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WHAT'S NEXT?: Global trade policies could be upended with a new President in the White House, Brexit, a potential break-up of the European Union and China reacting to these changes in profound ways.

  • [New] Dubai Corporation for Consumer Protection & Fair Trade will create a 'conducive environment for fair trade and competition', as well as work to expand 'economic stability by ensuring consumer protection'. Gulf News
  • [New] Whether countries can catch the opportunities brought by China's rebound depends on whether they can drop political bias and remains rational in promoting economic and trade cooperation with China. Global Times
  • [New] Continued tightening of monetary policy in major economies will weigh on overall demand, coupled with other risks such as the war in Ukraine and China-US trade tensions. CNA
  • [New] Indonesian agency tips increase in coal production and exports: Indonesia's Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources is forecasting coal production will increase to 695 million tonnes in 2023 up from 687 million tonnes in 2022. the weekly ledger
  • [New] Chaos in supply chains poses the biggest threat to British businesses over the next six months as they grapple with new trade rules after Brexit and with rising Covid cases in China. The Times
  • [New] Crypto and digital coins, commodities and credit are predicted to have the biggest increase in trading volume over 2024, and around 64% of their activity will be in the crypto space by 2024. Bitcoin Ethereum News
  • [New] The growing shift in intra-Africa agricultural trade toward higher value consumer goods reflects growing demand and could provide an opportunity for external trading partners, including the United States. USDA ERS
  • [New] A principal goal of the AfCFTA is to increase intraregional trade on the continent, which has the potential to shape the future of agricultural trade with the rest of the world if trade with external partners is also liberalized. USDA ERS
  • [New] Moscow will maintain the levels of exports including petroleum products to India notwithstanding the Western price cap on Russian crude oil. Economic Times
  • [New] Oil prices edged higher in choppy trading on Monday as markets weighed a return in demand from China against supply concerns and fears of slower growth in major economies curbing consumption. CNBC
  • [New] CPTPP membership not only offers significant direct opportunities for UK exports, but it could also act as a gateway to the wider Indo-Pacific region, which is expected to account for the majority of global economic growth between 2019 and 2050. GOV.UK
  • [New] British businesses can add Malaysia and Chile to the list of countries they could benefit from lower tariffs on exports to now they have joined CPTPP. GOV.UK
  • [New] As global trade channels reshuffle to suit Europe's increased reliance on imports from China, India, the Middle East, and the United States, Birol warned that fuel markets may see challenges in the near future. Business Times
  • [New] Europe will return to its phase-out path once the current energy crisis is over, while China and India will increase domestic production and reduce imports. The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS)
  • [New] Many tariffs on China will remain in place for the foreseeable future and re-evaluate specific tariffs against specific economic and national security threats we face. U.S. House of Representatives
  • [New] In a survey by JP Morgan, put out to institutional traders, crypto / digital coins saw the biggest rise in expected institutional e-Trading for 2023. Crypto Daily
  • [New] The United States could redirect some of its current diesel exports to South America to Europe, with Russian diesel then find a home in South America. CNN
  • [New] The UK needs to double its effort to strengthen ties with major economies, such as India, to create new trade opportunities. Business Leader
  • [New] The impact of CBAM will vary between Balkan countries, which have different levels of power exports to Europe and progress on climate policies, like introducing a price on carbon emissions and phasing out coal.
  • [New] 72% of traders have no plans to trade crypto [or] digital coins, with 14% predicting they plan to trade within five years. Decrypt
  • [New] Inflation will stay higher than all central banks expect, largely because the Ukraine war is just the first in a long line of global disputes that will harm trade and supply chains, and push up prices. The Guardian
  • [New] South Korea is expected to face continuing economic headwinds in 2023, due to the impact of weak exports and the cumulative transmission effects of monetary policy tightening by the Bank of Korea during 2022. Seeking Alpha
  • The supply-chain problems of recent years, as well as the rise in tariffs and other trade barriers, have led to more onshoring of jobs and domestic production, which will reduce the deflationary benefits that outsourcing to cheap-labor countries such as China and Vietnam once produced. The Atlantic

Last updated: 09 February 2023