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WHAT'S NEXT?: There will be an increased demand for software and services that deliver intelligence, personalization, and specialization. Artificial intelligence could become a $15+ bn opportunity by 2025. Combining human and machine cognition for engagement decisions could yield the precision and reliability of automation without sacrificing the robustness and flexibility that humans bring. The first effect of machine intelligence will be to lower the cost of goods and services that rely on prediction.

  • [New] While North America is anticipated to retain its majority share of the AI cybersecurity market, it's important to note that the Asia Pacific region is expected to become the fastest-growing region between 2019 and 2026. Datamation
  • [New] The most targeted organizations in the world, such as governments and large enterprises, use its platform to operationalize threat intelligence, enable threat hunting, detection and response, and accelerate collaboration. OCCRP
  • [New] AI and machine-learning models could help improve outbreak response and facilitate the adoption of surveillance technologies in more parts of the world. Healthcare Global
  • [New] Quality learning opportunities must be deployed by governments, cross-sector industry leaders, and local communities alike to encourage learning experiences that adapt to today's world, drive income generation, prevent worsening inequality, and provide a prosperous future for all. MIT SOLVE
  • [New] Creating better data sets and better algorithms is not just an opportunity to use AI ethically - it's also a way to try to address some racial and gender biases in the world on a larger scale. Forbes
  • [New] MasterCard will expand its capabilities into the area of digital assets with the acquisition of CipherTrace, a leading cryptocurrency intelligence company that has access to more than 900 cryptocurrencies. TechStory
  • [New] In today's world, cybersecurity and ransomware vulnerabilities plague many information systems, and create problems for AI algorithms. Brookings
  • [New] An analysis by the World Economic Forum found that 65% of government entities surveyed planned to adopt AI tools and 85% planned to implement big data analytics by 2025. Brookings
  • [New] The UK government is keen to 'safely grasp' the opportunities for data-driven innovation and to support developers and innovators, as well as make the UK a leader in 'proportionate, innovation-friendly' regulation of AI technologies.
  • [New] PURCHASE, N.Y. - (BUSINESS WIRE) - Mastercard will extend its capabilities deep into the field of digital assets with an agreement to acquire CipherTrace, a leading cryptocurrency intelligence company with insight into more than 900 cryptocurrencies. Business Wire
  • [New] As Nigeria accelerates the priority of education, the U.S. government will continue to support the government and people of Nigeria in their efforts to create equitable, safe, and quality learning opportunities for future generations. U.S. Embassy & Consulate in Nigeria
  • [New] Moving forward, the U.S. government will most likely provide intelligence and military assistance to local forces and use over the horizon strike capabilities to counter emboldened terrorists. Council on Foreign Relations
  • [New] The UK office will focus on AI in health, clinical decision support, data quality and analytics supporting better health outcomes. Digital Health
  • [New] How artificial intelligence can enhance opportunities for diverse geographic regions of the United States, including urban, Tribal, and rural communities. Federal Register
  • [New] The Middle East and Africa market showcase healthy growth opportunities over the forecast period, which is chiefly attributed to the growing demand for interactive machines and managed services in the financial sector. grandviewresearch
  • [New] Since early last year, Google has blocked new AI features analysing emotions, fearing cultural insensitivity, while Microsoft restricted software mimicking voices and IBM rejected a client request for an advanced facial-recognition system. 2021
  • [New] While automation can grow productivity-PwC predicts it will add $3.7 trillion to North American economies by 2030-some economists and ethicists fear AI will also accelerate inequality and give more wealth and power to people who are already wealthy and powerful. Wired
  • [New] By leveraging automation, analytics, and artificial intelligence, TELUS can enhance visibility into their risk landscape and make better-informed decisions on risk and control mitigation strategies. Galvanize
  • [New] By 2025, 70% of organizations will be compelled to shift their focus from big to small and wide data, providing more context for analytics - and making AI less data-hungry. VentureBeat
  • [New] NCI will expand the deployment of its capabilities in artificial intelligence solutions, including the use of robotic process automation and machine learning, which utilizes NCI's more than 20-year history of supporting the CERT program. Executive Gov
  • [New] Nonmilitary efforts like the fence around Iran could augment traditional law enforcement and intelligence efforts, and provide an organizing principle for an international coalition to track the movements of Iranian and proxy terrorist plotters and influence operators. Atlantic Council
  • [New] Regulators should be focused on mitigating risks and preventing consumer harm in the use of AI and machine learning. Advisor's Edge

Last updated: 14 September 2021