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Financial Services

  • The roots of the tech talent gap are clear: Technology roles such as data analysts and artificial intelligence and machine learning specialists are expected to account for one in three financial services jobs globally by 2022. / Digitally Cognizant
  • In Singapore, technology continues to lead hiring demand in the financial services industry with about 1,700 job opportunities in 2021. / Fintech Singapore
  • 40% of jobs in the financial services industry over the next five years will be automated and carried out by robots or machines. / Asset Servicing Times
  • The low carbon economy represents the jobs and trade opportunity of the decade, with growth potential in sectors as diverse as manufacturing, engineering, installation and financial services. / The Telegraph
  • Financial services companies that deploy AI wisely will realize a net gain in jobs of 14%, and see revenues increase by 34%, by 2022. / Bank Innovation
  • Demonstrating a familiarity with Bloomberg via the Bloomberg certificate will be a big advantage if you apply for a job in the financial sector. / City, University of London
  • Much of Fox's focus is on financial services and there is a huge danger that a trade agreement with the US could be used to enable financial deregulation. / The Independent
  • Blockchain could generate $80 to $110 billion of value in the financial services industry alone. / 2017 Rathbone Brothers
  • Increasing the diffusion of financial services and extending more credit to small job-creating businesses could help the Egyptian economy in a big way. / IMF
  • Without regulatory equivalence post-Brexit, the UK financial services industry could lose as many as 35,000 jobs. / Investopedia
  • London will lose 10,000 banking jobs and 20,000 roles in financial services, with $2.1 trillion of assets potentially being moved out of the UK due to the Brexit. / Diplomatic Courier
  • Germany will gain 26,000 financial services jobs by 2030. / EY
  • The head of international financial services at the IDA has said there is no reason to doubt that Ireland will tap a "significant" dividend in terms of the number of finance jobs from UK-based banks relocating or expanding out of the UK because of Brexit. / Irish Examiner
  • Between 75,000 and 100,000 jobs in the UK financial services industry will leave Britain post-Brexit. / Matrix Chambers
  • The increasing use of robotics could quickly eliminate half of jobs in the U.K.'s financial-services industry. / Digitalist Magazine
  • AI adoption across the financial-services industry could save US companies up to $1 trillion in productivity gains and lower overall employment costs by 2030. / International Banker
  • It is estimated that up to 75% of all jobs will be impacted by AI over the next ten years - and these will not just be routine, low-skilled jobs, but also traditional blue-collar sectors such as journalism, law or financial services. / IT News Africa
  • Artificial intelligence will replace roughly half of all financial services jobs over the next 15 years. /
  • London could lose 10,000 jobs in banking and 20,000 roles in the larger field of financial services. / Chris Skinner's blog
  • U.S. growth in financial activities in Southern California is expected to be sluggish due to national economic factors. / laedc
  • Corporate treasury teams in big conglomerates such as Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook could start to become more bank-like in the wake of Open Banking as their frustration with corporate banking provision increases due to its inflexible products and services. / 11:FS
  • Fintech companies and tech giants such as Facebook, Google and Amazon will benefit from enhanced and regulated ability to build financial management and payment services applications. / Bobsguide
  • Facebook will most likely further entrench itself as the leading social media channel for marketers thanks to a combination of different ad formats, a huge user base and unprecedented targeting options. / TG Daily

Last updated: 01 August 2021