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WHAT'S NEXT?: Trust in politicians and experts is falling fast. Privacy is under threat and may lead to a collapse of confidence in technology as the world is increasingly networked. Unless reliability, integrity, and surety can keep pace with accelerating change trust in anything but oneself may disappear.

  • [New] On the basis of the conclusion of RCEP, China's accession to CPTPP will be beneficial to the Asia-Pacific regional economic integration process. Financial Post
  • [New] NEC's Global Open RAN Center of Excellence in the UK will lead the integration and validation of the multi-vendor ecosystem and the joint development of innovative use cases with Telefonica leveraging its accumulated expertise. NEC
  • [New] The Suffolk Data Trust will establish a governance model for a data institution and map initial use cases for activities such as scaling up domestic retrofits and improving electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. ODI
  • [New] CN websites and will feature integrations into key digital commerce systems such as customers' order management system, product information management system, shipping providers, and more. Salesforce News
  • [New] Embedded finance - which supports the integration of financial services into products and business processes of non-banks - is becoming increasingly relevant in Europe fuelled by Open Banking and digital transformation, with global growth predicted to exceed $138 billion in 2026 [1]. FinExtra
  • [New] Circa 2021, Data Silos continue to impede full exploitation of the power that could be unleashed through open data access, integration, and management. LinkedIn
  • [New] Initiatives that promote high quality training programmes will benefit other vulnerable groups where low skills can be a barrier to labour market integration, such as Indigenous Australians. OECD
  • [New] Scientists have concluded with 'very high confidence' that climate change is already causing people to lose their lives in the UK and future risk is even higher. Groundwork
  • [New] Using Argo's cloud-based infrastructure, designed to work seamlessly and efficiently with partners' business operations, Walmart will integrate its online ordering platform to route order and schedule package deliveries to customers' homes. DBusiness Magazine
  • [New] The new cloud region in Toronto marks another key milestone that will propel TELUS' digital leadership by further leveraging the scalability, reliability and cost effectiveness of Google Cloud to support improved customer experience and build stronger, healthier and more sustainable communities. Google Cloud Blog
  • [New] By creating an ever-changing operational picture, potential opponents might never have confidence that they have managed to penetrate information systems in a way that may produce strategic damage against U.S. warfighting capabilities.
  • [New] In the coming weeks, Google Cloud customers will be able tap data, app, and system integration partners including Climate Engine, Craft, Crux, Project44, SAP, Accenture, Deloitte, Pluto7, and TCS to integrate Supply Chain Pulse and Supply Chain Twin with their existing setups. VentureBeat
  • [New] Proposed transmission lines across Australia within the Australian Energy Market Operator's (AEMO) Integrated Systems Plan have caused significant issues with land-use conflict amongst farmers, and now are leaving households out of pocket. National Farmers' Federation
  • [New] Based in DfT DfT, UK Shore will unlock the necessary industry investment in clean maritime technologies, tackling supply - and demand-side barriers, as well as developing infrastructure and consumer confidence in clean maritime technologies. GOV.UK
  • [New] The higher capacity factors and timing of peak electricity generation of offshore wind could bolster reliability, as well as potentially reduce 4.73 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents by 2040. Utility Dive
  • [New] Zoom Chat will get office suite and cloud storage integrations with the likes of Microsoft Sharepoint and Box. ZDNet
  • [New] In a world where baseload demand will need to be met with renewable energy, primarily from variable sources such as wind and solar, there is a key technology need to 'firm up' that variable capacity, ensuring grid stability, reliability and flexibility. Wood McKenzie
  • [New] The U.S. government sees zero-trust networking as key to its security overhaul of decades-old networks, and its new strategy will require a raft of actions to lock down software applications, limit users' access to data and protect network traffic from prying eyes. Digital Journal
  • [New] Should Israel opt for nuclear deterrence based on an assured destruction (counter value) strategy, Jerusalem would likely choose a relatively small number of weapons that might be relatively inaccurate. Jewish Business News
  • [New] An intra-regional trade zone and extra-regional economic integration policies developed as part of the Middle Corridor could facilitate engagement between the EU and China. News
  • [New] Manufacturers around the world will now be able to source the integrated solution from DMG MORI directly and be assured that it meets the highest standards of quality and support. Metrology and Quality News - Online Magazine
  • [New] Afghanistan's neighboring countries will stand united with the Afghan people, support Afghanistan's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, and stay committed to helping Afghanistan achieve peace, security, national reconciliation, stability and development. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the People's Republic of China
  • [New] The EU will continue to provide development support aimed at strengthening resilience and self - reliance of Afghan refugees and their host communities in neighbouring countries, including access to basic services, opportunities to work and support to host communities. StateWatch News

Last updated: 19 September 2021