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  • [New] Peppy is on track to launch the world's first men's health service available to employers - a service which will focus on urological, hormonal, mental and lifestyle health. / Startacus
  • [New] The agreement on health workers will not only avail employment opportunities for the many unemployed Health workers, it will in a big way build their capacity to further improve Health Service Delivery in Kenya and enhance their global competitiveness. / University of Manchester
  • [New] The OECD report on Women at the core of the fight against COVID-19 crisis demonstrated that women make up almost 70% of the health care workforce, exposing them to a greater risk of infection. / en
  • [New] Invest in shovel-ready infrastructure in ways that will build a more equitable New York City, including infrastructure investments in caregiving, broadband, transit, schools, health, and climate resilience, to create hundreds of thousands of jobs and shape a more equitable city. / The Century Foundation
  • [New] The American Jobs Plan included climate and society-related initiatives like achieving a net-zero carbon power sector by 2035 and public investments for in-home healthcare services for the elderly. / Resilience
  • [New] The health care cluster, which accounts for 34% of the labor market's total projected job growth over the next decade, offers notable opportunities for mobility due to existence of both high - and low-wage jobs, with pathways between them. / Brookings
  • [New] Women constitute more than 70% of global frontline health and social care workers (many of whom are migrants) and face a higher risk of Covid-19 infection due to the nature of their jobs. / Minority Rights Group
  • Over the past year, the global pandemic has repeatedly disrupted young people's education and employment opportunities, not to mention affected their mental health - with the most vulnerable falling further behind. / The Prince's Trust
  • Approximately 50 million people in the United States are at higher risk for cardiovascular disease because they lack the most basic needs - healthy food, clean air and drinking water, quality education, employment and housing. / PR Newswire
  • The United States and Germany will invest in a sustainable economy that drives inclusive growth, supports communities, and creates good jobs and a healthy environment on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond. / The Hill
  • Minorities are facing several challenges, including access to quality education, quality healthcare services and employment opportunities. / The Express Tribune
  • To be carbon neutral by 2030 Southwark must: - Deliver a green new deal which creates 5,000 green jobs over the next decade and invests in green skills training to support green jobs of the future. / Southwark Council
  • The global race to achieve net-zero greenhouse-gas emissions as soon as possible is a race to realize a new kind of abundance: of public health, vibrant nature, good jobs, greater equality, and more opportunity. / Project Syndicate
  • Health equity will never be achieved unless globally there is a commitment for all global citizens to have equitable access to a healthy environment; clean water; sanitation; safe and healthy housing; education; employment with a living wage; and equitable access to quality healthcare services. / wp-content
  • Electrifying the U.S. economy will have immense benefits in terms of climate, household savings, and job creation, as well as the health benefits of improving indoor and outdoor air quality. / Rewiring America
  • People from Black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds are more likely to have faced financial insecurity, bereavement, job losses and lower access to care - all risk factors associated with mental health conditions. / Personnel Today
  • In 2021, the Government of Canada will continue to take strong and quick action to protect Canada's economy, and the health, safety and jobs of all Canadians during the global COVID-19 pandemic. / comm
  • Expanding access to affordable, clean energy will save families money on their utility bills, create jobs in communities across America, reduce pollution, and improve public health across the board. / Select Committee on Climate Crisis
  • Pesticides were linked to health risks, while opponents had claimed a ban on pesticides would have led to more expensive food, greater dependence on imports and job losses for the Swiss food processing industry. / MSN
  • Race to Zero is a global campaign that has garnered support from businesses, cities, regions and investors for a healthy, resilient, zero carbon recovery that prevents the future threats of climate change becoming a reality, creates decent jobs, and unlocks inclusive, sustainable growth. / Buckinghamshire Business First makes climate commitment - Buckinghamshire Business First
  • President Biden and the Democratic Congress are hard at work advancing the American Jobs and Families Plans, which will help women return to the workforce by expanding access to child care, health care, workplace safety and more. / Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Last updated: 01 August 2021