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  • [New] Analysts say if brands in the US could use live shopping, which is all about brand representatives explaining products and answering audience questions, it will increase popularity and create a brand connection with returning and new consumers. Texprocil
  • [New] Ahold is more focused on augmenting stores with technologies such as augmented reality, which could offer a personalized route through a store based on a digital shopping list. Coresight Research, Inc.
  • [New] Shoppers in the 2040s will still prefer real-life shopping over virtual reality, but will crave more tech to elevate their shopping experience. Visual Merchandising and Store Design
  • [New] By embracing mobile commerce, investing in hyper-personalization, leveraging voice commerce, prioritizing sustainability, incorporating augmented reality, and exploring the potential of live shopping, businesses can position themselves for success in 2023 and beyond. Transport Times
  • [New] The second half of 2023 could see a slowdown in shopping growth trends rooted in changing economic conditions impacting vehicle sales. Insurance Journal
  • [New] In 2023, we can expect Instagram to further enhance its shopping capabilities, providing a seamless and immersive shopping experience for users. Informatikamu
  • [New] Businesses located in 21 international markets will continue to be able to use Facebook and Instagram shops without checkout enabled until further notice. TechCrunch
  • Opening a store in London will make Rouje more accessible for clients who do not do their shopping online. Drapers
  • An Industry Analyst at TechInsights, Autonomous checkout systems have the potential to revolutionize the retail industry by providing a more efficient and personalized shopping experience for customers. Transport Times
  • More than 80% of the UK population will have access to Co-op groceries online by the end of 2023, through its own online shop and with delivery partners. EMR-NAMNEWS Ltd.
  • As businesses in South Africa embrace renewable energy, Concor is dealing with the expansion of solar power at the shopping mall that will contribute to a better sustainable future. SolarQuarter
  • Christmas Tree Shops has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and will close 10 of its stores including one in central Pennsylvania. PennLive
  • As the popularity of online shopping continues to grow, the new multi-million-pound facility will enable faster, more sustainable home deliveries to IKEA customers in London and the southeast of England. A1 Retail Magazine
  • Some of the rise in cross-shopping may be due to the other retailers' expansions - for example, more Target stores means more opportunities for Bed Bath & Beyond customers to visit Target, which can drive a rise in cross-shopping. Traffic
  • 59% of consumers from Europe and North America expect personalized experiences when shopping from their preferred brands. Datafloq
  • In a report released earlier in 2023, the total share of online grocery shopping accounted for just over a tenth (11.2%) of all grocery spending at the end of last year and is expected to grow to 13.6% by the end of 2027. The Spoon
  • MAAG plans to open some 60 stores across Russia in 2023, including at Moscow's largest shopping centers. Russia Briefing News
  • Shopify SHOP is launching a new shopping assistant feature that will use ChatGPT AI technology to help customers with search inquiries and provide personalized recommendations based on their requests. Forbes
  • A shift toward a new dynamic for Instagram and Facebook Shops will require companies to enable in-app checkout in order to offer a Shop on both sites. Retail Touchpoints
  • The annual revenue of the emerging sector providing retail robotics could exceed $8.4bn (£6.9bn) by 2030, so perhaps we would better get used to the idea of seeing more silicon-based shop staff. Raconteur
  • KuroEV plans to deploy Tritium chargers at various locations throughout Malaysia, including offices, shopping malls, and commercial hubs. Yahoo Finance

Last updated: 05 June 2023