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WHAT'S NEXT?: Substantive regulatory change is likely to happen in the next decade as a result of the recent U.S. Presidential election, Brexit and efforts to reduce the impacts of climate change, increase trade and reduce bureaucracy while legislating for new forms of technological advancement such as robots, driverless cars and drones.

  • [New] Regulators will need persuading - Italy's privacy watchdog wants clarity on Facebook's protections for strangers caught in-shot. Reuters
  • [New] Bipartisan antitrust legislation aimed at Inc., Apple Inc., Facebook Inc. and Alphabet Inc.'s Google could hurt U.S. competitiveness and give foreign adversaries access to sensitive information. BNN
  • [New] For international business, the threat of secondary sanctions and coercive measures by the American authorities is a much more serious risk compared to the actions of national regulators, which, in theory, must comply with UN Security Council resolutions. Russian Council
  • [New] A new governor would be unlikely to dismantle any major climate legislation in California, especially given the Democratic state legislature and the gubernatorial re-election in 2022. CNBC
  • [New] The EU has been the first mover in ESG regulations but has so far largely focused on investors rather than investees (although the Taxonomy Regulation will require certain companies to produce environmental reports from 2023). Passle
  • [New] In the months since top law enforcement officials began sounding the alarm about the threat of homegrown extremism, the US government continues to grapple with how best to combat it, even when it comes from within its ranks. Business Insider
  • [New] Teachers could use real-life stories from reputable news sources, such as articles about the recent changes to abortion law in Texas. TES
  • [New] Following the new law passed in South Korea, it means that Apple will now have to allow third-party payment systems in their App Store. Ubergizmo
  • [New] In the near term, all Chinese tech companies seeking to go public outside of China will have to comply with Chinese regulations relating to personal data and critical information infrastructure - one facet of China's expansive conception of national security. Lawfare
  • [New] Texas passed a law that ensures that the life of every child with a heartbeat will be spared from the ravages of abortion. AP News
  • [New] A new opportunity to grab more market share has opened up as governments, particularly in Europe, place stricter emissions regulations in urban areas. TechCrunch
  • [New] The new controversies over abortion law are likely to remain at the center of public attention - to the point that abortion could even be a bipartisan voting issue of unprecedented significance in the 2022 midterms. 2021
  • [New] More privacy protections are needed than in past decades as technological innovations magnify the threat of people being identified through their census answers, which are confidential by law. ABC News
  • [New] Banning abortion after six weeks, before many people realize they are pregnant, will make about 85% of abortions ineligible under the new Texas law. Forbes Africa
  • [New] Unflinching realism about America's limited ability to alter events inside other countries will coexist alongside lofty rhetoric about America's support for human rights, rule of law, and democratic institutions. Brookings
  • [New] El Salvador plans to use geothermal energy to power the mining of Bitcoin when it becomes the first country in the world to adopt the digital currency as legal tender with effect from today. News Powered by Cision
  • [New] Forty-six per cent of Americans say they oppose the US government responding to national security threats by reading emails sent between people outside of the US without a warrant, as permitted under law for purposes of foreign intelligence collection. The Independent
  • [New] Should the world respond to deforestation's role in fueling climate change, through both regulation and financial markets, climate risk research specialist Orbitas warns the threat to Indonesian palm oil producers and investors pursuing unsustainable production are likely to be severe. GreenBiz
  • [New] El Salvador's crypto experiment is not sitting well with organizations like the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, which have warned El Salvador that its adoption as legal tender could imperil financial stability. Barrons
  • [New] United Nations human rights monitors have strongly condemned the state of Texas for its new anti-abortion law, which they say violates international law by denying women control over their own bodies and endangering their lives. The Guardian

Last updated: 14 September 2021