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WHAT'S NEXT?: Technology will become the new sales assistant, always on, always friendly, always delivering. Consumers will co-create and create products to their exact needs. Brands will have to focus on seizing mobile moments on apps that already have consumer's attention. Instantly explore below how lifestyles, buying behaviors and attitudes are changing and where you fall short in the battle to win consumers hearts and minds.

  • Looking at some regional differences: Consumers in North America are less likely to adjust their spending on holiday gifts, while European consumers say they will continue to purchase white goods. Oliver Wyman
  • Vodafone will use SIM card technology to meet an anticipated surge in demand for cryptocurrency on mobile phones. Yahoo Finance
  • Higher wages will help consumer spending over the next two years but could contribute to inflationary pressure as the Bank of England continues with efforts to get Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation down to its 2% target rate. Kent Online
  • GAC will advance Canada's export diversification strategy, increasing access to markets around the world and contributing to long-term and inclusive economic gains for Canadian businesses and consumers. GAC
  • Vietnam's national weather agency warned of the risks of forest fires, dehydration, and heat shock, while the state electricity company urged consumers to refrain from overworking their air-conditioning units, warning that electricity consumption has reached record highs in recent days. Al Jazeera
  • Manufacturers can mitigate risks, uphold consumer trust, and ensure that canned foods remain a safe and reliable food choice for consumers worldwide. Food Business Review
  • Hefty new charges on some imported food products will come into effect, threatening to reduce consumer choice and push up prices not long after UK food inflation fell from double-digit rates. CNN
  • The law, known as the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure act, will help consumers to choose smart devices that have been designed to provide ongoing protection against cyber attacks. The Hacker News
  • Consumer expectations of a recession in 2025 inched up in April but are still well below their peak in May of 2023. Business Journal Daily
  • 10,926 GW will be needed to satisfy the increase in demand for electrical energy destined for electric mobility in 2035, which would represent 2.3% of the total consumption of the National Electrical System. MDPI
  • All internet connected smart devices will be required to meet minimum security standards under what the UK government has dubbed as world first laws, effective from Monday to protect consumers and businesses from hacking and cyber-attacks. Daily Pioneer
  • The world's biggest coal power consumers, China and India, have continued to build new coal plants despite warnings from experts that 6% of the world's coal capacity must shut every year until 2040 to avoid a climate emergency. The Guardian
  • 79% of consumers say that taking a supplement is vital to their overall health, 67% of global nutritional supplement users plan to continue using supplement over 2025, and 49% of all supplement users say they would be willing to spend more on supplement. FMIBlog
  • Germany today published slightly weaker than anticipated Consumer Price Index numbers, but the European Central Bank is likely going to take its cue from the U.S Federal Reserve during the month of May and remain cautious. DailyForex
  • To address the growing risk, the Federal Government issued a national product safety notice, following an Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) recommendation, alerting consumers to fire risks linked to recalled LG solar lithium-ion batteries in solar energy systems. Insurance Business
  • Vietnam's state electricity company has urged consumers to refrain from overworking their air conditioning units, warning that electricity consumption has reached record highs in the recent days. ABC News
  • From today, consumers will have greater peace of mind that their smart devices are protected from cyber criminals, as we introduce world first laws that will make sure their personal privacy, data and finances are safe. GOV.UK
  • The FDA has long recommended that consumers not drink unpasteurized or raw milk because of the possibility that it may harbor germs that can pose serious health risks. CNN
  • Beyond the healthcare industry, Cognizant and Microsoft will prioritize applications across industries such as retail and consumer goods, financial services, life sciences, manufacturing and communications and media. News | Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Because qPCR findings do not represent actual virus that may be a risk to consumers, the FDA is further assessing any positive findings through egg inoculation tests, a gold-standard for determining viable virus. FDA
  • O2 Recycle gives consumers (on any mobile network) the opportunity to recycle mobiles, laptops and gaming consoles in return for cash. Virgin Media O2

Last updated: 16 May 2024

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