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  • From the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs ACT to the American Jobs Plan to the American Rescue Plan, there is no shortage of opportunity in the clean transportation space. ACT News
  • A bipartisan plan that will invest in Arizona's transportation and infrastructure systems, create jobs, and help keep families safe. The Daily Poster
  • The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is touted as the United States' largest-ever federal investment in public transportation that will reduce GHG emissions and create jobs. Smart Cities Dive
  • The AI applications to agriculture, water, energy, and transport will create 18.4-38.2 million net jobs globally (broadly equivalent to the number of people currently employed in the whole of the UK), offering many skilled jobs. Dataconomy
  • Clean hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, zero-carbon transport and offshore wind are all key pillars of Boris Johnson's 10-point plan to push the UK towards net-zero emissions, which will be backed by £12bn in Government investment and aim to create 250,000 new green jobs.
  • By approving TCI-P, the General Assembly has the opportunity to spark Connecticut's clean transportation industry and the resulting wave of innovation, jobs, and economic development. Ceres
  • Congress must honor that consensus by passing a budget with robust investments in clean transportation that will spark innovation, new jobs, and economic development across Arizona. Articles
  • Cleaner transport will create and support highly skilled jobs, with the production of zero emission road vehicles alone having the potential to support tens of thousands of jobs worth up to 9.7 billion pound GVA in 2050, reports Asian Lite Newsdesk. Asian News from UK
  • A world-leading, reliable and cost effective transport system in 2050 makes the UK a more attractive place to travel to or do business and drives economic growth, exports and jobs. UK Government
  • Spanning clean energy, buildings, transport, nature and innovative technologies, the Ten Point Plan will mobilise £12 billion of government investment to unlock 3 times as much private sector investment by 2030; level up regions across the UK; and support up to 250,000 highly skilled green jobs. GOV.UK
  • National government investment in cities could yield nearly US$ 24 trillion by 2050 and could support 87 million jobs by 2030 in sectors such as clean energy and public transport.
  • Cleaner transport will create and support highly skilled jobs, with the production of zero emission road vehicles alone having the potential to support tens of thousands of jobs worth up to £9.7 billion GVA in 2050. GOV.UK
  • The American Jobs Plan proposes major transit investments - an opportunity for good jobs in the construction industry and maintenance of more sustainable transportation infrastructure for the 21st century. Center for American Progress
  • The green savings bonds will be used to help finance projects to tackle climate change by focusing on renewable energy and clean transport, as well as creating green jobs across the UK.
  • The infrastructure bill, dubbed the American Jobs Plan, would fund projects including broadband, transportation, updating the electric grid and more. Truthout
  • The American Jobs Plan, a $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan to invest in roads, transportation, water, broadband, and clean energy. Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders
  • Around 10,000 new jobs will be created as well as support some the UK's key sectors such as transport, infrastructure, clean energy and, in particular manufacturing as Plymouth has the highest concentration of manufacturing businesses in any city south of Birmingham. Built Environment Networking
  • Low-carbon transitions in energy, transport, cities, manufacturing and food are expected to generate trillions of dollars of investment and millions of new jobs over the next decade. World Bank
  • Biden is still working with Congress to push through his American Jobs Plan, which is now a $1.7 trillion effort that includes some components seeking to undo historic injustice and promote equity in transportation projects, for example. Al Jazeera
  • The American Jobs Plan - which came with a whopping $2.2 trillion price tag - ordered a wide range of infrastructure projects, from modernizing public transportation to replacing lead pipes to constructing high-voltage power lines. The Hill
  • Biden is calling for the United States to put trillions of dollars into his jobs plan and other proposals that would retool U.S. power and transportation sectors to pump out less fossil fuel pollution. AP News
  • Malaysia's Transport Authority expects the completed station in Bukit Chagar to bring about an additional 15,000 jobs for Malaysians. Investors

Last updated: 24 October 2021