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  • [New] Biden's comments probably stirred up fears of backroom dealmaking between the US and China on Taiwan's status, a fear particularly associated with Democratic political administrations in Taiwan. New Bloom Magazine
  • [New] U.S. political and military leaders have long resisted coordinated EU military and defense initiatives, warning that they could create redundancies or even conflict with NATO. Politico
  • [New] China has turned trade relationships to geopolitical advantage in a number of ways, not least of which has been to impede transatlantic unity on issues that U.S. leaders and Western intelligence official regard as security threats from Beijing. Yahoo News
  • [New] The IC has moderate confidence in the pace of decarbonization and low to moderate confidence in how physical climate impacts will affect US national security interests and the nature of geopolitical conflict, given the complex dimensions of human and state decisionmaking. Director of National Intelligence
  • [New] A desire for independence and divergent political interests will lead China and Russia to avoid the risks that might emerge from closer cooperation, which will prevent them from seamlessly combining their power and more effectively challenging the United States. Rand Corporation
  • [New] If the Western economic and political communities still try to interpret the Chinese economy without thinking outside the old box, or give up their preconceived idea, the Chinese economy will continue to be a myth for them. Modern Diplomacy
  • [New] Closing the resettlement gap and strengthening the humanitarian objectives of the global resettlement system will require commitments to protect refugees and share responsibilities over the political interests of states.
  • [New] Even though Trump's decision promotes the growth of jobs in the U.S., it will be more harmful in the long-term because it will be difficult for the U.S. to sustain its influence and leadership in international economic and political affairs. Basic Article
  • [New] A greater risk to China than economic downturn may be political turmoil, which explains the urgency around stifling dissent. Discourse
  • [New] The world of today is still characterised by uncertainty, disruptive events and increasing geopolitical tensions, combined with climate change and the nature crisis. EUR-Lex
  • [New] The Rouhani administration's political rivals used the JCPOA and its failed implementation to suggest that the Iranian negotiators had been credulous in their dealings with the West, too eager to believe that the United States could be trusted to implement its commitments. ECFR
  • [New] While Washington spins its geopolitical wheels enhancing military cooperation with Indo-Pacific powers, Beijing continues to make real investments in technological innovation that will ensure the future belongs to China and not the United States. Asia Times
  • [New] The oil company has become a hot political issue, as energy costs raised inflation for Brazilian consumers to double digits, affecting Bolsonaro's popularity ahead of 2022's presidential elections. teleSUR
  • [New] Even if Homo sapiens exceeds all expectations and survives both political strife and climate change, the sun will eventually turn Earth into a cinder. ExtremeTech
  • [New] In response to the heightened geopolitical risk in China and Asia massive reshoring away from China and possibly Asia are taking place. Aishwarya Sandeep
  • [New] Putin has repeatedly warned about members of extremist groups exploiting political turmoil in Afghanistan to cross into neighbouring ex-Soviet countries as refugees. Space War
  • Key risks to global markets include elevated inflation, central bank missteps, slowing China growth, supply chain disruption, increased regulatory pressures, higher taxes and increasing geopolitical concerns. T .Rowe Price
  • The debate on royalties has fuelled political risk in the world's top mining producing region, with higher taxes for miners proposed in both Chile and Peru. Marsh
  • Given that the EU and its 27 member states have committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 55% by 2030, and to becoming carbon neutral by 2050, ensuring that political decisions and new investments do not worsen the climate problem is common sense. Leaders
  • With increased scrutiny of Chinese censorship from the U.S., and intensifying regulations from China, LinkedIn is suffering from political risk on both sides. Rest of World
  • Threats from terrorist organizations and geo - political issues are the primary drivers of the global CBRN security market. Topics

Last updated: 24 October 2021