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  • [New] As with previous technological advances over the past century, it is likely that much of the disruption caused by AI will result in changes to job roles rather than actual job losses. The Irish Times
  • A bottom-up estimate based on the NZ2050 scenario indicates that it would result in 1.8-2.2 million new jobs in 2030 in renewable energy, electric vehicle technologies, energy efficiency, land use interventions and improved waste management.
  • Over the coming years, AI's strategic advantage will go to companies whose employees are evolving their jobs in partnership with the technology. Bain
  • Greater electric vehicle production will create strong incentives to build a domestic electric vehicle supply chain that can operate at higher volumes, helping to keep jobs in the U.S. as the global industry transitions to advanced technologies. Global Citizen
  • New technologies to store and transmit renewable energy could help expand solar power to all pockets of America without compromising reliability or raising energy prices, and that its solar blueprint could create as many as 1.5 million jobs. EnviroLink Network
  • According to ExxonMobil, wide-scale CCS deployment in the Houston area could generate tens of thousands of new jobs, protect current jobs and reduce emissions at a lower cost to society than many other widely available technologies. Natural Gas Intelligence
  • The digital revolution is driving significant change in the job market too, with jobs all over the world expected to transform or disappear in favor of new opportunities in technology, mostly in urban areas. Capgemini Worldwide
  • Today's generation of young people now face a world in which nearly half of today's jobs globally - around 2 billion - are at risk of becoming obsolete due to automation and technological advancement in the coming decades. MIT SOLVE
  • Another pipeline set to boost growth and create jobs is the proposed revamping of the Innovator route, which will allow entrepreneurs from overseas to found and operate a business in the UK that is venture-backed, or harnesses innovative technologies. HRreview
  • Commercial bodies could use innovative technologies developed for the Moon to create new services and products on Earth, which would create new jobs and boost prosperity. SciTechDaily
  • Tribe Technology plans to create 120 new engineering jobs over the next five years. Article
  • Ministers hope that if the UK can achieve a leading position in the technology needed for an environmentally friendly economy it will generate tens of billions in export sales and many new jobs. The Telegraph
  • US workforce management company, Workrise is setting up a technology engineering centre in Belfast, and plans to create 153 new tech jobs over the next four years. Article
  • Anomera's will create up to 20 new permanent jobs and solidify Canada as a leader in nanocellulose technology. Tree Frog creative
  • Anomera's demonstration facility will create up to 20 new permanent jobs and solidify Canada as a leader in nanocellulose technology. TMC NEWS
  • Prosperity Partnerships build on existing UK strengths in industry and academia to develop new technologies, processes, and skills that will deliver economic growth and create jobs across the UK. UK Construction Online
  • As the United States seeks to reassert its international climate leadership and provide opportunities for economic growth, sustainable investment, and job creation, now is the time to accelerate digital technologies for sustainability. DCA
  • Throughout Project Resilience, CAE will collaborate and co-develop technology solutions with small and medium companies from across Canada and will create 700 new highly skilled jobs at CAE in Canada, including 600 in Quebec. News
  • In the next 20 years, 80% of jobs will need STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills. Entrepreneur
  • By 2025, the number of new jobs created by technological advancements will surpass the number of jobs eliminated. Pricing recruitment I Pricing jobs I Revenue Management Jobs
  • A revitalised Innovator route will allow talented innovators and entrepreneurs from overseas to start and operate a business in the UK that is venture-backed or harnesses innovative technologies, creating jobs for UK workers and boosting growth. UK Government

Last updated: 24 October 2021