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WHAT'S NEXT?: Global trade policies could be upended with a new President in the White House, Brexit, a potential break-up of the European Union and China reacting to these changes in profound ways.

  • [New] Rapid decarbonisation is more feasible in some sectors versus others, and offsets will play an important role in balancing the system response to deliver net zero across the global economy. BHP
  • [New] Japan is currently the largest buyer of both exported Australian gas and coal, but the Japanese government has committed to almost halve its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, on the way to decarbonising its economy by 2050. reneweconomy
  • [New] Stanwell's study presents a significant opportunity to accelerate the development of export opportunities for renewable hydrogen in Australia and to work with a highly credible consortium from Japan that has the potential to deliver a large scale export project. reneweconomy
  • [New] The collection of even higher critical-peak tariffs of above CNY 1,000/MWh, coupled with declining lithium-ion battery prices, will further enhance the returns of developing storage, and serve to alleviate China's peak-shaving pressure. Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide
  • [New] The study, delivered in partnership with Japan's largest hydrogen supplier Iwatani, would see 36,500 tonnes per annum of renewable hydrogen produced and exported to Japan from 2026, scaling up to 328,500 tonnes per year by 2030. Hydrogen View
  • [New] The US should show other countries around the world that it recognizes the importance of protecting civilians in conflict zones from the lasting harm and danger of cluster munitions. Human Rights Watch
  • [New] The incorporation of development aspects into foreign policy tools by policy makers could enhance states' capacity to achieve Sustainable Development Goals in both the developing and developed world and decrease the likelihood of trade-offs between different SDGs. globalpolicyjournal
  • [New] It will become even more important for Germany to advocate a common European foreign policy and to credibly demonstrate that it engages with China, Russia, and the US primarily to protect European interests rather than just its own. ECFR
  • [New] As the world transitions to a net zero economy and Australia's major trade partners commit to net zero by 2050, Australia will only remain a major energy exporter by developing zero-emissions fuel technologies, including hydrogen. ClimateWorks
  • [New] With the number of people in urban areas projected to swell by 2.5 billion over the next 30 years - growing from more than half of the global population to 68% by 2050 - cities will play an important role in ensuring progress on the Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainable cities: Plotting a smart, resilient route to the urban future
  • [New] Shipping's future demand for zero carbon fuels will allow for increasing export and can provide a constant long-term revenue stream, which is an attractive feature for investment and can help Mexico reach its emission targets as well as create new green jobs. Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide
  • [New] CBRS is serving an important role as the U.S.' play to provide non-carrier businesses with the opportunity to use desirable spectrum for private networks. RCR Wireless News
  • [New] Following the two-day closure in August, which also disrupted cargo traffic between Armenia and Iran, Iran's embassy in Yerevan expressed concern and said it hoped that the Armenian government will speed up work on alternative routes for Iranian-Armenian trade. Eurasianet
  • [New] While North America is anticipated to retain its majority share of the AI cybersecurity market, it's important to note that the Asia Pacific region is expected to become the fastest-growing region between 2019 and 2026. Datamation
  • [New] Russia has limited pipeline exports to Europe because of high domestic demand, output disruptions and high liquified natural gas (LNG) prices related to Asia's economic recovery. Bruegel
  • [New] In cutting-edge new research conducted at the Australian National University, researchers are looking at a more sustainable solution for steel production and a low carbon opportunity for Australia-China trade. Eventbrite
  • [New] World Trade Organization rules make it harder to accomplish now; the European Union resents the implication that its exports constitute a security threat; and it does not really solve the problem, which has more to do with China than the European Union. CSIS
  • [New] The United States will collaborate in attracting capital and enhancing the enabling environment to deploy 450 GW of renewable energy capacity and demonstrate and scale innovative clean energy technologies and promote bilateral clean energy investment and trade. The Indian Express
  • [New] With EV production set to start in Alabama in 2022, Li-Cycle's Tuscaloosa recycling facility will ensure that Alabama plays another important role in the lifecycle of the batteries powering electric vehicles. CleanTechnica
  • [New] The power sector is the second-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, and it will be the most important sector to decarbonize if the United States is to achieve the Biden administration's goal to halve emissions by 2030 and reach 100% clean electricity by 2035. Resources for the Future
  • [New] Despite China's efforts to diversify energy suppliers, the sheer volume of oil and liquefied natural gas imported from the Middle East and Africa will make securing strategic SLOCs a priority for China for many years. Russian Council
  • [New] Administration officials are considering launching an investigation into Chinese subsidies under Section 301 of the U.S. trade law, which could lead to new tariffs. WSJ
  • [New] Other factors could lead Caribbean states to increase their trade purchases from China using the RMB. Jamestown

Last updated: 16 September 2021