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  • [New] Located in the epicentre of the UK's automotive industry in Coventry, the Gigafactory will begin supplying high-tech batteries for electric vehicles from 2025. Tech Digest
  • [New] Chinese electricity company Huaneng will invest in the 50 MW Battery Storage project in Stonehill, which is touted as a major new milestone for energy storage in the UK. New Civil Engineer
  • [New] Tes Amm will create 15 new jobs in Scotland and double its electronic waste recycling solutions for lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles, consumer electronics and IT & mobile technologies. New Civil Engineer
  • [New] Ultimate Battery Company will invest £28m to set up a UK production plant for lightweight, eco-friendly batteries, creating 300 jobs. New Civil Engineer
  • [New] GEMC continues to evaluate strategic cooperative opportunities that could enable securing a stable supply of battery minerals critical for the electrification of vehicles and energy storage to the North American market. The Market Herald
  • [New] The batteries produced will be supplied to Stellantis' assembly plants in the United States, Canada and Mexico for installation in hybrid and full-electric vehicles, to support its goal of having more than 40% of its U.S. sales as electric by 2030. Automotive News Europe
  • [New] Ford's Blue Oval City will produce batteries and electric vehicles in Tennessee, with a separate facility in Kentucky, and its Ion Park will develop batteries in Michigan. Car and Driver
  • [New] Toyota Motor North America announced it will spend $1.3 billion, part of a larger $3.4 billion, nine-year investment plan, to set up a U.S. lithium-ion-battery plant to supply U.S.-market hybrid and electric vehicles. Car and Driver
  • [New] Global demand for batteries, electric vehicles and renewable energy technologies will drive Australian exports of critical minerals - including lithium, cobalt and rare earths. Cosmos Magazine
  • [New] Toyota plans to build a new billion-dollar battery plant in the U.S. as the Japanese automaker ramps up development and production of the key components needed for hybrid and electric vehicles. Yahoo Finance
  • [New] Mathur agrees that the next few years may see the rise of battery technology on a large scale, and could be key to reaching the seemingly impossible 280 GW of solar energy by 2030. Wired UK
  • [New] Ford's new truck plant and battery factory in Tennessee is expected to employ 6,000 people and will house suppliers and a battery recycling operation, as well as the truck and battery factories. TechHQ
  • [New] Afghanistan has been called the the Saudi Arabia of lithium - a metal that is essential for electric vehicle batteries and battery storage technologies, which will be in demand if all the electric vehicle goals are met by the United States, Europe and China. IER
  • [New] Fortescue is investing in large scale solar farms and battery storage for its mining operations, while Oz Minerals is looking at a wind, solar and battery facility that will deliver at least 80%, and possibly up to 100%, of the power needs of the proposed new $1 billion nickel mine. reneweconomy
  • [New] Supplying a burgeoning global market for renewable hydrogen and ammonia products would provide Australia with the most significant new export opportunities, with green metals, minerals and battery manufacturing also set to emerge as massive export markets. reneweconomy
  • [New] Australia could create 395,000 new jobs and generate A$ 89 billion ($65 billion) in new trade by 2040 by investing in renewable hydrogen and ammonia, green steel and aluminium, critical minerals, battery manufacturing, education and training and engineering and consulting services. Reuters
  • [New] Alongside stabilised global temperatures, the 2050 prize would include a market for wind turbines, solar panels, lithium-ion batteries, electrolysers and fuel cells of well over $1 trillion a year by 2050, comparable in size to the current oil market. Recharge | Latest renewable energy news
  • Under the deal with ELMS, CATL will provide lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) batteries using simpler cell-to-pack technology. Retail News ASIA
  • If the world gets on track for net zero emissions by 2050, then the annual market opportunity for manufacturers of wind turbines, solar panels, lithium-ion batteries, electrolysers and fuel cells grows tenfold to USD 1.2 trillion by 2050, around 3.5-times larger than in the STEPS. IEA
  • After a decade of battery price declines, an important measure in gauging when EVs will reach price parity with gas vehicles, that trend may stall as raw material costs climb. Investor Ideas
  • IEA says: In the NZE, there is an annual market opportunity that rises well above USD 1 trillion by 2050 for manufacturers of wind turbines, solar panels, lithium-ion batteries, electrolysers and fuel cells. Nei Magazine
  • There was a prize worth more than one trillion US dollars a year by 2050 for manufacturers of wind turbines, solar panels, batteries and other clean technology - comparable in size to the current global oil market, it said. Evening Standard

Last updated: 24 October 2021