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  • [New] Disruptive innovators will have an opportunity to pitch their solutions to transform food systems through the use and conservation of agrobiodiversity and to deliver on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Food and Agriculture Organisation
  • India needs to embrace disruptive technologies and sustainable scientific innovations to transform food systems that can be inclusive, sustainable and ensure growing farm incomes and nutrition security. Aspirant World
  • The global business world has taken digital transformation as a disruptive phenomenon that offers seamless potential for growth and productivity. IT Business Edge
  • PARTNER FEATURE: As enterprises worldwide look to accelerate digital transformation and take advantage of IoT technologies in the wake of pandemic disruption, operators in Asia are now readying their 5G infrastructure for a surge in demand. Mobile World Live
  • Transforming transportation is an urgent priority to enable people to move, breathe and be productive, and reduce the cost of transport disruptions, which amount to $107 billion a year in low- and middle-income countries. World Bank
  • Multiple companies and start-ups have identified the core field of the major disruptive technology known as artificial intelligence to create new innovations to transform the world into a better place by boosting productivity and driving revenue. Analytics Insight
  • As enterprises look to recover from the profound disruptions of the last year, D & A can help with tasks such as enabling business model transformation, optimizing resource allocation, or figuring out new ways to connect employees, customers and other stakeholders. Datanami
  • The advent of digital transformation and disruptive technologies has introduced several races such as AI race, Quantum race, 5G race, AI Chip race, and many more across the world. Globaltechoutlook
  • The pace of threat evolution will be dictated by the pace of digital transformation accelerated by global human crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic as well as breakthroughs in emerging and disruptive technologies. National Cyber Security News Today
  • In the global momentum to fight climate change, disruptive technologies are key to bring new solutions, especially when it comes to reach net zero target, but also, as an economic ecosystem, we need to find new business models to preserve resources. Corporate & Institutional Banking
  • Enterprises that would like to understand better how to effectively deploy IoT or other disruptive technologies should join the Transforma Insights User Group, a new member community, connecting business leaders who spearhead digital transformation strategies and enterprise change management. IoT Now News - How to run an IoT enabled business
  • As the global pandemic accelerates digital transformation, with the increasing threats and disruptions that may put business continuity at risk, it is crucial for SMBs to have a functioning IT infrastructure ready for the post-Covid workplace. TechRadar pro
  • 2021 will be a year of marketing innovation and disruption for the real estate industry, and all real estate professional need to embrace digital transformation in order to navigate the coming year. real-estate-marketing-strategy-in-2022
  • The nature of disruption today demands that companies transform at pace to stay ahead of competition, and according to Mercer's survey, 45% of Indonesian companies cite workforce restructuring as their key focus in 2021. Newsroom
  • The accelerated pace of digital transformation has created opportunities but is also profoundly disruptive to some, and requires complex trade-offs. The Straits Times
  • The United States, as the world's largest economy and innovation leader, will remain a key market as we target job creating investment opportunities arising from disruptive innovation, digital transformation and environmental sustainability. IDA Ireland
  • For over a decade, Airship has been the driving force in helping many of the world's largest and most disruptive brands succeed in digital transformation, and the acquisition of ReplyBuy opens up an exciting new chapter. Yahoo!
  • Disruptive technologies and new ways of working can be part of a transformation that helps Europe to strengthen its market position in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. McKinsey & Company
  • Transformative technologies are contributing solutions to major human and environmental challenges, and are expected to play a greater role as disruptions associated with global population and climate change increase. Policy Options
  • Take the first step today As enterprises around the world face a potential tidal wave of supply chain disruption, it is important to transform business operations to mitigate the risks today and in the future. Grant Thornton
  • Amid the wave of disruptions, banks in the Asia Pacific region are hyperscaling their transformation to new ecosystems, partnerships, and alliances. Finastra
  • The global pandemic that we all experienced over the past year was a wake-up call for digital transformation and has driven increased demand for agile platforms that can help organizations improve their ability to respond to economic volatility and disruption. Financial IT

Last updated: 24 October 2021