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  • [New] The general view among analysts is that the launch of the first Bitcoin-linked ETF in the US will bolster the broader crypto market and help an entirely new investor class experience the benefits of Bitcoin as a legitimate asset. Gulf News
  • [New] Eight years after the first application for a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund was filed by the Winklevoss brothers, the first Bitcoin ETF in the United States will begin trading at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Investopedia
  • [New] The arrival of bitcoin ETFs opens up the investment opportunity to a larger pool of assets than ever before, including many investors' nest eggs. Financial Times
  • [New] Bitcoin has rallied close to the record high it hit earlier in 2021, fuelled in part by expectations that bitcoin ETFs will pull new money into the digital asset market. Financial Times
  • [New] The rising use of cryptocurrencies could undermine effectiveness of US economic and financial sanctions and potentially dent the role of the American dollar. ETCISO
  • [New] The new Bitcoin ETF will not hold any actual Bitcoins but will rather model the price of Bitcoin using futures contracts and other short-term financial instruments. CNet
  • [New] Cryptocurrencies could become a vehicle for taking money out from countries like India and China. Busienss Standard
  • [New] Ca Eyes Activity Across Border as Bitcoin Futures ETFs Expected to Launch; US Becomes Centre of Bitcoin Mining. Einpresswire
  • [New] Russia's Irkutsk region warned local residents this week that Bitcoin miners from China could overload its power grid. Observer
  • [New] Investors are hoping that, in addition to approving a bitcoin ETF, US financial agencies will continue to take a more measured approach to regulating cryptocurrencies. CNN
  • [New] While certain countries, such as China, have imposed restrictions on bitcoins and other forms of Blockchain transactions, we are still very optimistic that specific regions of the world will eventually embrace Blockchain-based currency in 2022 completely. Techfunnel
  • [New] If the SEC finally confirms Bitcoin ETFs, it will open the flood gates for mainstream Bitcoin adoption by both institutions and retail investors. Finance Magnates | Financial and business news
  • [New] The crypto market lacks transparency not only in Russia but also in other jurisdictions, pointing out the higher risks of crypto derivatives such as bitcoin futures or currency funds. Coincu
  • [New] With the rapid rise of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, stablecoins - cryptocurrencies that aim to maintain a stable value relative to another asset or pool of assets - have come under increasing heat from global regulators concerned about their risks to financial stability. Forkast News
  • [New] Crypto risks are on the rise, and now is the time for the SEC to take the lead on regulating cryptocurrencies before the negative externalities associated with them spin even further out of control. Forbes
  • [New] The rapid growth of cryptocurrencies poses several risks to investors and policymakers. Reuters
  • [New] By the end of 2022, at least five countries will have accepted bitcoin as legal tender, the CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Bitmex has predicted. Bitcoin News
  • [New] While Bitcoin's adoption as legal tender in El Salvador may not materially affect the day-to-day use of Bitcoin in the United States, it will alter the regulatory landscape for businesses providing cryptocurrency services. CUBE global
  • [New] Up until recently, financial authorities have had a restrained attitude towards cryptocurrencies with the Central Bank of Sri Lanka issuing a warning notice earlier in 2021 for the risks associated with crypto investments. Bitcoin News
  • [New] New York was weighing legislation in 2021 to ban bitcoin mining for three years so it could run an environmental assessment to gauge its greenhouse gas emissions. CNBC
  • The trading of cryptocurrency involves buying and selling of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Cardano, etc. - Trading could include changing digital currencies into fiat currencies and vice versa. ETCISO
  • Back in April, Sri Lanka's central bank issued a public notice against the risks associated with cryptocurrency investments, citing a lack of legal or regulatory recourse. CoinTelegraph

Last updated: 24 October 2021