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Baby Boomers

WHAT'S NEXT?: Over the next 20 years, more than 70 million baby boomers will retire, and the workplace will be dominated by experienced Millennials and Generation Z employees. Find out how Baby Boomers expectations and needs will change as this massive demographic shift takes place.

  • For the next 19 years, around 8,000 to 10,000 Boomers will reach age 65 every day.
  • Majorities of Gen Z and Millennial adults favor phasing out production of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035, compared with lower shares of Gen X and Baby Boomer and older Americans. Auto Connected Car News
  • Millennials - who are beneficiaries of the largest-ever generational transfer of wealth, predicted to be more than $60 trillion from baby boomers to millennials over the next three decades - have grown up on technology. London Business News |
  • Key market boomers and opportunities driving the market growth are provided that estimates for Global Cybersecurity Market till 2027. The Courier
  • Millennials will inherit around USD 30 trillion from their parents - baby boomers - within the next few decades. MicroCapital
  • Baby Boomers are set to leave their homes in record numbers: within the next decade, more than a quarter of currently owner-occupied homes will become available. Think Realty | A Real Estate of Mind
  • By the end of this decade, each of the 74 million baby boomers will have reached 65, and they will have a roughly 50% chance of needing long-term care at some point in life. McKnight's Senior Living
  • Roughly 10,000 baby boomers reach age 65 each day and that number will grow to nearly 12,000 a day by 2024. AccountingWEB
  • The skills gap created by retiring baby boomers will negatively impact their business within the next two to five years. E&T
  • We could no longer ignore that between 2020 and 2030, 10,000 baby boomers a day would turn 65, and seven in 10 would need long-term care.
  • Since many baby boomers are also business owners, some estimates expect the rate of business sales to increase in the next five years. Nevada Business Magazine
  • The next few decades will see the largest generational wealth transfer in history of an estimated US$ 30 trillion from baby boomers to millennials, which currently account for 23% of the global population and which are typically entering or are in the midst of their prime earning years.
  • E ach year, more than 3.5 million Boomers approach retirement age, and by 2029, the last round of boomers will exit the workforce, and there will be more than 71 million Americans aged 65 or older. BOS Medical Staffing
  • Digital only banks could dominate when millennials inherit trillions of pounds from baby boomers over the coming decades.
  • Female baby boomer clients are set to control most of the US$ 30 trillion in financial assets owned by baby boomers by 2030 as they outlive their male partners. Risky Business
  • Baby boomers, with an estimated US$ 30 trillion to US$ 40 trillion in assets, are expected to have a profound impact on the asset and wealth management industry. Infosys
  • Roughly a third of Gen Z Republicans support phasing out gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035, compared with 14% of Republicans in the Baby Boomer and older generations. Pew Research Center
  • Between $30 trillion and $40 trillion in assets will transfer from Baby Boomers to their children and grandchildren over the course of the next two decades. The Financial Brand
  • Baby boomers in the U.S. are projected to have 70% of disposable income over the next five years. Trends Research Institute
  • By 2030, women are expected to control much of the $30 trillion in financial assets passed by baby boomers, and across industries, leaders are setting goals to reach gender parity by 2025. Zoom Video

Last updated: 19 September 2021