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  • [New] Autonomous vehicles will require 5G connection to reach their full potential, and China's autonomous vehicle industry is massive. Idtechex
  • [New] Currently Zoox is testing only the retrofitted Toyotas on public roads and declined to reveal when its own autonomous vehicle will be used in the wild or when it will launch a commercial service. The National
  • [New] Zoox, based in California, will use a fleet of Toyota Highlander vehicles retrofitted with its sensor technology and autonomous driving software. The National
  • [New] Amazon's self-driving unit Zoox will start testing autonomous cars in Seattle, bringing the robotaxi maker closer to its parent company and a pool of engineers it sees as key to launching commercially. The National
  • [New] ZF has partnered with Oxbotica to develop an SAE Level 4 autonomous system which will initially be deployed in shuttles in major cities around the world. ITS International
  • [New] Foster City, Calif.-based Zoox will deploy a fleet of Toyota Highlander vehicles retrofitted with its sensor technology and autonomous-driving software. Automotive News
  • [New] The agreement between GM and Momenta will accelerate the deployment of autonomous vehicles in China in the near future. AlltheResearch
  • [New] The increasing penetration of smart cities project across the globe provide the attractive opportunity for the growth of the autonomous vehicle market. AlltheResearch
  • [New] ZF signed a strategic partnership agreement with autonomous vehicle software company Oxbotica to develop a Level 4 self-driving system that will initially be deployed in passenger shuttles in major cities around the world. TechCrunch
  • [New] While Tesla probably will not be delivering a fully autonomous vehicle anytime soon - despite its misleading naming - it could incrementally get better and better assistance features that would eventually lead to true self-driving capabilities. The Lowdown
  • Going forward, Fujitsu says it plans to promote efforts toward realising smart cities with mobility as a point of departure, leveraging a variety of vehicular and traffic data collected in areas such as autonomous driving and logistics. Internet of Things News
  • In the longer term, Fujitsu will promote efforts towards realising sensible cities with mobility as a degree of departure, leveraging a wide range of vehicular and visitors knowledge collected in areas resembling autonomous driving and logistics. News Chant Australia
  • A Deloitte article on autonomous trucks mentions that eight start-ups have raised a collective EUR 1.2 billion for self-driving trucking initiatives, in a move that could revolutionise logistics. Deloitte
  • Dubai aims to make 25% of its public transport network reliant on autonomous vehicles by 2025, and in 2017 demonstrated the viability of autonomous flying taxis, with none other than the crown prince acting as a guinea pig for the test flight! Forbes
  • The autonomous shuttle market is expected to grow substantially over the next 10 years and has the potential to increase access to mobility, improve road safety, reduce congestion, and boost productivity. New Electronics
  • As UK law does not currently allow for autonomous vehicles (AVs) to operate without a driver, any AVs being tested as part of the Wayve-Ocado trial will have at least one back-up driver. Sunday Times Driving
  • By 2022, an autonomous drone using artificial intelligence will be used in various ways in various sectors. Analytics Insight
  • Within the next five to 10 years, eVTOL aircraft will be enabling urban air mobility, providing intracity passenger, cargo and emergency services operated by electric-powered aircraft, either remotely piloted or under autonomous control, the study states. DRONELIFE
  • Elon Musk's exaggerated claims apart, autonomous vehicles are going to have a huge impact on supply chains if they ever make the leap from proof of concept to commercially available. Buzzsprout
  • SNC-Lavalin will lead the development of a fully autonomous system, which transforms commercially off the shelf items and state-of-the-art robots into systems and software that can effectively and efficiently sort and segregate radioactive waste. SNC Lavalin
  • The Sydney Metro statement added: The 23 km driverless metro is delivering a vital boost to the Australian and NSW economies, with the new metro line expected to support about 14,000 jobs, including 250 apprentices. Railway Technology
  • GM will invest $300 million in Chinese autonomous driving startup Momenta, in an effort to support the development of autonomous technology for future GM vehicles in China. The National Law Review

Last updated: 24 October 2021