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Civil Rights

  • [New] Global goals tackling poverty, inequality, injustice and climate change face a $100 trillion funding shortfall and are likely to be missed unless 10% of global economic output is directed to the U.N. targets every year to 2030. News24
  • [New] Travellers from Australia who have the right to enter New Zealand can still fly over in October and November, but will need to quarantine for 14 days and return a negative test before departing. - Australia's leading news site
  • [New] Climate change is a serious threat to our planet and people from all walks of life and is a major concern for communities already vulnerable due to social inequalities. Eliot Smith Dance
  • [New] No country is going to reshape its policy out of fear of losing $100 or $300 million, but at the end of the day Egypt does not want to be a rogue state and any improvement on human rights can help. The New York Times
  • [New] In terms of New Zealand's proposed new bill, apart from the lack of any evidence that it will actually be effective in practice, there are some serious problems with it in relation to human rights. Australian Institute of International Affairs
  • [New] The apparent increased insecurity of property rights and the weakening of the rule of law caused by the interventions of the Chinese government during 2020 and 2021 will likely have a negative impact on Hong Kong's score, especially in Area 2, Legal System and Property Rights, going forward. The Fraser Institute
  • [New] The flash appeal for food, life-saving interventions and essential health care - including maternal health care - comes against a backdrop of deep concern that women's rights are under threat from Afghanistan's new rulers. UN News
  • [New] China will pursue its own objectives on climate change, public health and other issues depending on their own interests, regardless of friction over human rights. AsiaSociety UC San Diego
  • [New] Under the proposed bill, which will be debated in Parliament this week, Queensland adults must have been diagnosed with a disease, illness or medical condition that is advanced, progressive, will cause death within 12 months, and is causing intolerable suffering. Brisbane Times
  • [New] The new and emerging threats in the form of right-wing, Islamophobia, domestic, racially or ethnically motivated and other forms of extremist tendencies leading to terrorism necessitate effective responses around the world. Associated Press of Pakistan
  • [New] Getting the next 20 years and beyond right will depend on how effectively American policymakers, along with allies and partners, respond now to the challenges that arose while they were occupied with trying to vanquish terrorism. Center for New American Security
  • [New] China often brands Uyghur activists in exile as members of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement and cites the threat of terrorism to discredit the minority group's campaign to raise awareness of widespread rights abuses in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Peacock Media Communication
  • [New] Egypt, government officials say, will always act to address matters of human rights in line with the Egyptian agenda where security inevitably figures highly. Ahram Online
  • [New] The mindset of capitalist philanthropy and the securitization of health in the name of national interest is fuelling current and future global public harms that will be impossible to overcome if we do not shift paradigm in the name of global public goods and human rights without borders. The Hastings Center
  • [New] UN data on attacks against human rights defenders is very probably shaped by an attentional bias that overemphasizes deprivation of liberty as a threat. OpenGlobalRights
  • [New] As the current situation for many female workers remains unclear World Vision will also call on world leaders to urge the Taliban to protect the rights of women; including their right to work, to be humanitarian aid workers and to be able to safely receive aid assistance. World Vision International
  • [New] Uzbekistan has been moving more slowly than originally expected on more complex targets, such as improving human rights, tackling poverty, ending corruption and privatising state assets. Financial Times
  • [New] Cooperation with Afghanistan will be subject to its continued commitment to democracy, human rights, gender equality and transparent and accountable governance. StateWatch News
  • [New] EU will play its part in the global resettlement efforts, with a focus on the most vulnerable, such as women, children and human rights defenders. StateWatch News
  • [New] Human rights abuses in the Chinese solar industry have already created supply disruptions for US solar companies, and could complicate president Joe Biden's new goal to procure 45% of US power from solar by 2050, as well as US-China relations on other issues. Quartz
  • Quality learning opportunities must be deployed by governments, cross-sector industry leaders, and local communities alike to encourage learning experiences that adapt to today's world, drive income generation, prevent worsening inequality, and provide a prosperous future for all. MIT SOLVE

Last updated: 19 September 2021