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  • [New] NASA has completed stacking of its mega-Moon rocket and spacecraft that will launch the next generation of deep space operations, including Artemis missions on and around the Moon. The Hans India
  • [New] Flag carrier Qantas Airways Ltd is speeding up plans to restart flights to many destinations and upsize some planes amid massive demand. Reuters
  • [New] The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced today that it plans to launch the giant rocket space launch system in February 2022 to carry out the Artemis 1 mission, which is part of the Apollo moon landing program. TechGenYZ
  • [New] The Artemis 1 mission will pave the way for a future flight test involving a crew, before more complex missions with astronauts take place on and around the moon. Business Insider
  • [New] The mission, called Artemis 1, will send the Orion spacecraft to the moon, where it will enter a distant orbit in a multi-week, unpiloted shakedown cruise to demonstrate the SLS rocket and Orion are ready to carry astronauts. spaceflightnow
  • [New] The Net Zero Strategy did commit to ensuring 10% of fuel used by airlines is sustainable by 2030 and includes £180M to support the development of sustainable aviation fuel. New Civil Engineer
  • [New] NASA is aiming to fly its massive, next-generation rocket, the Space Launch System, for the first time in February of 2022, a critical test flight on NASA's journey to send people back to the Moon. The Verge
  • [New] Boeing is aiming for a test flight of its unmanned CST-100 Starliner capsule in the first half of 2022 and a potential launch of its crewed spacecraft at the end of 2022. Tech2
  • [New] Morocco has banned direct flights from the UK amid fears about the growing case rate, as well flights from Germany and the Netherlands. The Local
  • [New] So far, Phoenix PT is ready for its first public flight, and the first flight for Phoenix FS, powered by gaseous hydrogen, is planned for the summer of 2022. Impact Lab
  • [New] SpaceX has already flown 14 people and should fly 32 more people by the end of 2023.
  • [New] Seoul's 2009 and 2010 attempts to put a rocket into space failed, so South Korea spent $1.6 billion to develop a new one with the goal of sending a probe to the moon by 2030. Politico
  • [New] While Nuri is powered by liquid propellants that need to be fueled shortly before launch, the South Koreans plan to develop a solid-fuel space launch rocket by 2024, which possibly could be prepared for launch more quickly and also be more cost effective.
  • [New] The first mission in NASA's Artemis moon program, known as Artemis 1, will be the second trip to space for an Orion spacecraft, and the first test flight of the Space Launch System. spaceflightnow
  • [New] The Orion spacecraft's connection to the SLS rocket is a significant achievement for NASA's lunar exploration program, which will rely on the crew capsule and launch vehicle to ferry astronauts back to the moon. spaceflightnow
  • [New] The UK's share of international aviation and shipping emissions, which will be formally included in its climate targets for the first time as of the sixth carbon budget, are not expected to change significantly in the near future. Carbon Brief
  • [New] If OFT-2 does fly by the middle of 2022, it's possible that Boeing could follow up with the first crewed flight, the Crew Flight Test, before the end of 2022. SpaceNews
  • [New] With more opportunities than ever for non-NASA astronauts to fly to space, Mission: AstroAccess is striving for people with disabilities to be included in future missions - suborbital or orbital. The Verge
  • [New] Together with long-term partner and investor Japan Airlines, who recently reserved Volocopter aircraft, Volocopter accelerates its commitment in Japan and plans to conduct public test flights as early as 2023. sUAS News - The Business of Drones
  • [New] Shell has started on the construction of a plant in Pernis that will produce 820,000 tonnes of sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel from waste each year. Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide
  • [New] Become a leader in zero-emission flight, kick-starting commercialisation of UK sustainable aviation fuels, and developing a UK SAF mandate, to enable the delivery of 10% SAF by 2030, and we will be supporting UK industry with a £180m funding to support the development of SAF plants. UK Government

Last updated: 25 October 2021