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WHAT'S NEXT?: Crime is morphing away from traditional methods to more sophisticated technological approaches. A decline of traditional hierarchical criminal groups and networks will be accompanied by the expansion of a virtual criminal underground made up of individual criminal entrepreneurs. At the same time, forward-looking agencies are equipping themselves with smart technologies to outfox the criminals. Keep up to date with crime changes below.

  • [New] The chaotic withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan will inspire Al Qaeda, ISIS, and other terrorist organizations to attack the United States. PR Newswire
  • [New] The global war on terror showcased the need for dedicated intelligence-gathering units that could funnel actionable intelligence and targets to SEAL platoons. Business Insider
  • [New] Politicians have used the fear of another terrorist attack to justify harsh immigration policies that stereotype and dehumanize any non-citizen who wants to visit, work, or live in the United States. Immigration Impact
  • [New] With President Biden withdrawing from Afghanistan, and in many ways declaring that the global war on terror was no longer the central focus of American attention, India will have to fight many of its battles alone - as it did before 9/11. The Indian Express
  • [New] Jihadis around the world celebrated the Taliban's victory, raising the prospect that Afghanistan will attract the next generation of terrorists. Foreign Affairs Magazine
  • [New] India would now face an even greater terrorist threat, because of the presence of the Pakistan based Haqqani Network in the Afghanistan Government, where its leader Sirajuddin Haqqani is the new Interior Minister. The Hindu BusinessLine
  • [New] The greatest threat to regional security now arises from the continuing contacts and presence of international terrorist groups, like Al Qaeda and the Islamic State, in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan. The Hindu BusinessLine
  • [New] The Pakistanis have an immediate but ambitious ask of the new Taliban government: They want them to curb Pakistan's Taliban (Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, or TTP), a group that was once Pakistan's biggest terrorist threat and is now resurging in a big way. Foreign Policy
  • [New] The threat to India from the terror groups from Afghanistan-Pakistan region like the Haqqani Network and Islamic State Khorasan Province is real and imminent. The Pioneer
  • [New] Taking far tougher measures against terrorists in Israel's prisons will have a deflating effect on Palestinian society, and force the much-needed message that terrorism and violence do not pay. Middle East Forum
  • [New] The rapidly evolving threat of domestic terrorism in the U.S. poses an increased risk to businesses of all sizes. Insight
  • [New] The new and emerging threats in the form of right-wing, Islamophobia, domestic, racially or ethnically motivated and other forms of extremist tendencies leading to terrorism necessitate effective responses around the world. Associated Press of Pakistan
  • [New] Ending the global war on terror would still allow the U.S. government to carry out lethal attacks in response to a terrorist threat, but only in the midst of a genuine armed conflict or as a last resort to stop an imminent lethal threat. Newsweek
  • [New] In places like Yemen, for example, people believed to pose a terrorist threat to the United States were attacked by aerial drones or air strikes on the grounds that they were enemy combatants. Newsweek
  • [New] Even as the U.S. military focuses on preparing for great-power war against state adversaries, it must continue to train for counterterrorism operations and further refine its approach to counterterrorism in order to degrade terrorist threats against the United States. Center for New American Security
  • [New] The United States must keep the pressure on global terrorist threats, even as the U.S. pivots the bulk of its attention towards competing with China. Center for New American Security
  • [New] 28% of people who witness terrorism, targeted violence, and other mass shootings develop post-traumatic stress disorder, while another third will have acute stress disorders that require lengthy and sometimes intensive treatments. Hstoday
  • [New] Americans are nearly as concerned about the threats posed by strategic enemies, such as China and Russia, as they are about terrorist groups. The Economist
  • [New] The Biden administration has signaled that it will continue to target terror groups in Afghanistan that could present a threat to the US, but officials say the capabilities of jihadist groups have eroded significantly in the decades since 9/11. Business Insider
  • [New] With an adversarial Taliban regime back in control of Afghanistan and increased threats from Islamist terrorist groups towards India, Muslims in India will be further vilified as supporters of the Taliban. Royal United Services Institute
  • [New] With the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and the subsequent Taliban takeover, questions arise about their relationship to al-Qaeda and the terrorist threat today. The Soufan Center

Last updated: 18 September 2021