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  • [New] In the UK, women and children from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds, or who live in more deprived comm unities, experience a disproportionate burden of health impacts from air pollution and the increasing risks of extreme heat. UK Health Alliance
  • [New] A pioneering project in Bristol is bringing a range of businesses together to collaborate on helping reduce the levels of air pollution ahead of Bristol's Clean Air Zone launch in 2022. 2021
  • [New] Air pollution, chemical exposure, and other environmental risks lead to 13.7 million deaths - 24% of mortalities worldwide - each year. Medical News Today
  • [New] Life Below Water is goal number 14 of the Sustainable Development Goals, aiming to protect sea life and preserve oceans and seas and to significantly reduce by 2030 marine pollution of all kinds. Scoop
  • [New] Nearly a quarter of all deaths globally are linked to environmental risks from air pollution to chemical exposure. COVID-19
  • [New] The Clean Air Program of the Govt of India should be drastically revised to aim at achieving in 2024 the goal of not more than 20% of air pollution of 2017 levels. Modern Ghana
  • [New] A reduction in air pollution in line with the WHO guidelines could lead to a prolongation of the average global life expectancy by 2.2 years. Allianz Global Investor
  • [New] Plans for a Clean Air Zone in Leeds have been put on indefinite hold as businesses have switched to cleaner vehicles faster than expected, and air pollution in Leeds is now significantly below legal limits and is not likely to exceed them again. APP
  • MASS will revolutionise urban mobility and connectivity in cities worldwide, cutting congestion, air pollution, costs and carbon emissions. Passenger Transport
  • The increase in airborne diseases and the rise in pollution levels in the urban areas are expected to boost the global air purifier market. Yahoo Finance
  • The increase in concerns regarding poor indoor air quality and the growing ailments associated with air pollution are expected to drive the growth of global air purifier market over the forecast period. Yahoo Finance
  • Global leaders and policy makers need to make significant advancements, in the short-term future, to help combat the health and environmental risks of household air pollution. ScienceDaily
  • Nearly one-quarter of all global deaths, roughly 13.7 million deaths a year, are linked to the environment, due to risks such as air pollution and chemical exposure. United Nations Development Programme
  • Without a doubt, global warming is the greatest threat to our planet, but it does exacerbate other human-caused threats like plastic pollution. Plastic Oceans International
  • The mission to curb the emission from vehicles and reduce air pollutions across countries by 2050 has heightened the demand for fuel cell electric vehicles. ETF Express
  • Air pollution, water pollution, and mismanaged packaging waste pose significant health risks to Chinese citizens and have historically been a source of social unrest. SupChina
  • Air pollution is the largest environmental risk to public health with up to 36,000 people dying prematurely as a consequence each year in the UK. Fleet News
  • Air pollution currently ranks fourth among major risk factors for global disease and mortality, only behind hypertension, smoking and dietary factors. Frontiers
  • 13.7 million deaths a year, or around 24.3% of the global total, are due to environmental risks such as air pollution and chemical exposure. SBS News
  • Different from environmental factors such as air pollution, which might be more difficult to control and contain, tobacco smoking can be curbed in a timely and cost-effective manner, as seen in successful tobacco control interventions established in countries such as the United States. JMIR Cancer
  • Some 13.7 million deaths a year, or around 24.3% of the total, are due to environmental risks such as air pollution and chemical exposure. Reuters

Last updated: 24 October 2021