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WHAT'S NEXT?: Technology will become the new sales assistant, always on, always friendly, always delivering. Consumers will co-create and create products to their exact needs. Brands will have to focus on seizing mobile moments on apps that already have consumer's attention. Instantly explore below how lifestyles, buying behaviors and attitudes are changing and where you fall short in the battle to win consumers hearts and minds.

  • [New] Soda giant PepsiCo will cut back on the use of virgin plastic and expand its SodaStream sparkling-water business to more markets amid growing calls from consumers, clients and climate change advocates to combat plastic waste. The Globe and Mail
  • [New] Autonomous delivery is seen as a potentially lucrative market, with online grocery shopping growing fivefold over the next decade and American consumers spending upward of $100 billion on food-at-home items by 2025. The Verge
  • [New] In August, South Korea became the first country to pass a law forcing Apple and Google to open their mobile app stores to alternate payment systems, threatening their grip on the 30% commission they charge developers. Wired
  • [New] Some investment banks have cut forecasts for U.S. growth in 2021, citing a harder path ahead for American consumers than expected. GoldSeek
  • [New] South Korea has announced plans to develop a micro-satellite-based reconnaissance system from 2022 to enhance its capability to detect security threats such as North Korea's mobile missile launchers. Transport Times
  • [New] With more than one-third of the US population living in condos and apartment buildings, it's time to take a fresh look at how exclusive agreements between carriers and building owners could lock out broadband competition and consumer choice. Ars Technica
  • [New] Expectations of US consumers for how much inflation will change over 2022 and the coming three years rose last month to the highest levels since 2013. Economic Times
  • [New] Zeroing in on the United States, data next week is forecast to show consumer prices rising by more than 5% for a third straight month in August. GoldSeek
  • [New] Market analyst Yole Developpement expects demand from the consumer and mobile segment to continue to grow as facial recognition and LiDAR functionality is adopted in a broader range of devices. Edison
  • [New] Google has become the latest tech giant to publicly commit to ensuring that its global operations, including its datacentres, will return more water to the environment than they consume by 2030.
  • [New] Cash App Pay is free for consumers to use, and will soon be available to all Square sellers in the United States. Square
  • [New] The significant market potential for autonomous vehicles in the future will be pinned on business models such as robotaxis, which are estimated to account for more than 60% of China's future mobility sharing market by 2030, exceeding $201 billion. World
  • [New] As consumers ask Siri for real-time weather reports and charge their home batteries via mobile apps, they expect similar capabilities from their utility. Utility Dive
  • [New] China is the largest consumer of acrylic acid in the Asia-Pacific region, and its demand is expected to grow further in the coming years due to several factors. Mordor Intelligence
  • [New] US consumers do not seem to be buying the Fed's transitory argument, with expectations of future inflation averaging 4.8% in 2022 and 3.7% over the next three years. Compound Advisors
  • [New] Bridgestone sees EVs as a huge opportunity to reduce CO 2 emissions and make mobility more environmentally sustainable, particularly with 20% of new car sales in Europe in 2025 expected to be EVs.
  • [New] Natural gas prices have doubled in 2021 and are expected to continue to rise, resulting in larger winter heating bills for some consumers and higher costs for electric utilities. National Review
  • [New] A £4 million competition launched today will explore ways to make it easier for mobile companies to use public buildings and infrastructure, including CCTV poles and traffic signals, to host 5G radio equipment. National Technology
  • [New] The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) announced its decision today, authorising Australian Payments Plus (AP +) merger of the three payments systems, which it will keep as separate brands. SmartCompany
  • [New] In coming years companies will demand for more mobile solutions as end users seek to carry out ERP processes on the move via their smartphones or tablets. ERP Insights
  • [New] Latin America region is expected to experience significant growth in the organic food and beverage market due to growing consumer awareness, the increase in organic food and beverage varieties such as organic food and beverage. Market Data Forecast
  • [New] A mong all regions, North America is expected to dominate the organic food market for the anticipated years, due to the growing popularity of organic food and organic beverages and the growing awareness of the health benefits of consuming organic food products. Market Data Forecast

Last updated: 16 September 2021