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  • [New] As the world of finance continues to evolve, banks, credit unions and fintechs are working to build sustainable solutions that will connect with millennials, Gen Z and baby boomers. The Fintech Times
  • As millennials who are more likely to seek responsible investment options, become the major beneficiaries of the largest intergenerational transfer of wealth - an estimated $30 trillion in the next few years - we can expect both retail and institutional investors to continue to pile into ESG. London Business News |
  • Considering a recent U.N. global climate science report, along with the workforce shifting away from Baby Boomers to Millennials and becoming more female, corporations will experience both external and internal pressure to change. Insights
  • Research from Boston Consulting Group shows that Generation Z and Millennials are pegged to garner more than 60% of the luxury market by 2025. Yahoo Life
  • With changing demographics, where 75% of the workforce will be represented by Millennials by 2030, and their changing expectations, we have more than enough reasons to curate a well-designed employee experience. Human Resources Online
  • By 2025, 55% of the luxury audience will be millennials or generation Z - groups who feel completely at home in their preferred social channels and value experiences. The Drum
  • Having come of age with mobile banking and Amazon Prime, Millennials expect the B2B brands they procure to deliver similarly personalized and frictionless experiences. Brand NewMag.
  • Millennials, who will represent 75% of the workforce by 2025, actively seek out brands they feel align with their personal and professional values; when considering a company, they want to see their own needs, hopes, and dreams reflected back at them. Hospitality Net
  • Majorities of Gen Z and Millennial adults favor phasing out production of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035, compared with lower shares of Gen X and Baby Boomer and older Americans. Auto Connected Car News
  • Young Americans are most at risk, as more than half of millennials have no life insurance coverage. Yahoo
  • A majority of millennials and Gen Z consumers favor the gradual phasing-out of internal combustion engine vehicles by 2035, compared to just 38% of baby boomers and 45% of Gen X. CB Insights Research
  • Banking as a whole still struggles to attract its fair share of Millennials, who are already the biggest generation in the workforce and will make up 75% of it by 2030. Accenture Banking Blog
  • The oldest members of Generation Z are graduating college or already in the workforce, and by 2025 the Millennial and Gen Z generations will represent almost two-thirds of the workforce. Stambaugh Ness
  • With skyrocketing property prices, and homeownership further and further out of reach for many, an Australian rent-to-own scheme designed by two millennial mates will see the first cohort of customers in their own homes in three months. Australian FinTech
  • The number of people renting continues to increase, with a third of the UK's millennials who will rent into retirement. Specialist Finance Introducer
  • For millennials, who now represent the majority of the U.S. workforce and will hold about 75% of positions by 2030, it's no longer enough to talk about diversity - companies need to show it. Alvarez & Marsal
  • Millennials and Gen Zers, who have been spending more on their furry family members, not only represent the majority of recent growth, but 65% of 18 - to 34-year-olds indicate they plan to acquire or add a pet in the next five years. PR Newswire
  • Millennials and Gen Z might be the hardest to retain as they are the most likely to have short stays at companies with 27% intending to change jobs within two years. Processing Magazine
  • As Singapore's economy recovers, respondents are evenly split in terms of their income outlook, with one in two Gen Zs and millennials expecting a salary increase in the next one year. The Asset
  • Millennials in China love their luxury brands and are expected to account for a significant portion of the global luxury market by 2024. Yahoo News
  • Millennials in China love their luxurious manufacturers and are anticipated to account for a good portion of the worldwide luxurious market by 2024. The Insidexpress

Last updated: 24 October 2021