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  • [New] Tailor the Shopping Experience: Digital innovation will be integral to driving growth for luxury ecommerce brands in the coming years. Limely
  • New York City residents may soon see warning labels next to sugary foods and drinks in chain restaurants and coffee shops, under a law set to go into effect later in 2024. The Washington Post
  • Layer three is the consumer application layer, where its shopping assistant, automated AWS coding (Amazon Q) and Alexa upgrades will come into play. BBAE
  • Consumers and repair shops will soon be able to employ genuine used Apple parts to fix devices rather than having to order brand-new components. Engadget
  • Potentially over half of the British commercial properties at risk are in the retail and industrial categories, and if something does happen, many smaller businesses do not have the option to temporarily set-up shop elsewhere while repairs are made.
  • Swift firefighting operations by the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service, which has now moved to damp down strategy, mitigating all threats and ensuring public safety; enumeration of shops and goods lost are ongoing, and preventive measures will be enforced. Punch Newspaper
  • The growth of online shopping shows no signs of slowing, with e-commerce sales projected to reach 23% of total retail sales globally by 2027. Passle
  • Worldwide e-commerce sales could reach a staggering figure, reflecting consumers' increasing preference for online shopping. Boyd Hampers
  • Repair shops are starting to train up staff, but the UK will still be short by about 30,000 qualified technicians by 2035, when a ban on the sale of new combustion vehicles takes effect. Fortune
  • For repair shops, Apple writes that service providers will no longer need to provide a device's serial number when ordering parts from the Self Service Repair Store for repairs not involving replacement of the logic board. Gizmodo
  • Independent repair shops could alleviate pressure on Apple's authorized repair channels, while consumers would have more control over repairs and potentially extend the lifespan of their devices, aligning with growing environmental consciousness. GizChina Media
  • Updated lighting, new signage and digital wayfinding will join immersive retail experiences to enhance in-store shopping and help customers embrace Walmart's endless aisle. PR Newswire
  • Consumers and repair shops will not have to provide Apple with a device serial number when ordering most parts from the Self Service Repair Store - they will still need to do so for a logic board replacement. Engadget
  • Looking into the future of consumer behaviour and experience, customers will rely on technology more in daily transactions such as shopping on popular internet markets like Amazon or eBay. Call and Contact Center Expo USA
  • The UK Government has recently announced it will bring in measures to ban disposable vapes, as well as they ways they are marketed to children in shops. University of York
  • While online shopping is not expected to overtake in-store shopping in the next three to five years, it's still growing. KPMG
  • In North America, ages 18-34 (Gen Z and millennials) expect their online purchases across all retailers to increase by 2026 while ages 55-65 + (baby boomers) expect their online shopping across all retailers to decrease by 2026. KPMG
  • The rise of virtual markets, in-app shopping, and augmented reality experiences presents exciting opportunities for female entrepreneurs to showcase their successful businesses and engage with a global audience. Dailynewsegypt
  • While the number of people shopping online has increased significantly over the past two years, 66% of buyers still plan to shop in-store. Software Development Company
  • Adoption of online grocery shopping services is seen growing at 13% annually for the next four years to $77 billion and investors are bullish about opportunities for further expansion outside the U.S. Cabot Wealth
  • The megatrends - Convenience, Shopping Reinvented and Digital Living - will be the strongest growth performers at 20%, 17% and 12% respectively, compared to -2% for Experience More in China over 2022-2027. Euromonitor
  • Enhanced Digital Capabilities: Investing in and expanding its e-commerce platform could allow Costco to tap into the growing online shopping trend. Yahoo Finance
  • Shop Ads: Sellers can promote their TikTok Shops with the new TikTok Shop Ads, providing more opportunities for customers to discover and make purchases directly on TikTok. Hubspot

Last updated: 20 May 2024

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