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  • [New] The Government of Canada is making significant investments in home and building retrofits, which will spark a wave of new jobs and careers. /
  • [New] Fear of losing one's job is a great motivator, and so the future may see more New York politicians re-evaluating their once-automatic endorsement of the Israeli government's agenda. / The American Prospect
  • The Oil Sands Pathways to Net Zero Initiative is a rare opportunity for the Canadian government to influence positive structural change in the oil and gas industry in a way that revives investment, creates jobs, increases tax revenue and helps Canada meet its climate targets. / Canada's National Observer
  • If governments mobilised USD 1 trillion in clean energy investments each year from 2021-2023, they would boost the global economy, create millions of jobs and put emissions onto a Paris-compliant trajectory. / IEA
  • The UK Government stated that a new trade deal with Mexico will support jobs and opportunities across the UK in industries like digital, data and services, while an improved UK-Canada trade agreement will support British jobs in areas such as car manufacturing and food and drink. / Eversheds Sutherland
  • National government investment in cities could yield nearly US$ 24 trillion by 2050 and could support 87 million jobs by 2030 in sectors such as clean energy and public transport. /
  • We need to make the most of a potential reconciliation bill - the American Jobs Plan and the America Families Plan - that is likely to move in Congress and be the last major federal investment in government if Congress flips control in 2022. / Serve America. Together.
  • The Government of Canada will provide up to $25 million for the project which, once completed, will create up to 200 new highly-skilled jobs and maintain approximately 380 additional jobs for Canadian workers. / Prime Minister of Canada
  • Part of the issue that has faced Alberta governments over the years is being enticed to get involved with big-ticket energy projects, with the hopes of creating jobs and generating economic development. / Calgary Herald
  • The £1 billion investment by Nissan, its Chinese partner Envision AESC and local government in England's northeast will create 6,200 jobs at the Sunderland plant and in British supply chains. / The Japan Times
  • The expanded Queensland Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Jobs Fund, announced by the Palaszczuk government on Thursday, will be used to invest directly in new renewable electricity, hydrogen production and clean energy resources projects. / reneweconomy
  • The Biden - Harris Administration has committed to addressing climate change by mobilizing a whole-of-government approach to unleash economic opportunities, create good jobs, and advance environmental justice. / TheHill
  • The Government of Canada supports green infrastructure projects that will create good jobs and advance Canada's green future. / Gov. OfCanaada
  • The Government of British Columbia is releasing its hydrogen strategy - a blueprint for how renewable and low-carbon hydrogen will support its climate goals and create new jobs in B.C.'s growing clean-tech sector. / BC Gov News
  • The 1 billion-pound ($1.4 billion) investment by Nissan, its Chinese partner Envision AESC and local government in northeast England will create 6,200 jobs at the Sunderland plant and in British supply chains. / Reuters
  • Nissan has confirmed plans to build a gigafactory in Sunderland to make batteries for electric cars in a government-backed investment that will create thousands of jobs. / The Times
  • The Biden Administration seeks to boost investments in worker training as part of its American Jobs Plan, and the federal government's premiere legislation guiding workforce development - the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act - is due for reauthorization in 2021. / Central Asia-Caucasus Institute
  • The Palaszczuk Government will invest close to $330 million in its upcoming budget to continue protecting the Great Barrier Reef, regenerate land, support tourism and create jobs as part of its economic recovery plan. / The State of Queensland
  • More than 500 government jobs will be created in Stoke-on-Trent over the next five years in a new Government drive to move civil service posts to the Midlands. / News
  • By enacting policies that incentivize the transition to a climate resilient, net-zero emissions economy, governments around the world can create a path toward a better future that helps businesses prosper, creates new jobs and expands investment opportunities in climate solutions. / The Investor Agenda
  • Job SupportGiven the new ban on dining - in, the Singapore government will increase job support subsidies for food and beverage firms as well as waive rental for one month for hawker stall and coffee shop tenants. / Yahoo!

Last updated: 01 August 2021