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  • [New] Australia could create 395,000 new jobs and generate A$ 89 billion ($65 billion) in new trade by 2040 by investing in renewable hydrogen and ammonia, green steel and aluminium, critical minerals, battery manufacturing, education and training and engineering and consulting services. Reuters
  • Around 16 million new jobs could be created in clean energy, energy efficiency, engineering, manufacturing and construction industries in the Asia-Pacific region, more than compensating for the estimated loss of five million jobs by downscaling industries. UN News
  • Imagine if the United States could fight climate change while rebuilding a diverse solar manufacturing sector, creating thousands of middle-class jobs, rejuvenating the cycles of innovation that cleantech desperately needs and safeguarding its energy independence and security. Morning Consult
  • The 36,000 square feet manufacturing plant is expected to create an additional 1,000 skilled mechanical, software, engineering, and manufacturing jobs in the next 24 months, adding to the 60 plus jobs already created in 2021. FOCUS
  • California can create one million new jobs a year through 2030 by investing in energy efficiency, clean renewable energy, manufacturing / infrastructure, and land restoration/agriculture. Local News Matters
  • In central Kentucky, Ford plans to build a dedicated battery manufacturing complex with SK Innovation - the $5.8 billion BlueOvalSK Battery Park - creating 5,000 jobs. Electrek
  • The Indian government considers investments up to INR5000 crore ($680 million) in the drone manufacturing sector, which is forecasted to have a turnover of INR900 crore ($122 million) and help create 10,000 job opportunities by FY 2023-24. Icon
  • Boosting Australia's domestic capacity offers a pathway to capture more value from Australia's renewable energy and create new opportunities in jobs-rich manufacturing industries. Australian Renewable Energy Agency
  • Leading on climate change is an opportunity for Australia to create new jobs in energy and manufacturing. Sky News Australia
  • Manufacturing vaccines in Africa will increase health security and create jobs for young people in the future. European Investment Bank
  • The American Jobs Plan, has allocated $100 billion to be spent on workforce development and helping retrain dislocated workers into high-demand sectors, including energy and manufacturing. Workforce Futurist by Andy Spence
  • SPEE3D's 'SPAC3D' project offers Australia's fledgling space industry, for the first time, the opportunity to become the world's leading manufacturer and exporter of rocket engines. Battle Space
  • Once the largest steel mill in the world, the Sparrows Point shipyard in Maryland will provide new jobs in Baltimore as a manufacturer of wind turbine parts. Good News Network
  • In line with the American Jobs Plan, DOE recommends Congress establish a cost-sharing grant program to support battery cell and pack manufacturing in the U.S. JD Supra
  • The NSET will represent a coherent Green Industrial Strategy for Scotland, which will be supported by the Just Transition Plans for industry including a vision for reinvigorating Scottish manufacturing and heavy industry, supporting Scottish supply chains and creating high-quality jobs. Scottish Government
  • The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will create nearly 500,000 new manufacturing jobs over the next three years, including more than 100,000 high-skilled, family-sustaining jobs in the equipment manufacturing industry. For Construction Pros
  • CCUS investment in the UK could reach £41bn by 2030, but that with strategies to support domestic companies, the UK could also develop a supply chain that supports domestic jobs and local manufacturing of related products and goods. Business Green
  • There is no agreement to invest in manufacturing or workforce development, two significant categories of spending proposed in the American Jobs Plan. AEE
  • Low-carbon transitions in energy, transport, cities, manufacturing and food are expected to generate trillions of dollars of investment and millions of new jobs over the next decade. World Bank
  • A Buy Texas program for electric school buses and government-owned vehicles could spur local manufacturing of electric vehicles and create 3,401 jobs. Grist

Last updated: 24 October 2021