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  • [New] In the coming decade vast numbers of jobs will be impacted by the natural world, as commerce and industry realign with more sustainable approaches to the global economy. / ocr-weekly-roundup-02-july-2021
  • [New] Chiyoda will provide engineering studies centered on Spera Hydrogen technology to promote import and use of hydrogen, aiming to support CO2 emission reductions and realise a future sustainable environment in Europe. / Natural Gas World
  • [New] The Scottish Government has committed to a £100 million Green Jobs Fund over the next five years, which will be used to support the development of sustainable and low-carbon products and services and will likely underpin additional growth. /
  • [New] The supply agreement will see nickel from BHPs Nickel West asset in Western Australia, one of the most sustainable and lowest carbon emission nickel producers in the world, BHP says, head to Tesla for use in its electric vehicles and battery storage systems. /
  • [New] Modern, resilient, and sustainable port, airport, and freight infrastructure will support U.S. competitiveness by removing bottlenecks and expediting commerce and reduce the environmental impact on neighboring communities. / The White House
  • [New] Slovenia plans to use a part of the allocated EU support to invest in sustainable transport, unlock the potential of renewable energy sources and further digitalise its public sector. / Council of the European Union
  • [New] As the world increasingly focuses on sustainability, the required capital and investable opportunities are expanding faster than originally expected, creating an even greater opportunity for large-scale investments that address climate change and generate attractive returns. / Hart Energy
  • [New] Global food systems are expected to deliver on a daunting triple challenge: providing food security and nutrition, providing incomes to more than 500 million farmers and others in the food supply chain, and do so sustainably. / Queensland Farmers' Federation
  • [New] Green trade presents major opportunities for the UK economy: driving sustainable growth, building the UK's green industrial base, and securing more green jobs. / UK Government
  • [New] An estimated 5.7 billion people will live under the threat of water-scarcity by 2050, driven largely by increasing urbanisation, rapid population growth and climate change, it is essential that water sanitation infrastructure and services are adapted to ensure sustainability and resilience. / Home of Innovation
  • [New] BHP will supply Tesla Inc. with nickel from its Nickel West asset in Western Australia, one of the most sustainable and lowest carbon emission nickel producers in the world, said BHP in a press release. / Charged EVs
  • [New] The Landscape Resilience Fund, supported through the SCCF-supported GEF Challenge Program for Adaptation Innovation, aims to mobilize $100 million in private sector investment by 2025 for climate adaptation projects that support sustainable agricultural and forestry supply chains. / Adaptation Fund
  • [New] The Green Fuels, Green Skies initiative highlights the importance of building SAF facilities throughout the country that will help the UK not only to meet the targets set but also to make a quantifiable impact on climate change. / Aviation Benefits
  • [New] Target 12.3 of the Sustainable Development Goals calls for halving per capita global food waste at retail and consumer levels by 2030. / 2021
  • [New] In the most negative scenarios, the population at risk of hunger is expected to increase by 8% over the 2010-2050 period, which implies that the Sustainable Development Goal of ending hunger and achieving food security will not be achieved. / ScienceDaily
  • [New] Brazil has developed policies to guarantee food security and minimize food vulnerability, seeking to guarantee access to sustainable water and food. / Department of Economic and Social Affairs
  • [New] Startup India is a flagship initiative of the Government of India, intended to build a strong eco-system for nurturing innovation and Startups in the country that will drive sustainable economic growth and generate large scale employment opportunities. / A2Z Taxcorp LLP
  • [New] By 2050, countries would be expected to show that nature's contribution to people is properly valued, maintained and enhanced through conservation and a much more sustainable approach to development. / The Guardian
  • [New] Building of sustainable transport infrastructure in the Arctic opens up new opportunities in developing the Eurasian transit which can be achieved in an optimal timeframe and help reduce the environmental footprint through shorter route distances and the advanced low-carbon energy solutions applied. / DP World
  • [New] A ReFuelEU Aviation Initiative would require fuel suppliers to blend in sustainable fuels at EU airports, with a specific share for efuels rising from 0.7% (out of 5% sustainable fuels) in 2030 to 28% in 2050. / Energy Monitor
  • BHP will supply Tesla Inc. with nickel from BHP's Nickel West asset in Western Australia; BHP says that Nickel West is one of the most sustainable and lowest carbon emission nickel producers in the world. / Green Car Congress
  • Electric vehicles need to increase 11-fold to 35 million vehicles a year, sustainable aviation fuels need to make up 18% of aircraft fuel by 2030, recycling of aluminium and plastics need to double, and 18 million heat pumps will be needed each year. / reneweconomy

Last updated: 01 August 2021