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  • Carbon Capture, Use, and Sequestration (CCUS) technology could vastly reduce carbon emissions from America's power system and that it would save jobs in coal mining and natural gas and in power plants. Ohio River Valley Institute
  • West Cumbria Mining will invest 160 million pounds ($218 million) in a coal mine that would create over 500 well-paying jobs, ranging up to £60,000 a year. IER
  • Mining jobs pay 54% more than the average wage, giving families living in regional Australia a more secure future with better opportunities. The Australian
  • Vancouver, BC - Budget 2021 is missing a significant opportunity to accelerate BC's economic recovery, create new jobs and improve the BC mining sector's ability to provide low carbon minerals and metals the world needs to transition to a cleaner, low-carbon future. news-releases
  • Redirecting the current focus on global mining with Asian refining of cathode materials to build a European supply chain would further reduce the shipping of materials as well as political risk, and create more jobs in the EU. Transport&Environment
  • President Joe Biden set aside $16 billion in his jobs plan for union jobs to clean up wells and mines. Earther
  • Building new coalmines anywhere in Australia will simply displace existing coal production and destroy jobs in existing mines, including in the Hunter Valley. The Guardian
  • Mining in South Africa contributes tremendously to the socio-economic development, with regard to the actual minerals being extracted and in the creation of job opportunities. MDPI
  • Employment in coal mining will decline by an average of 600 jobs per year over the next two decades. reneweconomy
  • Plugging over 538,000 hazardous abandoned and orphaned oil and gas wells and reclaiming half of the damage from abandoned mine lands in Appalachia could create nearly 30,000 jobs per year over the next decade. The Equation
  • A sharp recovery post-COVID - 19, mining will play a major role in restoring supply chains and contributing high-paying jobs that will lead to healthy economic growth on a global level. Canadian Mining Magazine
  • The initial development will generate up to 1000 jobs during the construction phase and 600 direct full-time jobs during operations, with at least 95% of the total mine workforce expected to be made of up of Botswana citizens. WhyAfrica
  • The pilot, conducted in partnership with mining and commodities giant Glencore, could end in a commercial-scale lithium chemical plant that would create 500 jobs during a two-year construction phase, and more than 250 once it is operational.
  • Interior will receive $200 million to scrutinize climate change and its relationship to wildfires and $450 million for a federal jobs program to clean up the tens of thousands of abandoned mines and oil and gas wells nationwide. CleanTechnica
  • Biden's once-in-a-generation effort to tackle climate change and create jobs could kill jobs, too, specifically the steady, fixed-location work provided by coal mines and power plants. Politico
  • Labor groups are already growing nervous that Biden's plan will eliminate the kind of steady, fixed-location jobs provided by coal mines or fossil fuel power plants, and instead will lead to temporary construction jobs that require mobility. Politico
  • Accomplishment would generate about 3.1 million full-time jobs by 2035 and 5.5 million by 2050 as workers find new jobs with manufacturers and with developers of clean energy technologies or associated industries like computer chip manufacturing, silicon mining, and steel production. Schwartzreport
  • Americans as a whole will have more jobs, but jobs lost in coal will be particularly acute, approaching zero in 2035 and geographically concentrated around plants and mines. Energy Innovation: Policy and Technology
  • President Biden's plan includes an immediate up-front investment of $16 billion that will put hundreds of thousands to work in union jobs plugging oil and gas wells and restoring and reclaiming abandoned coal, hardrock, and uranium mines. The White House
  • The coal mining and oil and gas industries, particularly, would lose up to 1,100 jobs by 2035. NZ Herald
  • Coal mining and the oil and gas sectors could lose 600 to 1100 jobs by 2035. Stuff

Last updated: 24 October 2021