportunities to mitigate disruptions that may occur in the insolvency of a failing mid-tier firm whose business model is dominated by transactional account banking. / Moodys Analytics
  • [New] When asked about the benefits their IoT initiative has or is predicted to deliver, USA respondents scored higher on entering new markets versus 34% in the UK and delivering new lines of business, with 35% versus 29% in the UK. / IoT Business News
  • [New] Cutting-edge technologies such as autonomous vehicles are creating opportunities to transform mobility by enabling innovative business models and mobility services for new and changing customer demographics. / Vehicle Telematics, ADAS, Connected and Autonomous Vehicle
  • [New] In a world where business model disruption is ubiquitous, internal auditors must stay relevant and need to be recognised as trusted advisor and not just a one-dimensional assurance provider. / The Peninsula
  • [New] The expansion of Boohoo's supply chain to Italy, Morocco and Pakistan runs the risk of exporting a business model that results in poor labour practices to other countries. / Retail Gazette
  • Big Tech firms deploy nationalistic arguments to suggest that American incorporation equates to a guarantee that their business models will not undermine US national security or US foreign policy. / Wired
  • Technological and industry/business model disruption are on the rise as more people and businesses are open to new ways of doing business - and as a changing world demands new forms of innovation and adaptation. / ROI-NJ
  • Moving from a linear 'take-make-throw away' economy to circular, sustainable business models will create jobs, promote investment and protect the planet. / Business Green
  • Huawei's expertise in enterprise verticals from the Chinese market could definitely benefit operators in Europe, who are currently trying to find their footing for enterprise vertical use cases and business models. / RCR Wireless News
  • A global pandemic, a growing number of stakeholder demands, rapidly changing business models and a risk landscape with shorter cycle times - internal audit teams are dealing with a lot of changes. / Corporate Compliance Insights
  • In 2021, we will see the arrival of new business models pushing edge technologies, growing competition for cloud platforms, and the development of AI and 5G leading to the adoption of edge computing. / The Kickass Entrepreneur
  • 91% of organisations are willing and able to operate more like a broad federation of enterprises to respond to increasingly fragmented business environments, and more than half say their business model will change over 2022. / Infused Media
  • The compressed timeframe for action in the face of last year's disruption drove a greater sense of urgency as well as opportunity for organisations to increase their agility, explore new business models and build new capabilities that boost resilience. / Infused Media
  • The joint development will allow the consortium partners to position themselves in the hydrogen value chain, developing new business models and creating engineering solutions, new products and services for the hydrogen sector, worldwide. / Hydrogen View
  • Space tourism companies need to engage with commercial space companies, such as Axiom Space, that are developing commercial orbital platforms for manufacturing and research, because it will broaden their customer base and strengthen their business model. / The Strategist
  • Representatives of Europe's media sector have voiced their concern over the potential inclusion of a ban on targeted advertising in the proposed Digital Services Act, saying it could harm their business model and pose a threat to media pluralism. /
  • Gartner has developed four distinct working models that the CCO will need to flexibly pivot between to cope with a climate marked by new business models, rapid digitalization, changing and divergent stakeholder expectations and higher levels of employee change fatigue. / Help Net Security
  • Business acknowledge that skills needs are dynamic, with changing business models, the use of new technology and the development of new markets meaning that new skills will need to be introduced to ensure competitiveness of foundation industries in the UK is sustained in the long-term. / UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)
  • While the leaders of the world's richest countries agree in theory on the need to reach net zero emissions by 2050 at the latest, they remain faithful to a fossil fuel industry reluctant to substantively change its business model. / The Pioneer
  • Sierra Wireless works with businesses globally to develop the right industry-specific solution for their next IoT deployment that will create better customer experiences, improve their business models, or create new revenue streams. / Orange Com
  • Digitalization is the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities; it is the process of moving to a digital business. / The Business & Financial Times - financial news and information to the business community in the country and internationally
  • The power of 5G, IoT, and real-time AI will unlock new and innovative services for enterprises across the world to accelerate their transformation toward Industry 4.0 as they evolve and adopt diverse new business models. / Microsoft
  • The compressed timeframe for action in the face of last year's disruption drove a greater sense of urgency as well as opportunity for organizations to increase their agility, explore new business models and build new capabilities that boost resilience. / Accenture

Last updated: 01 August 2021