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  • [New] The UK Government Hydrogen Strategy aims to make the UK a pioneer world-leading hydrogen economy, with ambitions to create over 9,000 UK jobs and unlock GB £ 4bn worth of investment by 2030. Maritime Journal
  • [New] A strong CEPP that invests in the transition to 80% clean power by 2030 will create nearly 8 million jobs and $1 trillion in economic benefits, while raising more than $150 billion in tax revenue for state, local, and federal governments. NRDC
  • [New] The UK government has published its first Hydrogen Strategy to kickstart a thriving UK hydrogen economy that could support thousands of jobs and unlock billion-of-pounds of investment. Trucker World
  • [New] The federal government is investing over $44 million through the Natural Resources Canada's Science and Technology Internship Program to create green jobs and training opportunities for Canadians aged 15 to 30. Canadian HR Reporter
  • The Ten-Point Plan will mobilise £12 billion of government investment to create and support up to 250,000 highly skilled green jobs in the UK - and unlock three times as much private sector investment by 2030. GOV.UK
  • The UK government has proposed new measures that will enable staff to request flexible working from the first day of starting a new job. Advertising Association
  • While the scale of action needed to achieve a transition to 100% clean, renewable energy will be dramatic, the global energy transition is a key opportunity for both local and national governments to create jobs and bolster their economies. C40
  • The federal government will soon be giving millions of dollars to California to help people with disabilities find and stay in good jobs. POST
  • Increasing government spending on R&D through the National Institutes of Health will help fuel more drug development and job opportunities in the private sector.
  • In India, the central government launched the Skill Council for Green Jobs in 2015 with the mandate of upskilling India's workforce to fill the 50+ million anticipated green jobs by 2030. XPRIZE
  • With a budget from both the Scottish and UK Governments of about 80 million pounds to build a spaceport it will create a space cluster with 4,000 new jobs between now and 2035. SpaceWatch.Global
  • To fuel the growing capacity, as well as to increase export earnings and create jobs, the Government of Indonesia set a target to increase coal production from 400 million tonnes in 2019 to 628 million tonnes in 2024. International Institute for Sustainable Development
  • The UK government has laid out its first ever Hydrogen Strategy that, it claims, will unlock tens of thousands of jobs, billions of pounds in investment and new export opportunities while creating a thriving low carbon hydrogen sector in the UK over the next decade and beyond. no2nuclearpower
  • Business and Energy Secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, has set out a plan to unlock tens of thousands of jobs, billions of pounds in investment and new export opportunities through Government plans to create a thriving low-carbon hydrogen sector in the UK over the next decade and beyond. UK Construction Online
  • A recent report on Wind Power on wind power from the UK government predicted a five-fold increase in exports of offshore wind goods and services bringing in £2.6 billion a year and creating thousands of jobs. Open Access Government
  • The Hydrogen Strategy set out the UK Government's plans to scale up hydrogen production, supporting new jobs and clean growth across the UK, with the aim of stimulating over £4 billion of private investment in the period up to 2030. Eversheds Sutherland
  • Tens of thousands of jobs, billions of pounds in investment and new export opportunities will be unlocked through UK government plans to create a 'thriving low carbon hydrogen sector' in the UK over the next decade and beyond, the Business and Energy Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has set out this week. Circular Online
  • The Lagos State Government is partnering United States-based International Information Technology and Application Solar to explore opportunities in the $50 billion global solar market providing millions of new jobs and business opportunities. Energy News | Oil and Gas News
  • Even better: SAF production could generate a value added of up to £1,952 million per year for the UK in 2035, potentially supporting between 6,400 and 13,600 jobs the Government claims, citing research by the aviation industry. Aviation Environment Federation
  • Through government policy that has consistently excluded the most vulnerable from business and job opportunities, South Africa is sitting on a powder keg that can produce millions of explosions. Free Market Foundation
  • The Scottish Government has committed to a £100 million Green Jobs Fund over the next five years, which will be used to support the development of sustainable and low-carbon products and services and will likely underpin additional growth.
  • A Buy Texas program for electric school buses and government-owned vehicles could spur local manufacturing of electric vehicles and create 3,401 jobs. Grist

Last updated: 24 October 2021