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  • [New] China's efforts plan to build a pilot plant in Wyoming, including what is called sodium, which is financially backed by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, and many other new creations of thorium reactors. / Eminetra
  • [New] China's effort is the furthest developed of many other fresh attempts to create thorium reactors, including one called Natrium, which plans to build a pilot plant in Wyoming and enjoys the financial backing of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. / Live Science
  • Form Energy, a start-up backed by Bill Gates, recently announced it would partner with a utility in Minnesota on a pilot project to build an aqueous air battery that could deliver continuous power for 150 hours. / The New York Times
  • QuantumScape, a Silicon Valley startup whose investors include Volkswagen and Bill Gates, is working on a technology that could make batteries cheaper, more reliable and quicker to recharge. / Finance & Commerce
  • The European Commission has announced a partnership with Bill Gates' sustainable energy funding vehicle with the goal of unlocking new investments for clean tech and sustainable energy projects totalling up to $1 billion over five years (2022-2026). /
  • The European Commission has announced a partnership with Bill Gates' sustainable energy funding vehicle with the goal of unlocking new investments for clean tech and sustainable energy projects totaling up to $1 billion (€820 million) over five years (2022-2026). / TechCrunch
  • 2018 will see Vast applications on smartphones will run deep neural networks to enable AI. / GRID INFOCOM
  • While enthusiasm for, and investment in new technology may be profitable for Bill Gates, there are many who doubt that it could help drive down that 51 billion number. / Prime
  • Big names like Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates all warn of the potential dangers of AI if humans do not properly manage advancing technology. / Dataconomy
  • Non-state leaders such as Pope Francis, Bill Gates and business and finance leaders will help mobilize broad climate action. / Impact Alpha
  • With over $181 million in private funding from backers, including Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and meat industry giant Tyson Foods, many are expecting Memphis Meats to be the first company to successfully release a cultured meat product. / Hotel News Middle East
  • Elon Musk has expressed a desire to launch 10,000 into space to terraform Mars - while others like Bill Gates think we should worry about another looming threat. / Interesting Engineering
  • A voice represented by British scientist Stephen Hawking and Microsoft founder Bill Gates is: If a machine develops sufficiently intelligent in a few years, it will eventually become a major concern for mankind. / Scienceooze
  • Whether Sidewalk Labs, Blockchains LLC, Bill Gates, and others' involved in the creation of Smart Cities will respect individual privacy remains to be seen. / Humanity
  • Bill Gates thinks nuclear weapons less threatening than AI. / Interesting Engineering
  • Bill Gates DOES support the effort to determine whether the use of geoengineering - specifically solar radiation management - could effectively and efficiently cool the planet and beneficially alter the global climate. / Wicked Prepping
  • Forbes is reporting that project SCoPEx - financially backed by Gates - is moving forward with solar engineering research into sun-dimming technology that could potentially reflect sunlight out of Earth's atmosphere, triggering a global cooling effect. / Wicked Prepping
  • Bill Gates wants to pepper the sky with aerosols to reflect sunlight out of the atmosphere and initiate global cooling - the risks are incommensurable and likely irreversible. /
  • Somewhat surprising, only around 40% agreed with the statement that Bill Gates was using vaccinations to implant micro chips so he could control people. / Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right
  • Bill Gates took to the virtual stage to underscore that after falling for two decades, extreme poverty has risen by 7% during 2020, wiping out advances on ending hunger and poverty by 2030. / Triple Pundit

Last updated: 25 July 2021