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  • [New] Quantum technology could support innovation in a myriad of industries but will require significant investment across several economic sectors. Nextgov
  • [New] The proposed rule will reduce uncertainty for sustainable investment in retirement plans, making US rules closer to EU ones and facilitating ESG product development and innovation. International Financial Law Review
  • [New] With the third-largest ecosystem for startups in the world, India holds opportunities for emerging businesses to accelerate innovation across industries. Busienss Standard
  • [New] Microsoft AI Innovate is a 10-week initiative that will support startups in India leveraging AI technologies, helping them scale operations, drive innovation, and build industry expertise. Busienss Standard
  • [New] Big Tech beats back restrictions that could curtail its overseas operations, arguing that the loss of market opportunities will harm innovation and, ultimately, governments' ability to create jobs and meet global challenges. Foreign Affairs Magazine
  • [New] More high-quality startups will attract more funding to help Hong Kong develop into an innovation and technology hub. Fintech Hong Kong
  • [New] UKRI investment in research, innovation, and skills creates the conditions for the UK to address the complex and interrelated challenges of achieving net zero by 2050. UK Government
  • [New] A significant market share for innovations such as alternative proteins will take time to materialise, but will align with consumer dietary trends, and the UK already has a lively and growing domestic market that could grow to become another great British food export that competes internationally. UK Government
  • [New] In October of 2021, we now see green shoots of the connected economy everywhere as brands become platforms, platforms become connected ecosystems, payments create new connected economy opportunities and innovators use technology to give platforms a new connected economy reality.
  • [New] The Innovation of Innovation: The final and most exciting innovation Africa will experience is the innovation of innovation itself. Forbes Africa
  • [New] If the environment is made too cumbersome there is a risk that innovation in the fast moving world of decentralised finance could be quashed, slowing down the efficiency of operations and leaving the UK behind countries which are welcoming crypto with open arms. Business Leader
  • [New] Despite high transition costs, the green agenda and ambitious move to net zero by 2050 should incentivise innovation and go hand in hand with economic growth. Conservative Home
  • [New] Sustained wage growth will require companies to add value to their Japanese operations, such as digital innovations to drive productivity and forays into areas with bright growth prospects such as decarbonization. Nikkei Asia
  • [New] More high-quality start-ups will attract more funding to help Hong Kong develop into an innovation and technology hub. Tech Space Kenya
  • [New] South Korea has ample opportunity to do so with NSP partner countries, particularly in terms of shared interests such as development cooperation, digital innovation, climate change, and global health. Carnegie Endowment
  • [New] Macron said France would invest €1bn by 2030 in disruptive innovation to produce atomic power, which he said would focus on designing small nuclear reactors with improved waste management. This is another News Portal
  • [New] The research provides a view of future development and tech procurement demands of e-commerce companies in the UK - signalling areas where partnerships with specialist digital suppliers will support the next phase of innovation. Retail Technology Innovation Hub
  • [New] Business and IT leaders will gain important insights into new ways of driving innovation and using new technology to drive business success in a 'do from anywhere' world.
  • Next week's Global Investment Summit in London is expected to attract almost 200 leading industry figures from around the world to invest in the best of UK green business and innovation. Climate Action Programme
  • The UK has a tremendous opportunity to lead the world in emerging industries and with innovations in Quantum, Clean Energy, Sustainability, Health Tech, Cyber Tech and more. IBM UK Newsroom
  • Innovation: 42% of executives agree that over the next 3 years, most of their organization's innovation will be based on an open approach that involves partnering with customers and ecosystem participants. IBM

Last updated: 24 October 2021