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  • [New] Since SMAC is going to revolutionise business models across corporate India, other sectors are likely to embrace it, creating a large number of new jobs. / The Economic Times
  • [New] Cognizant will let go of as many as 7000 jobs in the next few quarters and exit its content moderation business, impacting another 6000 employees, as it begins a strategic restructuring to cut jobs. / The Economic Times
  • [New] Denver is expected to see job growth of 3.4% in 2021, 4.3% in 2022, and is expected to recover all of its lost jobs in Q1 2022. / Oxford Economics
  • [New] Dallas is expected to see job growth of 3.8% in 2021, 2.9% in 2022 and is expected to recover all of its lost jobs in Q4 2021. / Oxford Economics
  • [New] Upgrading infrastructure with union labor and union-made goods will not only guarantee quality craftsmanship but also ensure that the American Jobs Plan delivers the biggest possible boost to the U.S. economy. / NationofChange
  • [New] In the coming decade vast numbers of jobs will be impacted by the natural world, as commerce and industry realign with more sustainable approaches to the global economy. / ocr-weekly-roundup-02-july-2021
  • [New] Forty-eight percent of U.S. consumers believe it is important to purchase from small businesses because it will keep money in their communities; more than a third say that it helps expand the job opportunities in their communities. /
  • [New] Given Japan's status as a regional power with greater military resources than is sometimes assumed, the need to factor in potential Japanese responses could significantly complicate Chinese planning for a cross-strait invasion. / Royal United Services Institute
  • [New] The Afghan government has shifted military strategy, focusing its resources on protecting cities and strategic areas such as border crossings, and hopes to fight to a stalemate that will force the Taliban back to the negotiating table. / The Guardian
  • [New] Some in China's government and military, with no apparent repercussions, have made nuclear threats against Japan, apparently to deter the pacifistic country from coming to the defense of Taiwan. /
  • [New] The U.S. is concerned about China's predatory business practices and that Chinese state-owned and - controlled enterprises are not interested in Ukraine's defense industry to create commercial opportunities or job growth in Ukraine. / NBC News
  • [New] China poses a rising threat to security in the Indo-Pacific, and the United States should lead efforts to respond. / War on the Rocks
  • [New] The U.S. role in Iraq will shift entirely to training and advising the Iraqi military to defend itself. / Chahal Academy
  • [New] There has been discussion about U.S. military forces potentially operating from bases in neighboring countries after the completion of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, which could allow aircraft to be positioned closer to the ongoing fighting. / The Drive
  • [New] South Korea is developing underwater drones in response to further military technological developments by North Korea and to enhance anti-submarine warfare to deal with future potential threats from neighboring countries and regional powers. / Wavell Room
  • [New] The Coventry gigafactory is expected to create over 6,000 direct jobs and will add £434 mln in gross value to the regional economy each year, as well as attracting investment of around £2bn. / Proactiveinvestors UK
  • [New] As Ankara pursues commercial opportunities in the Sahel, Turkish officials say they see military power as necessary to protect their investments. / Crisis Group
  • [New] One key finding is that, under both current reference and WB2C scenarios, China would have lower energy sector jobs in 2050 compared with today, due to the loss of jobs in the coal mining sector. / One Earth
  • [New] In absolute terms, the Middle East and North Africa, and the US might gain over a million jobs in 2050 in WB2C scenario compared with today, while other regions show more modest gains. / One Earth
  • [New] Regions such as sub-Saharan Africa have a relatively small number of energy sector jobs, such that even small differences between the reference and WB2C scenarios (around 15,000 jobs difference in 2050) can result in high-percentage differences in jobs. / One Earth
  • [New] Venezuela has engaged in a prolonged internal discussion within its armed forces over appropriate military doctrine given its strategic analysis of the United States and Colombia as major threats. /

Last updated: 01 August 2021