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WHAT'S NEXT?: In the years to come, social commerce will become more widespread and the level of personalization will improve with advanced AI solutions & chatbots. The number of worldwide social media users is projected to grow from 2.1 billion in 2016 to 2.5 billion by 2018.

  • [New] The Scottish Government has concerns that the UK Government's proposals to remove the requirement for a pre-departure test for some travellers will weaken our ability to protect the public health of Scotland's communities. Yahoo News
  • [New] Customer acquisition is the top objective for all the marketers surveyed, but most marketers plan to increase their spend on social media, search, and video. Neilsen
  • [New] Climate change is a serious threat to our planet and people from all walks of life and is a major concern for communities already vulnerable due to social inequalities. Eliot Smith Dance
  • [New] Through Phala's platform, gaming projects will have the ability to employ cloud resources with computing speeds comparable to large centralized cloud services providers like AWS and Alibaba Cloud without compromising the privacy and security of their community's private data. Phala Network
  • [New] In terms of sustainability and social impact, by 2025 Marriott plans to locally source 50% of all produce, increase the representation of people of color in executive roles across the U.S. to 25%, have 100% of its hotels become certified to a recognized sustainability standard and more. CoStar
  • [New] Managing climate risks through social protection Protecting poor and vulnerable small-scale producers from the negative impacts of climate risks is an imperative in order to reach FAO's strategic objectives and achieve SDG 1 and 2. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
  • [New] Zoom Video Communications partners will have the opportunity to sell Zoom Phone Bring Your Own Carrier licenses via a brand-new partner program geared toward the reseller community. CRN
  • [New] P3 will support community-based organizations and base-building groups working in urban, low-income communities of color across the United States to increase park equity through local policy and systems change. RWJF
  • [New] To prepare for the next generation of technology, UIC, the international union of railways, designed the Future Railway Mobile Communications System, which is expected to be launched in 2025, and will replace the existing standard, the Global System for Mobile Communications - Railway. Inside Towers
  • [New] With FinTRACA mothballed, local banks expect Afghanistan's status to be lowered by the Financial Action Task Force, an illicit flows watchdog, in a move that could further diminish its connectivity to the global financial community. Reuters
  • [New] The Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons has instituted a six-step strategy to foster a universal culture of safety for cholecystectomy and minimize risk of bile duct injury.
  • [New] The SecDev Group, a Canadian research and analytics firm that specializes in security threats, recently drafted a new report that warns the overthrow of the Western-backed government in Kabul last month is making waves on social media throughout South Asia. CBC
  • [New] Because younger people are much more likely than older people to work and pay taxes that finance Social Security, Medicare and all other public-sector activities, population aging could strain government budgets, now and in coming decades. MarketWatch
  • [New] A focus on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) could change the face of sport forever, and make it an industry that helps push the world forward for the right reasons. PA Consulting
  • [New] The new cloud region in Toronto marks another key milestone that will propel TELUS' digital leadership by further leveraging the scalability, reliability and cost effectiveness of Google Cloud to support improved customer experience and build stronger, healthier and more sustainable communities. Google Cloud Blog
  • [New] The British Armed Forces and UK allies receive global communications coverage through the SKYNET system of six satellites, which is owned and operated on behalf of the MoD by Airbus Defence and Space.29, 38 SKYNET is being upgraded, including plans to launch an extra satellite in 2025. documents
  • [New] Building social capital by creating opportunities for connections between CALD communities, mainstream Australians and formal institutions is an effective way to build resilience, while facilitating the settlement journey for migrants and refugees.
  • [New] IMOCA skippers will continue to rely on Iridium Certus as their primary means of satellite communication at sea, after years of successful races and even life-saving communications provided. Iridium Satellite Communications
  • [New] Climate change and unsustainable uses put pressure on ecosystems like the Saloum Delta, threatening the livelihoods of communities who depend on it. International Institute for Sustainable Development
  • [New] BAE said that combining its experience in providing secure satellite communications with In-Space Missions' ability to build and operate satellites will help the United Kingdom to compete globally in the growing low Earth orbit market, while meeting its defence and commercial needs.
  • [New] Lunar Pathfinder will serve as a proof of concept for Moonlight, an ESA initiative to develop a lunar communications and navigation satellite constellation. the weekly ledger
  • [New] As long as global institutions treat nature only as a resource, and not as a home to diverse species, communities and generations, environmental degradation will continue. Sipri

Last updated: 19 September 2021