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  • President Joe Biden unveiled the American Jobs Plan, a $2 trillion infrastructure plan which called for $111 billion for water, wastewater and storm water funding. / ICUEE
  • The American Jobs Plan, a $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan to invest in roads, transportation, water, broadband, and clean energy. / Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders
  • If enacted, the American Jobs Plan would likely provide enough funding to eliminate lead from drinking water in the United States. / Brookings
  • The American Jobs Plan, Biden's $2 trillion infrastructure proposal, would replace 100% of the lead pipes across the U.S. and ensure universal access to safe drinking water. / Forbes
  • The American Jobs Plan includes investments to eliminate all lead pipes and service lines in America's drinking water systems to ensure that all Americans have access to clean drinking water. / Data For Progress
  • Three out of four people in each district or state support the American Jobs Plan, clean energy, and climate action. / Crooked Media
  • The Biden administration is aiming to fill some of the existing gap as a part of the American Jobs Plan, which promises $111 billion for water systems. / Grist
  • By accelerating action to fight climate change while rebuilding a more sustainable and resilient economy, Canada will spur significant economic opportunity, creating new jobs for Canadians while ensuring cleaner air and water for generations to come. / World Nuclear News
  • The American Jobs Plan includes provisions to invest in traditional infrastructure projects such as improving water systems, eliminating per - and polyfluoroalkyl exposure, and climate change. / Association of State and Territorial Health Officials
  • Growing Canada's forests will generate many long-term benefits such as increasing biodiversity, cleaning air and water, creating green jobs, reducing community risks to natural disasters, cooling cities and enhancing the well-being of Canadians for generations to come. / Natural Resources Canada
  • President Biden's ambitious $2 trillion green infrastructure and jobs plan will put the federal government's muscle behind clean water, public transit and other physical infrastructure projects. / Impact Alpha
  • Innovative Financial Initiatives for Africa will help close adaptation finance gaps, enhance access to existing finance and mobilize new public and private sector investment. / Global Center on Adaptation
  • By 2050, HR & A estimates that Los Angeles County could create up to 600,000 jobs in the green economy, a nearly 80% increase from today, including 320,000 Green Jobs. / LACI
  • Water scarcity in Egypt has been a growing problem as a result of antiquated irrigation practices, pollution, climate change, and a steadily growing population; the GERD project has only added to Egyptian fears. / Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • Ensuring the security of water supply across the value chain and will enable South Africa to become more resilient to climate change and the increasing intensity of droughts and floods, while meeting the water needs of a growing population and economy. / Government of South Africa.
  • Transforming the global energy system will offer significant socioeconomic benefits - from job creation and growth in gross domestic product, to improved food and water security. / The National
  • An investment of $2.25 trillion could lead to the creation of 14.5 million new job-years across the U.S. economy and add $1.66 trillion to the gross domestic product over 10 years. / GreenBiz
  • Banning energy development on federal lands and in offshore waters will threaten thousands of the best-paying jobs in Texas and will needlessly erase revenue that helps pay for schools and other essential services. / Rigzone
  • Without energy development on federal lands and waters, the Gulf Coast region would be among the hardest-hit areas with 48,000 job losses in Louisiana alone by 2022. / lmoga-limiting-energy-development-threatens-louisianas-economy-and-undermines-environmental-progress
  • Without access to energy development on federal lands and waters, U.S. energy supply will shift to foreign sources, cost nearly one million American jobs, increase carbon dioxide emissions and reduce revenue that funds education and key conservation programs. / IER
  • A drilling ban on federal lands and waters could cost the oil and gas industry up to 1 million jobs nationally by 2022, including 120,000 jobs in Texas. /
  • With the aim of mobilising up to USD100 million by 2020 across all African regions, the framework programme will promote water security for climate resilient infrastructure, SDG investments and job creation. / Global Water Partnership (GWP)
  • The European Union will support Mozambique with funding of US$740 million to the state budget over the next five years for investment in water supply, renewable energy, agriculture and job creation programmes in rural areas. / CTA

Last updated: 01 August 2021