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Financial Services

  • [New] The job openings for Full Stack Developer will be very high in digital marketing companies, financial service companies and software companies. The Tech Learn
  • In 2021, most respondents continue to predict that the sectors that will create the most job opportunities in the GBA will be innovation and technology, financial services, and professional and consulting services. KPMG
  • Whilst regional fintech clusters might be an attractive aspiration for politicians seeking to democratise access to financial services jobs, in reality, given that London is a global financial centre its gravitational pull eclipses all other cities in the UK. The Fintech Times
  • 40% of jobs in financial services, telecommunications, retail, hospitality and tourism will be replaced by AI over the next five years. Qantas Airways
  • The roots of the tech talent gap are clear: Technology roles such as data analysts and artificial intelligence and machine learning specialists are expected to account for one in three financial services jobs globally by 2022. Digitally Cognizant
  • In Singapore, technology continues to lead hiring demand in the financial services industry with about 1,700 job opportunities in 2021. Fintech Singapore
  • 40% of jobs in the financial services industry over the next five years will be automated and carried out by robots or machines. Asset Servicing Times
  • The low carbon economy represents the jobs and trade opportunity of the decade, with growth potential in sectors as diverse as manufacturing, engineering, installation and financial services. The Telegraph
  • Financial services companies that deploy AI wisely will realize a net gain in jobs of 14%, and see revenues increase by 34%, by 2022. Bank Innovation
  • Demonstrating a familiarity with Bloomberg via the Bloomberg certificate will be a big advantage if you apply for a job in the financial sector. City, University of London
  • Much of Fox's focus is on financial services and there is a huge danger that a trade agreement with the US could be used to enable financial deregulation. The Independent
  • Blockchain could generate $80 to $110 billion of value in the financial services industry alone. 2017 Rathbone Brothers
  • Increasing the diffusion of financial services and extending more credit to small job-creating businesses could help the Egyptian economy in a big way. IMF
  • Without regulatory equivalence post-Brexit, the UK financial services industry could lose as many as 35,000 jobs. Investopedia
  • London will lose 10,000 banking jobs and 20,000 roles in financial services, with $2.1 trillion of assets potentially being moved out of the UK due to the Brexit. Diplomatic Courier
  • Germany will gain 26,000 financial services jobs by 2030. EY
  • The head of international financial services at the IDA has said there is no reason to doubt that Ireland will tap a "significant" dividend in terms of the number of finance jobs from UK-based banks relocating or expanding out of the UK because of Brexit. Irish Examiner
  • Between 75,000 and 100,000 jobs in the UK financial services industry will leave Britain post-Brexit. Matrix Chambers
  • The increasing use of robotics could quickly eliminate half of jobs in the U.K.'s financial-services industry. Digitalist Magazine
  • AI adoption across the financial-services industry could save US companies up to $1 trillion in productivity gains and lower overall employment costs by 2030. International Banker
  • It is estimated that up to 75% of all jobs will be impacted by AI over the next ten years - and these will not just be routine, low-skilled jobs, but also traditional blue-collar sectors such as journalism, law or financial services. IT News Africa
  • Artificial intelligence will replace roughly half of all financial services jobs over the next 15 years.

Last updated: 24 October 2021