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WHAT'S NEXT?: There will be an increased demand for software and services that deliver intelligence, personalization, and specialization. Artificial intelligence could become a $15+ bn opportunity by 2025. Combining human and machine cognition for engagement decisions could yield the precision and reliability of automation without sacrificing the robustness and flexibility that humans bring. The first effect of machine intelligence will be to lower the cost of goods and services that rely on prediction.

  • [New] Microsoft is continually investing in technologies and talent that might someday supplant OpenAI's models - or even supplant generative AI altogether. Fortune
  • [New] Google will be releasing exciting upgrades to Android Auto based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) like the upcoming Gemini integration which can now replace the default Google Assistant on your phone. Android Sage
  • [New] Google Threat Intelligence incorporates Gemini in Threat Intelligence, an AI-powered agent facilitating conversational search across Google's repository of threat intelligence. InfoQ
  • [New] The AI sector in education is expected to grow at a remarkable compound annual growth rate of 40.3% between 2019 and 2025, underscoring the significance of AI in shaping the future of learning. cxotoday
  • [New] Bing may pose risks linked to generative AI, such as so-called hallucinations, deepfakes, as well as the automated manipulation of services that can mislead voters. TradingView
  • [New] Chinese consumers expect a high level of intelligence from EVs and are willing to pay extra for features such as autonomous driving, smartphone integration, and even onboard drones. Insider
  • [New] Like nuclear energy, AI offers benefits for efficiency and advancements in many areas but it also brings substantial risks if not managed carefully. Insider
  • [New] Investing in education, training programs and research opportunities focused on AI and related technologies is essential for ensuring a skilled workforce capable of competing on the global scale. Techcircle
  • [New] We can expect to see Gen AI revolutionizing Indian businesses across sectors and unlocking new avenues for growth and significantly increasing productivity. Techcircle
  • [New] In the transformational era of artificial intelligence, India stands at the precipice of an economic transformation fueled by generative AI, which provides a wealth of opportunities for Indian businesses to stand out. Techcircle
  • [New] By 2027, the energy consumed by generative AI processing will account for nearly 80% of the total electricity consumption of data centers in the United States. TrendForce Insights
  • [New] SEC officials have remarked on the transformational potential and the risks of using AI in the financial markets and in the provision of financial services. JD Supra
  • [New] AI has the potential to improve patient outcomes by 30% to 40% while reducing treatment costs by up to 50%. PubMed Central (PMC)
  • [New] Gemini 1.5 Pro is integrated into Google Threat Intelligence, enabling conversational searches across threat data repositories. VentureBeat
  • [New] For areas suffering from chronic traffic congestion, the SMG will invest KRW three billion by 2026 to optimize traffic signals based on generative AI to improve traffic flow by 30% and reduce traffic accidents by 10%. Seoul Metropolitan Government
  • [New] The integration of gen AI into enterprise software is expected to generate substantial revenue, though it faces challenges, including regulatory hurdles from the European Union (Deloitte United States). Articles
  • [New] The only security AI product that combines a specialized large-language model with security-specific skills informed by its unique global threat intelligence, Microsoft Copilot for Security protects at machine speed and at scale. The Atlantic
  • [New] By strategically devising and adopting a virtual reality and artificial intelligence - infused framework for advancing manufacturing training, Mexico has the potential to substantially elevate its manufacturing capabilities. Nature
  • [New] Developing a virtual reality and artificial intelligence - based framework for advanced manufacturing education and nearshoring opportunities, particularly in Mexico, can offer many advantages and significantly empower nearshoring endeavours. Nature
  • [New] With the number of AI applications expected to increase, Red Hat expects policy as code to serve as guardrails for AI, ensuring that any updates or changes made manually or by AI adhere to evolving internal and external requirements. Enterprise AI
  • [New] AI will be integrated into a wide variety of applications, with businesses managing thousands of applications and AI models. Enterprise AI
  • [New] A majority of Chase clients said they plan to use AI for customer service and support, compared to 45% for Chase prospects. FinExtra

Last updated: 21 May 2024

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