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Food & Agriculture

  • In Bangladesh, lockdown restrictions had a disruptive impact on agricultural supply chains affecting food accessibility, agriculture input supplies, jobs, and farmer incomes. UK Government
  • The USAID/Honduras Transforming Market Systems (TMS) Activity invests to build the resilience capacities of food and agricultural market systems to better manage risk, so that Honduran farm households and agribusinesses can maintain jobs and income and bounce back after climate and market shocks. Agrilinks
  • RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Guatemala will begin in 2022 the implementation of a program of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, with a local and international investment of US$ 66.7 million to create environmental jobs over the next seven years. The Rio Times
  • Sustainable models in the areas of food and agriculture, energy and health and wellbeing could create $12bn of economic opportunities and generate up to 380 million jobs by 2030.
  • Sustainable business models in four key areas -- energy, cities, food and agriculture, and health and well-being -- could open up at least $12 trillion of economic opportunities and create up to 380 million jobs by 2030. Forbes Technology Council
  • Corporate treasury teams in big conglomerates such as Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook could start to become more bank-like in the wake of Open Banking as their frustration with corporate banking provision increases due to its inflexible products and services. 11:FS
  • Fintech companies and tech giants such as Facebook, Google and Amazon will benefit from enhanced and regulated ability to build financial management and payment services applications. Bobsguide
  • Facebook will most likely further entrench itself as the leading social media channel for marketers thanks to a combination of different ad formats, a huge user base and unprecedented targeting options. TG Daily
  • Worst case scenario is that the big tech giants (Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, etc.) will leverage their data and open platform to dominate the market. The Financial Brand
  • ABI Research has determined that Google and Amazon will lead and drive innovation around smartphones and related ecosystems over the next five to six years. ABI Research
  • India has already become the second largest market for social networking giants like Facebook (with over 155 mn users) & LinkedIn (with over 37 mn users) and is expected to surpass the USA to lead the global tally of the largest Facebook user base on mobile devices by 20178. EY
  • With Apple Inc., Alphabet and Facebook Inc. introducing AR platforms, the user bases and business models could take shape. TheStreet
  • Facebook is developing a facial recognition technology that will allow retailers to see information based on their customers' user profiles as they shop in store. News
  • Facebook reportedly has applied for a patent for a technology that will gauge customer's emotions and brand choice by leveraging their Facebook profiles through crowd-scanning technology. The Drum
  • The EU's impending revision to the Payment Services Directive could open up Nordic banks to new competition from global tech giants such as Apple, Facebook and Google. Computer Weekly
  • Social networks and tech giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple will be competing with banks head-on for banking customers and reshaping the financial industry (probably more so than even FinTech start-ups). Cryptomathic.
  • Internet service companies cannot experiment with new business models that could help them compete with online businesses like Netflix, Google and Facebook.
  • Facebook is going to start showing ads in the middle of its videos and sharing the money with publishers. AdEspresso
  • Fans who use Facebook to apply the AR face paint will be able to more quickly upload the pictures to the social media platform that reaches two billion people. SportTechie
  • Facebook will allow people outside of the US to send money using its messenger app for the first time as it offers mobile payments in the UK. letstalkpayments
  • Some investors might be worried that the probed into Russia meddling with US politics will result in regulation on social networks that might hurt profitability. Space War
  • A team at Microsoft has used anonymous Bing search histories from 9.2 million users to predict cases of pancreatic cancer several months before people are usually diagnosed with the disease. Nature
  • Unilever is threatening to pull marketing spending from Facebook and Google unless the tech giants provide more disclosure on how online adverts perform. The Times

Last updated: 24 October 2021